My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1181

Vol 5 Chapter 1181: Crush Directly

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"The dragon prince really fell out! It's a good thing! You can't get rid of the common holy beast. You can't drop this kind of treasure. The bloodline is really a potential stock! If I kill a few more holy-level dragon prince princesses, what? Yes, will the ground be full of treasure?"

The dripping blood "phantom charm" flying knife recognizes the Lord, the blade is as light as a snow flake, and the purple dragon pattern is wrapped around. Lin Chen holds it in his hand, which makes Jian Qingcheng have a spiritual and psychedelic sense of confusion, and his heart is shocked!

As soon as the knife is slashed out, the opponent's will will be psyched out before the knife gets angry. Life and death are only a few centimetres!

Lin Chens Ultimate Flying Sword was originally designed to condense the three powers of Holy Power, Pure Power, and Spiritual Power.

Jian Qingcheng took away the faint of Wuxianxin, and divided the things in the Wuxinxin ring with Lin Chen's fifty-five.

"Huh? What is this?"

The avatar found a dragon claw and a letter from Najie.

The pupil spread out the letter and his pupils tremble!

"Wanlong Club, the following ancient dragons can participate, lead all races to participate in the election, the winning dragons can go to the remains of the dragon, accept the instructions of the dragon totems of the dragons in the past, and can accept the baptism of the dragon tomb. The dragons are not limited to participating in the race. All eighth-order sacred beasts can participate.

"The dragon totems in the dragon relics include the dragon of fire, the dragon of the water prison, the dragon of the town of Yue Yue, the nine-yellow dragon of the dragon, the phantom dragon of the phantom, the dragon of the thunder dragon, the dragon of the wind god, the dragon of the dark dragon, the dragon of the dark dragon ...Dragon Tombs are: Taizhou Ancient Dragon, Taixi Ancient Dragon, Futian Dragon, Chilong Monument, Candle Dragon Monument..."

Dragon Tomb of Taixi Ancient Dragon!

In the Wanlong Association, there are the legendary remains of the dragon and the ancient tombs of the dragons?

"This conference, I must participate! I have three Taixi Ancient Dragon's blood dragon jade on hand, as long as I get the Taixi Ancient Dragon's bloodline attribute to activate!"

The idea of communication is divided, but the only thing Lin Chen lacks is the clan!

To be precise, it should be the name of the orthodox dragon clan. He is an orphan, and participating in the Wanlong meeting is a race for the entire race!

"You have to join a dragon family to participate in this Wanlong Association."

Collect the Taikoo Dragon Horn and the letter.

The incense shoulders of a slap of sword allure.

"Take your breath away, let's go to the highlight!"

Then, Doppelganger performed the "Super Dimensional Teleportation"!

Brush ~!

The beam of space flashed, and Jian Qingcheng descended into Longchi.

Jian Qingcheng exclaimed. When she arrived, a small dark shadow extended a claw from the void, covering her breath.

Since the last retreat, the little shadow can carry many people into the void without being discovered.

Jian Qingcheng's hands concealed her red lips lightly, and she saw clearly that the spiritual coercion now spread by Lin Chen far exceeded the initial stage of entering the Holy Realm!

Spiritual power in the middle of the Holy Land!

Suddenly, Lin Chen opened his eyes! The terrifying mental pressure shook the gap in the void and shivered, and his high-level spiritual power value soared to 100 million points!

The value alone is twenty times higher than before! Outrageously strong!

Lin Chen exhaled, his mental strength, there was a sign of shattering the world!

"My spiritual power is more powerful than my pure power. The sacred qi cultivation is stronger! I don't know, can you try and expand the wrist and break the wrist!"

The spiritual power of entering the holy realm, every realm is like a world apart, not on a level!

"With your growth rate, I doubt that you are a reincarnated spirit, Lin Chen, who are you..."

Jian Qingcheng stared at him in amazement, he smiled and said: "Luck, it's all luck, how is the situation below?"

the following?

Jian Qingcheng looked down...

Then, after Jian Qingcheng was stunned, he took a sip!

Below the big dragon pond echoed bliss whispering, it is Mrs. Fantasy Dream!

This guy's avatar is actually massaging Madam Illusion?

Lin Chen touched his chin and said seriously: "The figure is so good, eh!"

Jian Qingcheng rolled his eyes...

The Yangtze River is rolling, and the beautiful woman's eyebrows are still full of meaning.


A splendid spar of eight colors threw out and fell to the ground.

Obsessed with swordsmanship like Jian Qing Cheng, men and women are like blank paper women, and look dumbfounded on the spot!

Mrs. Phantom Dream actually sprayed out Phantom Heartstone!

Jian Qingcheng's red lips opened slightly, did Lin Chen know that the thing was inside Mrs. Fantasy Dream? How did he know!

In the big dragon pond below, the desire of Madam Illusion's eyebrows is burning again, and the charming and charming look is like a beautiful spring snake surging.

"What a terrible little friend, will also use the mental power to massage the mourning house. The mourning house can't help but spit out the charm stone. The mourning house wants you all night!"

Madam Phantom dreamed with one hand, and Phantom Heartstone flew back in her direction.

It's now!

Lin Chen's eyes were like electricity, and he launched "Phantom Rune" again!

The moment when the eyes of Doppelganger regained the clarity and agility, a detective suddenly grabbed the magic stone of the dream!

Fuck~! With a squeeze in the palm, the charm stone is broken on the spot!

At the same time, the avatar condensed all the powers, operated the mind, all the holy caves were blazing, and the supernatural power superimposed on 2.1 billion dragon powers to hit the snow waves of Mrs. Fantasy Dream!


Madam Phantasm was blown away with a punch!

Suddenly, Mrs. Illusion couldn't react at all!

She has absolute confidence in her charm and magical powers, but there is no possibility of getting rid of this trick! Coupled with "Gang Deng Bliss", his mind was relaxed and he was instantly attacked by Lin Chen's avatar!

The avatar shook his hand, and the evil spirit smiled.

"It feels good."

Brush ~! The space beam flashed, and the avatar performed super-dimensional teleportation and moved to another location!


Madam Phantom dreamed back, and her body shook with anger!

Run away? This child got rid of the shackles in an instant, and still shuttled the void here? Isn't he the dry state of the holy cave, where is the spare power!

The status of Lin Chen's avatar exceeded the expectations of Mrs. Fantasy Dream! She has never seen the means to fill the Holy Power instantly!

Madam Illusion raised her hand to tear the void and left Longchi.

Lin Chen immediately dispatched to take away the light ball of spiritual attributes in the dragon pool.

He turned to Jian Qingcheng-"You enter the little dragon pool, seize the time to refresh your mental strength, I will delay the time, as long as you are found, my body will immediately take you away!"

Jian Qingcheng heard the words, nodded slightly, and jumped into Longchi.

Her spiritual realm is only one step away from the extraordinary entry into the holy realm. If you have this chance, she will fly into the sky!


Madam Phantom Dream shuttled back to Baiyu Square.

"Yinlong Tiansheng!"

Madam Illusion asked the elders in the square.

"Madam, he is waiting for you with the red plum woman to the hall!"

When the elder came to her notice, Madam Illusion's face was shocked!

"Oh, I just returned from the temple, he was not there at all!"

Then, Madame Huanmeng brought out the jade jade from Nahuai, and when she was about to inform the whole family, she suddenly discovered that the unintentional dragon seal was broken!

"Unintentional death? Hurry, go to Zilong Pavilion!"

"Silver Dragon Heavenly Saint, Lin Chen! My fantasy dream Charm Dragon family will break you corpses!"

The angry roar tears the sky, this night, the fantasy dream charm heart dragon chaos!