My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1186

Vol 5 Chapter 1186: The New King Ying Bang Bang

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"No!" A Qinglong elder hurriedly blocked Lin Chen.

"No matter where you come from, Xiaoyou, you can't lead my family to participate in the Wanlong Association. With the strength of the Qinglong family, you go to find death, and you have to consume the ancient dragon horn. It is not worth the loss. If you really are my Qinglong family Thinking about it, I left Gulongjiao so that Qingshan was not afraid that there would be no firewood..."

Crown Prince Tianyue seemed to hear the world's biggest jokes, and the laughter shook the Dragon Palace and shook the mountain.

"Hahaha, any cat or dog wants to participate in the Wanlong meeting. Qinglong is a low bloodline. If you don't see it, even if you have a dragon horn, your people will not follow you to the Wanlong meeting, because they are a group of garbage!"

The elders of Qinglong bowed their heads in shame, so that their dragon teeth grumbled.

They are also in order to preserve the last flame of the Qinglong tribe, but they did not expect to be humiliated by the Tianyue Prince!

"The Qinglong tribe is not garbage!"

Xueer and Mu Tianqing stood up almost at the same time!

Among them, Xueer's little face flushed, Bao Yi tears, and shouted seriously: "The Qinglong tribe is not garbage! Take back your words!"

"The Qinglong family is rubbish? Do you despise this King is not successful?" Unconsciously, Lin Chen entered the drama and claimed to be a majestic wave-"Let any of you Taikoo Long servants pick a person on our side, as long as it is At the same level, my Qinglong tribe must hang you!"

"Joke! Are you insulting the prince?"

Several dragon servants stood up in a rage and wanted to fight!

"Don't accept? If you don't agree, you can choose one to see who will fight."

Lin Chen waved calmly and calmly, and the Qinglong tribe was in trouble!

The prince dragon servant of the Taikoo dragon clan, even the lowest level is the fourth grade bloodline talent!

The best of their Qinglong tribe in recent years is Mu Tianqing who has nothing but the blood of the third grade!

In short, it is a dead word for Qinglong at the same level to meet the ancient arrogance of the ancient dragon clan, let alone the genius of the ancient dragon clan!

"His Royal Highness, the concubine is willing to ask for her own initiative."

At this time, the graceful and charming Qianhonglong Shi Yingying was in awkward manner and said respectfully: "His Royal Highness cannot be provoked. The concubine's body is exactly at the same level as this woman's cultivation. I will take the initiative to be the Qinglong tribe!"

Qian Hong stood out and looked directly at Lin Chen and Mu Tianqing!

Crown Prince Tianyue raised her eyebrows and looked at Lin Chen disdainfully: "How do you dare to take it?"

"People live a breath, and the dragon fights for an inch. How about the future Dragon King, dare to fight?"

Mu Tianqing received Lin Chen's voice, she suddenly froze!

From this sudden mysterious population, she heard multiple different meanings...

He kept saying that he was the new king, but bluntly said that he was the future dragon king. What was his purpose? Why should we use the ancient dragon's horn to protect the green dragon?

Mu Tianqing Bingxue was clever, thinking about the pros and cons in a flash, and slowly stood up, said indifferently: "Why not dare!"

The elders of Qinglong changed their face slightly, trying to stop Mu Tianqing, but she raised her hand seriously and stared at the man with the silver dragon mask!

The situation of the Qinglong race cannot be delayed. Mu Tianqing has no choice but to let go!

"If it is an ordinary discussion, it will certainly not violate the rules of the Wanlong Association, will it? The battle will be fixed after two hours, is there a problem?"

Crown Prince Tian Yue glanced at Mu Tianqing and Qian Hong.

"no problem!"


Dragon Palace backyard.

"Tianqing, how can you be so impulsive, our upper ancient dragons cannot be the opponents of the ancient ancient dragons, this is the problem of bloodline suppression!"

"Tianqing, although your talents are comparable to many ancient dragons' arrogance, compared to the Taigu dragons, the most common dragon genius is not enough!"

The elders of the Qinglong tribe sighed, and Xueer brandished a small pink fist-"Brother Yingbangbang is very powerful and will definitely help her sister get through the difficulties!"

Mu Tianqing didn't speak, and stared at Lin Chen wonderfully.

He smiled indifferently: "In terms of common sense, it really can't be beaten. Although your talent is an excellent presence in the Qinglong family, there is still a distance from the talent of the Fourth Grade Bloodline, but now that I am here, all problems are not problem!"

Lin Chen stretched out his hand to Mu Tianqing and smiled overbearingly: "Give me a hand, and then silently commemorate the name of the king a hundred times in your heart."

The elders of the Qinglong tribe have a slightly twitching mouth. Does this guy get into the play quite quickly?

Ben Wang? Who admits that you are the dragon king of the Qinglong tribe!

Mu Tianqing put his jade hand in his palm suspiciously, and really closed his eyes and meditated: The new king Ying Bangbang...

Before waiting for the Qinglong elders to question and block this ridiculous scene, Mu Tianqing's breath suddenly rose, and the coercion of the Qinglong royal family began to rise!

"This... this is?"

The elders of the Qinglong tribe were shocked and moved!

[Start to strengthen the power of the bloodline selected by the host, consume 290 strengthening points, bloodline strengthening + 1 success...]

[Blood Strengthening +2 Success... +10 Failure, +10 Success, +11 Failure, +11 Failure, +11 Success...]

Bang ~!

The dragon clan above Mu Tianqing's head danced wildly a giant dragon, galloping through the dragon palace, and covered the sky with the dragon's breath, just like a dragon!

"My God, can't the dragon manifest itself?"

"Miss' bloodline has, twice! It's still rising! This, what the **** is this?"

"Miss's potential has long been developed to the extreme. Right, blood identification is right about the top of the third grade. How can it suddenly soar?"

"What the **** is this Jill Yingbang?"

The elders were completely moved!

To enhance the blood potential, this is a method only available for Shenlong or Dragon Race!

Qinglong bloodline, the level is not very strong. Although the strengthening points held by Lin Chen are only 16.25 million points, it is no longer necessary to strengthen the orange-level exercises, but it is still easy to strengthen a green dragon bloodline!

Lin Chen smashed the qualitative change by quantity, directly strengthening Mu Tianqing's bloodline to +14 level!

+14 The blood of Wanzai Qinglong, overall improvement: 320%!

Mu Tianqing looked at himself now incredibly, and then looked at the silver-faced man in front of him...


Mu Tianqing's blood power has been increased by 320%! The power of her dragon veins has not changed, but the potential of the dragon's flesh and blood, and the magic of the blood veins, have been increased by 320%!

With the same blood power, Mu Tianqing fights out with the same power, and the power will increase by 320%!

The five Qinglong elders swallowed hard.

"Or...maybe the lady didn't choose wrong! This Ying Bangbang will be my last hope for the Qinglong tribe!"


Lin Chen snapped his fingers and smiled.

"It's time to teach the self-righteous guys."

In the Dragon Palace; Qian Hong tenderly beats the leg of Prince Tianyue. His eyes are deep and he earnestly says: "The guy with the silver mask, this Prince Prince is a little bit impenetrable. After a while, you have to go all out, he will definitely have Backhand, no matter whether he is using the medicine to use the power of overdrawn blood veins, he will not let him succeed!"

Qian Hong responded obediently: "Yes~"

Late at night; outside the Dragon Palace, a group of high-level Qinglong tribes gathered together with five other elders of the Holy Dragon!

Lin Chen and Prince Tianyue made a speech. The other elders tried to question Lin Chen, but now they have offended Prince Tianyue, and they must rely on the ancient dragon's horn in their hands!

Bang ~!

Qian Hong and Mu Tianqing entered the venue, the two sides were murderous, and the dragon's interest was rising!