My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1184

Vol 5 Chapter 1184: Beat Him

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Mu Tianqing's pretty face was slightly pale, and all the elders of the Qinglong clan were horrified!

Overbearing, almost overbearing!

The genocide is about to be wiped out!

In the dragon race, the status class is very clearly divided, the ancient dragon race, the ancient dragon race, the ancient dragon race, and the wild ancient dragon race!

This dragon prince is from the Taigu Dragon Clan and the Dragon Clan in Tianyue Town. His strength and status are terrible!

He was here to take part in the Wanlong Association, passing here and taking a break. Even so, the fate of a dragon family could still be decided by talking and laughing!

If the status of the Qinglong tribe is a little better, it will not be so embarrassing. Today's Qinglong tribe is already the lowest dragon tribe.

Even if he was destroyed, he would be reprimanded by the senior officials at most as his Taikoo Dragon prince.

Mu Tianqing gritted her silver teeth, trying to catch up with Prince Long's back and negotiating with him. When she brushed it, the white and jade-like palms slammed in!

Fuck~! Bang ~!

A crisp slap echoed, the hurricane raged, and the Dragon Servant Qian Hongslap slapped Mu Tianqing. With great force, a slap overturned Mu Tianqing in the ground.

Mu Tianqing's lips and corners were bleeding, and his pupils were burning with anger!

The elders of the Qinglong tribe hurriedly heard-"Miss, can't do it! The other party is from the Taikoo Dragon Tribe!"

Mu Tianqing stunned, flashing his sister's smiling face, tugging his fists.

Qian Hong's maid sneered: "It's your honor to give the face shameless things to the prince, what else do you want to pretend to be in front of the prince?"

After all, she pulled up Mu Tianqing's long hair and dragged Mu Tianqing all the way from the wall!

The elders of the Qinglong tribe want to act, and four dragon servants stand in front of them, forcibly suppressing the elders of the Qinglong tribe!

Qian Hong's maid came to the edge of the city wall, throwing her hands away, and throwing Mu Tianqing under the wall!

Bang~! Bang ~!

The foundation collapsed and dust and smoke exploded. A giant python-like crack was cracked in dozens of squares, and Mu Tianqing was thrown into the knife forest under the wall to protect the ground!

Mu Tianqing had a dragon-body protection, and was also spitting blood from the opponent's strength. He was punctured by the sword forest, and the blood flowed to the fat-like skin.

Mu Tianqing bit her red lips and her body shivered, she still couldn't fight back! For the clan, for the sister, for the father's last wish to revitalize the Qinglong clan, we must bear it! Even if this is a knife, bear to swallow it in your stomach!

"If you are not afraid of the broken Prince's interest, I really want to cut your little face, and when I come to pick you up tomorrow night, don't let me see your face!"

Qian Hong clapped his palms and waved his hands like a sigh of relief. Several dragon servants lifted the dragon cart to the center of the Dragon Palace.

After the Taikoo Dragons left, the elders swept quickly under the wall.

Mu Tianqing got up, tears in her beautiful eyes, wiping the blood on her forehead.

"Tianqing...oh!" An elder stopped talking.

"Tianqing, for the Qinglong tribe, you should follow this prince, maybe you can take this opportunity to hug this thigh..."

"Yeah, if you can get the crown prince's appreciation, this might be a chance for my Qinglong tribe..."

Mu Tianqing looked miserable-"Oh... I am not a fledgling girl..."

For any chance of holding a thigh, for Prince Long, his appearance is nothing more than a plaything.

Within the Dragon Clan, the blood line is supreme, and only the female Dragon Clan with a strong blood line may be regarded by the top Dragon Clan Tianjiao.

With her talents of Mu Tianqing's third grade bloodline, the other party simply can't look down on it, that is to say, at best it is a plaything!

Throw after playing! The genocide is rejected and there is no room for negotiation.

"I will go for the Qinglong clan, the elders don't have to worry about it..."

Mu Tianqing's thoughts are all gray, and the cold and moving cheeks are somewhat wooden and desperate, and he flicks into the sky.

Several elders with conscience shook their heads and sighed.

"Alas, the young lady has been working for the Qinglong clan since she was an adult, and even her husband hasn't. It is unexpected that this is the end..."

"Is it true that the Qinglong tribe will die?"


Qinglong City is the largest main city of the Qinglong Nationality.

call out! call out! boom! boom! boom!

Three breaths rose, the pure strength of the young teenager threw away dozens of stones towards the little girl in color clothes, and each stone burst into a sonic boom, tearing the billowing air!

The little girl in colorful clothes, blue and white, barely took the stones, but was shocked by the aftermath of power!

"Is this the Qinglong clan's garbage? It's so weak!"

"You are a waste wood yourself, and your sister is also a waste. You will accompany the prince tonight."

The three teenagers laughed, and the laughter was all satire and disdain!

"You are not allowed to say my sister!"

The little girl in Caiyi flashed her eyes and rushed towards the three people with a residual image!

Bang~! Two teenagers knocked Zhenfei Caiyi little girl in the knees, constantly punching her legs against her!

Tear ~!

A dragon spirit swept up and threw three savage teenagers into the sky.

"Where is the imp, whispering."

A silver robe wearing a silver dragon mask patted the dust on the shoulder and pulled the little girl up.

"Brother, how good you are!" The little girl in colored clothes looked at him admiringly.

"You can be so powerful." The man tapped the little girl's white forehead.

boom! boom! boom!

A wave of power from the bloodline is rising, and the little girl's breath has skyrocketed several times!

[The selected target has been strengthened bloodline to +12, consumption of 20,000 strengthening points, overall improvement: 170%.

This person is the Lin Chen who is passing through Qinglong City!

When he saw that the little girl was being bullied, he gave her a good fortune.

"Brother, I'm..." The little girl in color clothes was a little dazed and excited.

Lin Chen shrugged and jokingly said, "You can't be silent when you're bullied. If you bully you later, you will beat him. Life and death are bearish. If you don't accept it, you will do it. People live a breath and fight for an inch." There is no such thing as pride, but no one can save you."

After talking, Lin Chen pointed to the three dragon horn boys who had just fallen to the ground.

The little girl in Caiyi's eyes flickered: "Dragon fights for an inch... Brother, I get it!"

Bang ~!

The little girl in colorful clothes broke a powerful blue dragon shadow above her head, like a timid little tigress, and she threw it in a fierce manner! The mighty power scared the three teenagers' faces!

"She... how did she become so strong?"

"Wow! I was wrong, I shouldn't scold the Qinglong tribe, don't hit your face!"

"My root! Don't kick there, no, Yadi Butterfly!"


Lin Chen no longer paid attention to the fight between the children, and walked in Qinglong City while sinking into contemplation.

"I inquired about the news of so many dragons. There are almost no dragons inviting foreigners to participate in the Wanlong. How can I enter the Wanlong? It's time for the Wanlong meeting, where do I go to belong to another dragon family..."

When Lin Chen was upset, his calf was suddenly hugged by a piece of nephrite.