My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1180

Vol 5 Chapter 1180: Slapping With A Palm

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Under Lady Madam, a piece of exquisite glory flickered, and then the space shook apart.

Sigh~! Bang ~!

Space shakes, located behind the four palaces, the space barrier is lifted, the void reveals an island, and inside is a huge golden dragon pond!

Lin Chen's eyes were squinted, and these dragon pools were actually covered with the attribute light **** of advanced spiritual power!

"So many attribute light **** can at least make me soar a million points of mental power attribute value!

Lin Chen saw it clearly through his avatar, and his heart was ecstatic!

However...Avatar's eyes found a place with brighter attributes, above the golden dragon pond, there was actually a small dragon pond?

"Is there still one above the Longchi? And the attribute has more light?" Lin Chen was shocked!

The beautiful woman hugged the teenager and threw it into the Longchi, splashing the water splashing in the golden Longchi.

[The host gains 2882 advanced mental power, 1820 mental power...]

A large number of mental power light **** are quickly incorporated into the sub-body!

The space fluctuated. At this time, the little shadow shrouded Lin Chen's breath. He left the Holy Dragon in the banquet hall, and the body was mixed in when the dragon pool was opened by Mrs. Fantasy Dream!

"You...what do you want to do!"

The teenager was afraid while unbuttoning his clothes, exposing the pectoral muscles with just the right streamline.

Mrs. Fantasy Dream giggled: "Aijia likes an honest teenager like you. In Longchi, the mental power will be stimulated to the most sensitive state. The happy moments will be more than ten times more exciting than usual. This is Aijiadi Once I met the Optimus Dragon King Gun, if I could practice the double cultivation supernatural powers of the Ai Family successfully, maybe I could be improved to a higher level. Don't let the Ai Family disappointed..."

She is not afraid of Lin Chen. With her strength, she is not even afraid of the early stage of the fivefold of the Holy Realm. She is also afraid of the exhaustion of a holy cave and the Holy Realm without even the Holy Power.

"Human youth, looking at Aijia's eyes..."

Madame Huanmengs eyes suddenly changed to purple jade, causing Lin Chens avatar to fall into a fascinating sound of demon. The spiritual power seemed to sink into an extremely comfortable ocean at once, like bliss, the expression began to loosen, the spirit The will begins to sink in a short time.

"The spirit of the little guy is quite high. It is really an eighth-order pharmacist. It is not an ordinary first-grade product, at least a second-grade or third-grade.

Mrs. Illusion rejoiced in her heart and continued to increase her efforts.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the will of the avatar was completely sinking, and Lin Chen seemed to cut off the current connection with the avatar!

"What a terrible spiritual charm technique! My spiritual state is not low, but it fell into a short time and was completely controlled by her!"

Lin Chen felt terrified. If he fights head-on, using the God of War armor will not necessarily give him this opportunity!

However, if Lin Chen wants to gain control of the doppelganger, he only needs to consume some rune energy to recapture it, but the body can't do this.

Madam Illusion untied the tulle, and the jade body was lying down, lying beside the Longchi, lazily saying-"Little fellow of the human race, quickly give Ai's family a massage."

She needs to tune this well for her use.

Walked over and elaborately massaged Mrs. Mengmeng's leg, and even stroked it mentally, which made Ms. Mengmeng more useful.

The spiritual rhythm in the eyes of the avatar has not disappeared. This kind of mental control supernatural power is very mysterious. It is a unique skill of the magic dream charm dragon. It does not let the controlled person lose the spiritual wisdom, and only let the other party take it as the main.

Seeing this scene, Lin Chen had no time to appreciate it.

"Sneak attack now? The dragon's flesh shell is already arrogant, and she is afraid that she won't die with the armor of the God of War, and she will take away the attribute light ball first!"

Lin Chen and Little Shadow rushed to the height of the dragon in the sky!

Witnessing the prospect, Lin Chen took a breath of breath!

The dragon pond is full of densely packed, piled up mountain light spheres!

The mental light attribute here is more than ten times more than the dragon pool below!

With these batches of attribute light balls, his spiritual attributes in the middle of the Holy Land are expected!

"Hurry up and take away the attribute light ball here!"

Lin Chen made the small shadow close to the top of the small dragon pond. No one entered the pool. Lin Chen only absorbed the spiritual light ball above the dragon pond.

[Obtain 11023 advanced mental power, 8010 advanced mental power...]

The three avatars in Linchen Qingxue's capsule and the body refine this massive amount of advanced spiritual attributes together!

The spiritual starry sky within the spiritual consciousness began to quietly expand and change, as the world opened up new galaxies and continued to extend, the starlight that was unique to spiritual power continued to soar!

Mrs. Phantom Dream did not know that the most important forbidden place of her family's Phantom Dream Charm Dragon was already mixed in! She was still enjoying the teenager's massage and groaned softly from time to time.

the other side;

Jian Qingcheng borrowed the temple to wait for the opportunity of the Longchi quota. After leaving Baiyu Square, he immediately took a sacred pill to eliminate his breath.

She and Lin Chen's avatar moved together to the position of Nandian.

South Hall, the top floor of the Purple Heaven Pavilion.

After a series of beastly roars, the top of the Purple Heaven Pavilion continued to shake. In the room, Long Tianzi was unconscious and was enjoying the slaves given to him by other holy beasts.

Jian Qingcheng made a gesture, avatar nodded, and the two burst into the room together!

Doppelganger instantaneously unfolded the space enchantment from the room and played a slow rune with 5000 points of rune energy!

The space is stagnant, and the illusion of nakedness is terrified. Seeing that the behavior is slowed by the stagnancy, he immediately blasts out a spiritual shock!

"Mixing here, you guys are going to die..."

He was about to become the body. Lin Chen's eyebrows shot a mental force, shattering the unintentional mental fluctuation, and after a palm shot, he pulled it!

Doppelgangers palm Seven Stretching Force broke out, and a violent pure power sucked the illusion, and the pure power chopped up its dragon skin a little!


With a touch of cold light, Jian Qingcheng pulled the sword! Like a flash of moonlight in the dark night, straight and unconscious heartbrows!

Dang ~!

The piercing dragon scales sounded, and the unguarded dragon armor protected his life!

It broke the shackles of the slow runes with a long yin, and Jian Qingcheng's face changed slightly. This guy is about to be called!

When Fantasia was about to send out a signal of a Jedi counterattack, the avatar rallied the "Seven Powers" and took a shot towards its celestial cover!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

Dragon blood spattered, and Huan Wuxin was torn apart.

The female slave was suddenly fainted.

Jian Qingcheng stunned.

"Lin Chen, how long has it been since, how could your physical training strength be as strong as a monster!"

Doppelgren shrugged. "You haven't heard of handsome people. Do you practice fast?"

Jian Qingcheng was speechless... When I thought that when the two were war emperors, they would still be able to fight at the tomb of the Holy King. This sanctification was far removed from him, and Jian Qingcheng couldn't help laughing.

After Wu Xingxin died, he dropped dozens of attribute light balls, and actually dropped a five-light supreme treasure chest. Lin Chen took it all away. The fierce beast core returned to Lin Chen, and the leader returned to Jian Qingcheng.

[Open the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and get the Second Grade Sacrificial Tool: Phantom Sword.

Lin Chen's heart shook, this turned out to be a rare flying sword of the second class of the Holy Spirit!