My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1183

Vol 5 Chapter 1183: Qinglong

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While blaming, Mrs. Illusion delivers a ray of dragon's breath and mental strength to heal her daughter's wounds.

The phantom dream princess dragon rolled, full of grievance.

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

When the elders of many fantasy dream charm dragons are dispatched, they are preparing to block the nearby area...

Bang ~! Zheng ~!

A pure sword-sounding sound echoed from the realm of the magical dragon of Magic Dream, and there was a smell of spiritual breakthrough in the sword-sounding.

Many elders who wanted to chase Lin Chen's face changed slightly!

"That direction is Longchi!"

"Don't the lady turn off the dragon pond when she came out? Why are there still creatures in the dragon pond? And it seems to be still a human race!"

The elders were forced to return, and Madame Dream's eyes suddenly calmed down.

"Even Longchi has infiltrated. It's not a simple trick to steal the dragon and turn the phoenix.

Madame Huanmeng glanced at the slight cold, she was first subjected to such humiliation in so many years!


Brush ~!

Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng descended into the canyon; his holy dragon also teleported here.

Lin Chen squeezed his sweat in a panic: "Run fast, good world."

"Lin Chen, thank you." Jian Qingcheng stared at him sincerely: "If it weren't for you, my task might be ten times harder, and it would be impossible for the spiritual realm to go further."

Lin Chen shrugged: "If you do it yourself, the difficulty will increase, but maybe you will break through in adversity? No one knows whether I am raising seedlings or sending charcoal in the snow."

Jian Qingcheng laughed: "How can a breakthrough in adversity be so simple, I am not the kind of person who does not understand the rewards of being favored. If you encounter any trouble in Jianyu in the future, you can come to the God Sword Gate to find me."

She handed Lin Chen a bright red sword, and Lin Chen was also polite, earning her income.

"What are your plans next?" Jian Qingcheng asked.

Lin Chen said: "Time is pressing, I want to participate in the Wanlong meeting."

The beautiful woman frowned: "Wanlong Club, that's one of the supreme feasts of the dragon race. Some powerful dragon princes and dragon princesses will appear, and some prince princesses are comparable to the existence of the demon list. Besides, how do you participate alone, this is Is it a race where you can register?"

Lin Chen shook his head: "I don't know yet, I have to participate."

Jian Qingcheng whispered: "Do you need my help?"

Lin Chen glanced at her: "No, although the atmosphere you pretend to be an orc is perfect, but it is easy to expose with a shot."

Jian Qingcheng pondered for a moment and nodded slightly-"It seems that we are going to separate here."

Lin Chen teased and said with a smile: "Why, can't you bear to be handsome?"

Jian Qingcheng rarely stared at him seriously: "You, don't die. Wanlong will be the same..."

Lin Chen was stunned and nodded with a smile.

The two clapped each other and parted ways.

At this moment, the little shadow came up and burped.

Lin Chen was stunned: "Little guy, what have you eaten?"

A small shadow on the head-sucking dry Longchi

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, did this little guy **** up Longchi? I'm afraid it's not that the fantasy dream charm heart dragon family has turned the sky!


Three days later, DahuangShoulongguan.

This place is the territory of the Qinglong clan. The ancestor of the Qinglong clan once had a **** born. It can undergo countless era changes and has become the bottom-most existence of the dragon clan.

In the Longguan Chamber of Secrets, five figures of Dragon Breath sitting in the Chamber of Secrets.

"Damn the red lotus Yanlong clan, the design actually deceived our ancient dragon horn!"

"Without the invitation letter and without the ancient dragon's horn, it is not eligible to participate in the Wanlong meeting, alas... Is it true that my blue dragon clan will die!"

"Wanlong Club is our only chance to make a comeback. The old dragon king passed away and the ancient dragon's horns are gone. We lost this only chance!"

"The best talent in our family is only the young lady, but there is no chance to participate in the Dragon Horn Banquet, how can I get the ancient Dragon Horn again!"

Four of the five sighed, helpless and lonely in their eyes.

"Father handed me the Qinglong tribe, and I will not give up even if I die! I will go to the elders again!"

The slender beauty is wearing a dragon armor, and has a heroic appearance, tight lips, blue silk like a waterfall, a jade face cold and glistening lips, and a beautiful blue dragon pupil as beautiful as a jade. The woman's heart is unwilling between the eyebrows.

"Alas, miss, the elders of the Presbyterian Church have long ignored our Qinglong tribe, you might as well consider that..."

An old white-browed old man suggested.

The Longjia woman gritted her teeth, "Are you going to let me serve the prince of the upcoming Prison Dragon? I am the heir to the future Blue Dragon King, you let me go to serve as a maid to other Dragon clan, my blue dragon clan is proud and proud! "

"There is nothing proud of the Qinglong tribe now. Gouyan is still breathing..." Another elder shook his head and stood up. "The old man announced that he would officially withdraw from the Qinglong tribe."

"What?" The Longjia woman got up and snapped a cold whisper on the desktop-"Seven Elders, dare you betray the clan?"

"Treason? Look at what the Qinglong tribe still has in the future! There are only ten or so holy dragons. If there is a dragon clan, it will have been destroyed by other forces!"

The elder sneered, turning around and pushing the door away!

The Longjia woman wanted to get up and chase back, suddenly shaking!

Bang ~! A space crack was split right above the Shoulong Pass!

The elders of the Qinglong clan changed their faces slightly and hurriedly got up to meet them.


The cracks in space stretched out a golden road, and a dragon cart rolled down, and the nine-headed thick armored dragon was born. The whole body was black, and the dragon cart was pulled to the guarding Longguan.

"Hahaha, this is the Dragon Guard of the Qinglong family? Rubbish, it's too rubbish! Even the most central Dragon Palace can barely let Prince Ben rest, and quickly ask your Mu Tianqing to serve Prince Pen!"

There was an extreme arrogance of laughter inside the dragon car.

The elders of the Qinglong race rushed to the wall of the Longguan Gate, kneeling on one knee-"Congratulations to Prince Tianyue!"

The nine-headed Xuanhuang giant dragon quickly turned into a human form, with men and women, kneeling in two rows.

A young man in a yellow robe with a tall figure walked out of the dragon cart. The dragon-like dragon breath overflowed his whole body. The outline of his face was like a knife and a sword, and his head was high, as if he were born like a king!

"It is rumored that your Qinglong family has a talented guy called Mu Tianqing in recent years? Call her out!"

The young man in the yellow robe waved, and the elders of the Qinglong clan were trembling with fear.

"Mu Tianqing is here, this dragon prince, please don't make things difficult for the Qinglong tribes."

The girl with green pupil and dragon armor walked to the Longguan city wall and looked directly at the dragon prince.

Prince Huangpao stared at her and smiled a moment later: "Sure enough, it's just that the smell of the garbage dragon is too heavy, Qian Hong, take her to bathe tomorrow night."

"Yes." Qianhong Maid, one of the nine-headed dragons, turned into a humanoid life, and looked at Mu Tianqing with a bit more jealousy.

Mu Tianqing Dai's eyebrows were tightly locked, tolerating anger, and said seriously: "This prince, I have not promised you something to sleep..."

The young man in Huangpao ignored her, flew into the air, and waved.

"Don't talk nonsense, if Prince Ben will not see you in the Dragon Palace tomorrow night, the Blue Dragon Clan will disappear from the Great Waste within two days."