My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1182

Vol 5 Chapter 1182: Lin Chen Vs Phantom Dream Charm Princess

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Lin Chen's holy dragon, Yinlong Tiansheng has long been withdrawn.

According to regulations, even if he borrowed the Phantom Dream Charm Stone, it must be used within the Phantom Dream Charm Dragon family, which means that it can only be used under the supervision of Mrs. Phantom Dream.

Wait until that time is destroyed and then withdraw, the risk is greater.

Madam Illusion dreamed of geese all day long, but was pecked by geese!

She can never think of a human race with a holy realm, the holy cave is dry, and her phantom dreams are enchanted and magical, and you can use a finger in front of her to die!

Not to mention that the Holy Realm is the first, even if the Holy Realm is the fourth, the spiritual illusion that hits her is a lamb that is slaughtered!

However, Lin Chen's so weak existence actually destroyed her most important fantasy dream charm heart stone!

In addition to the anger of Madam Illusory Dream, her heart was even more shocked. What is the relationship between this child and Yinlong Tiansheng? How did they know that Phantom Dream Heartstone was placed in her body!

Originally thought that it was the most foolproof way to keep the fantasy dream charm stone, but it was cracked by a tiny human race!

On the other side; Lin Chen's thoughts moved, and the super-dimensional teleportation sent the body to the avatar position.

In a barren mountain, Lin Chen met with two avatars.

Lin Chen collected the fragments of the fantasy dream charm stone in the doppelganger's hands. This thing can find a scarlet fairy for a middle-class spirit planting seed, which is extremely valuable!

Before it was time to be happy, a soft, charming voice reverberates.

"Sure enough, as the rumors say, you are good at the art of avatar..."

Bang ~!

A spiritual enchantment unfolded, Lin Chen suddenly lost his mind!

A graceful and vivid purple skirt stepped out of the void, and is a dragon princess of the magical dragon of the magic dream!

She seemed to arrange her spiritual enchantment ahead of time, just waiting for Lin Chen to hook!

"Oh? The princess knows my information, why didn't I report it to Mrs. Fantasy Dream?"

Holding tightly the phoenix gun, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

"I don't care about the inheritance of the clan. I have been stuck in the bottleneck for many years. There are countless generations of genius and demon who pay attention to the human race. I have paid attention to your news for a long time. Floor. However, if you fall into the hands of your mother, you will definitely not have my share of eating ~ ethnic heritage, this princess has never been interested."

Princess Dragon Princess smiled and thrilled, she lifted her hands, and a purple light dragon claw teared off, pointing to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen danced the ghost phoenix gun, urging the power of the gold system crystal. Countless guns and dragons surrounded Lin Chen like a group of dragons dancing wildly and slammed into the purple dragon claws!

boom! boom! boom!

The dragon's claws burst, Lin Chen was shaken back by a violent force for more than ten steps, stepping on the space crystal wall step by step, and his body was full of Yu Tiangeng gold.

Lin Chen's arms were numb, his blood was churning, and his expression was solemn.

This dragon princess can be several grades stronger than Huanwuxin, at least tens of thousands of years in age!

"The pure power of this dragon princess is close to 8 billion dragon power, and the casual hit is comparable to the triple perfection of the holy realm. There is no time to fight with her. It will be too late for Mrs. Fantasy Dream to chase it out, quick battle!"

Lin Chen put away the phoenix gun, "True Dragon Dance" is suitable for protracted warfare, not for eruption.

Doppelgnger drew his sword in a flash, a mirror of the moon, and five moonlights slashed to the dragon princess!

The dragon princess folded her fingers together, her mouth condensed with a purple dragon breath, and she spit it out, and the dragon's breath erupted, forming a bunch of purple storms sweeping the sky!

Doppelganger and Lin Chen retreated, and stepped on the dragon to retreat.

The corner of her mouth lifted slightly-"You are much more powerful than the rumors, I know you have other avatars, let it out."

Tear ~!

Between the rapid rotation of the streamer-like flying knife, the ghostly incredibly cut the dragon gas shield of the dragon princess, pressing her eyebrows! She has always been at ease, her expression finally became serious!

Buzz~! Mental psychedelic, Princess Mental Dream's spiritual consciousness suddenly stopped!


A blade of wind flakes fluttered down on the ground, her left arm turned into a dragon claw, and took a hard blow!

The flying knife was bounced back into the hands of the doppelganger. It was Lin Chens newly acquired flying knife "Phantom"!

Taking advantage of this gap, the second avatar clasped the clear blue moon and ready to go, pulling out another knife!

The extremely fast rotating Aurora Sword gas is divided into five, and when it is tens of meters away from the princess of the dream, the knife gas explodes!

Blades of air splattered like flowers and struck them all over the sky!

The magical princess Long Tong shrank, and Lin Chen's strength exceeded her expectations!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

Blades of air with three powers of pure power, holy power, and spiritual power bombarded into the fantasy princess.

Long Guangyi scattered, she didn't dare to reveal her body by clenching her teeth, the bigger her body, the more she suffered from Lin Chen's knife!

After the breakthrough of Lin Chen's spiritual power, the power of "Tears of Tears" skyrocketed, and even the strong spiritual masters such as Princess Magic Dream could not eat it!


The cloned hands clasped their hands, and a beam of azure spiritual light burst out of their eyebrows, which was divided into five!

The princess of the fantasy dream with broken defenses finally had a terrified look, the dragon body twisted, the dragon body revealed, the wings shot, the pink mist swept like a hurricane, and ran into Lin Chens annihilation!


The spiritual storm shattered the spiritual enchantment of Princess Mirage, and the momentum of the two men's battle is no longer covered!

The location of the palace behind the Purple Charm City, Mrs. Fantasy Dream instantly felt the power of battle!

"That breath is... Lin Chen!"

Behind Madam Illusion's dragon wings stretched out into the void, the speed was terrifyingly fast!

Bang ~!

The dragon body of Fantasy Dream Princess was shocked, this is the first time Lin Chen witnessed the body of Magic Dream Charm Dragon, the dragon scale is magnificent, dreamy deep purple, four claws are thick, the wings are purple and the powder is pink, the dragon head is accompanied by a purple Red scales!

Sigh~! Lin Chen's head was embracing a red burning dragon, which was formed by pure spiritual strength!


Burning the dragon and screaming in the sky, the terrifying spiritual sound waves were destroyed by a hurricane, nearby mountains exploded into powder, the earth's veins cracked, and the crystal wall of the space hundreds of miles away was shaken in the sky!

Orange Order Peerless Learning, "Eight Dragon Burning Sounds"! The real dragon sound shook the world, shouting broken mountains and rivers!

The sound wave shocked, the dragon body was trembling!


Princess Mirage burst into a screaming scream, the dragon rolled over the ground, crushing the ground, and the spirit was hurt.

The series of offensives that Lin Chen and many avatars broke out caught her off guard. Rao is that she is more powerful than the ordinary Holy Realm, and Triple Perfection is not an opponent!

Suddenly, there was a creepy sense of crisis in Lin Chen's heart. His spirit seemed to be locked in by some existence!

"Mrs. Phantom Dream is coming, there is no time to kill this dragon princess!"

Lin Chen did not say anything about the use of innate shadow tactics, and torn apart in three directions to tear the void stealth!

Brush ~!

After two breaths, a remnant came, and Mrs. Illusion appeared, staring at the void, and looked at her daughter again, her silver teeth clenched, hating the iron.

"You, you, if you notice this and tell me the first time, will this happen?"