My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1185

Vol 5 Chapter 1185: Qinglong Tribe Your Emperor Is Back

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Lin Chen looked down and found that it was the dusty little girl in colorful clothes.

She hugged her thighs, her gem-like eyes flickered, her simple smile was like a brilliant flower, and she said happily: "Thank you brother!"

"Although Xueer doesn't know why the strength has become stronger, it must be the brother's help!"

Lin Chen was helpless and rubbed her head"Not everyone can help you every time. You will have to rely on yourself in the future. Brother still has something to do, so I won't play with you."

Xueer reluctantly said: "Brother is going? Xueer still wants to repay her brother, Xueer's sister is the future dragon king of the Qinglong tribe..."

Speaking of which, Xueer seemed to remember something sad, and cried again.

Lin Chen was helpless and picked her up.

"Woo, oh, brother, youre so powerful, if our family is so good! After the death of our father, we have no king in the Qinglong family, and the ancient dragon horn was cheated by the red dragon family. We cant participate in the Wanlong meeting, sister tonight. I still have to serve the stinking prince. My sister never comes close to a man. She must have done it for all of us..."

The little girl was crying with pear flowers and rain. Lin Chen could only shake her head gently. Now he has no time to do business...

Suddenly, a thunderous thought hit Lin Chen!

Qinglong clan, no kings?

Isn't his holy dragon the green dragon?


Lin Chen looked up and smiled!

He held Xueer and kissed fiercely through the mask!

"Yeah!" Xueer exclaimed.

"Brother promised you, help your sister get this level!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed monstrous war intent!

"Since Qinglong has no king, it should be a new king!"


At night, Qinglong Palace.

The moon is high and the night is beautiful.

In the palace, the young man in the yellow robe arbitrarily played with a dozen female slaves, and a wicked smile hung from the corner of his mouth.

"Oh? Is dinner coming, Qian Hong's hoofs really got my heart, and even chose to kick him like this makeup."

The young man in the yellow robe looked directly at the gate of the palace, and came face to face with a shadow.

The beautiful lady was wearing a long silver-yellow dress, with blue silk bundles, hairpins like jade, her cool and beautiful face was not happy or sad, her waist was swayed, her jade hand was placed in front of her waist, and the moonlight spattered on her like a little bit. The moonlight is shining, elegant, noble, cold and glamorous, but that beautiful pair of green pupils has no past charm.

"Hahaha, the Prince Prince is worth it." Prince Tianyue pushed away the slave girls and walked past with open arms.

"Is this my destiny, father, mother. If the two are in the spirit of heaven, what should I do..."

Mu Tianqing closes his eyes as he admits his destiny...

At this time, the vision suddenly rises!

Bang~! Bang ~!

The gate outside the Qinglong Palace was blasted, and a terrible hurricane raged inside the Qinglong Palace!

All the elders of the Qinglong family were alarmed, and a strong breath appeared in the Qinglong City!

"Huh?" Prince Tianyue's eyes narrowed, and did anyone dare to make trouble under his nose?

Only a domineering and arrogant dragon roar came out of the Blue Dragon Palace, howling the sky and shaking the Blue Dragon City!

"Blue Dragon family, your emperor is back!"

Hearing this, Mu Tianqing's body shivered slightly.


A beam of blue light pierced the Qinglong Palace, the moonlight infiltrated, and the silver robe of the person coming was as bright as the silver dragon mask was simple and grim, facing the Prince Tianyue!


Petite Qianying flew to Mu Tianqing's body.

"Xue'er, why are you here? I'm not asking you not to approach the Dragon Palace in the near future!" Mu Tianqing blamed.

Xueer crying and laughing excitedly said: "Sister, we have saved! Brother promised to save us?"

Mu Tianqing stunned: "Brother? What brother..."

Brush ~! Brush ~!

A series of figures descended on the Qinglong Palace. They were the elders of the Qinglong tribe and the priests of the Holy Realm Dragon Prince!

"Disturb the prince, sin should die!"

Several elders of the Qinglong tribe immediately knelt on one knee, sweating like rain!

The dragon servants were so angry that when they wanted to hug them up, Crown Prince Tianyue raised his hand. He looked directly at Lin Chen, and the cruel killing intentions in his eyes surged. He said with a smile: "For many years, I haven't seen the person who is looking for death. Who are you?"

Lin Chen did not hurry, picked up the comb and combed himself a cent, and immediately laughed jokingly.

"Who am I? This handsome man is Jill Yingbangbang in the 13th district of Guangshuai, Dahuang stand-alone zone! From today, there is only one king in the Qinglong tribe, that is my Yingbangbang!"

"Bold! Where do the gangsters dare to blaspheme my reputation as the King of the Blue Dragon?" The elders of the Blue Dragon clan angrily warned Lin Chen.

"Go! Now it's Prince Edward asking this dog, when is your turn to speak? Your Qinglong clan is **** and has the prestige of a fart!"

Crown Prince Tianyue suddenly burst into a dragon's breath, and directly shocked the elder to vomit blood!

The other elders looked in their eyes, dare to speak out!

Prince Tianyue walked slowly in front of Lin Chen, the grinning became more cruel-"Don't waste wild dogs dare to call the dragon king, Prince Ben is in a bad mood now, are you kneeling down from the abandoned dragon veins or the Prince hit you burst feces!"

This Crown Prince Yue is arrogant to the extreme, comparable to the demon list of the human race! Only he kills others, no one else kills him!

It seems that in his cognition, any creature can't disobey his will, this situation can also frankly let Lin Chen kneel?

"This friend, don't dare you for what purpose..."

Mu Tianqing stopped Lin Chen anxiously, wondering if he pulled Mu Tianqing behind him.

Lin Chen blew a whistle to Prince Tianyue and smiled-"I remember that according to the regulations of the Wanlong Association, it is not possible to shoot against the dragons with ancient dragon horns? Otherwise, even if you are an ancient dragon, you will be sanctioned, won't you? ?"

Brush ~! Lin Chen's palm turned, and a simple dragon horn and letters appeared. The pure dragon power permeated from the dragon horn, making all the blue dragon elders stare!

It's Cologne! The symbol of the honor of the dragon, with this dragon horn, will have the minimum protection of the dragon!

At least, it will not be annihilated!

Prince Tianyue moved, his eyes became less disdainful, his eyes narrowed: "You even have the ancient dragon's horn?"

The Wanlong Association is the highest ceremony of the Dragon Clan. Before and after the period, no Dragon Clan can attack the Dragon Clan with the ancient Dragon Horn, otherwise it will violate the rules and even the Taikoo Dragon Clan will be subject to terrible sanctions!

Lin Chen's aspirations rose, the dragon's breath soared, and the ancient blue light was suppressed all over the body, and the breath of the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon swept the audience!

The elders of Qinglong are horrified. This child is really a member of their Qinglong tribe? The breath of blood is so orthodox!

But why do they have no impression, such an excellent clan, according to the clan history, there should be records!

Lin Chen's domineering hurricane screamed: "Not only do I have the ancient dragon horn, I also have to take the Qinglong family to participate in the Wanlong meeting!"

Mu Tianqing's heart trembled, tears burst into his beautiful eyes.

Join the Wanlong Club?

Should he even lead the Qinglong tribe to participate in the Wanlong Association?