My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1187

Vol 5 Chapter 1187: Hanging

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"The adults who want to defy the Taikoo Dragon clan, you really have no eyes."

The "Seven Elders" who just announced that they had left the Qinglong tribe sneered.

"Oh? They have not confiscated you as a dog. Are you so eager to shake their tails for others? Eat the guys inside and out?"

Several other elders of Green Dragon immediately sneered back, and did not have any old feelings for this kind of escaped guy!

"Huh! Wait to see how Mu Tianqing was crippled by the Tianjiao Dragon's Tianjiao!" Seven elders sneered, without controversy.

"This time, the points are over. Until one side can no longer fight or surrender, it is a victory."

Crown Prince Tianyue sat in the high position of the Dragon Palace and gave orders at a glance, as if he were the king here.

Lin Chen was wearing a silver dragon mask and nodded solemnly.

"Yes, this is just a discussion. No life-and-death battles, but any tricks like piercing, piercing, yin, and chrysanthemums can be freely issued... Oh, look at my mouth, I didn't say anything, both sides Start when you are ready."

The seniors of the Qinglong tribe were collectively stunned, and a group of elders even twitched their lips...

What, where is the old Yin Yin!

Qian Hong smiled and said: "How did I smoke you on the city wall that day, how do I abuse you now."

Mu Tianqing is not surprised, but the cold and lonely look is more and more killing!

Tear ~!

Qian Hong moved a little, and her slender beauty turned into the afterimage of Longguang, driving her 1.6 billion dragon power to tear a void crack and form a rolling wave!

Bang ~!

Longxihua Mountain Town Yue, Baizhang Qingshan Doutou Town, one attack and one attack at the same time, the fighting talents of the Taiko Dragons are revealed!

Mu Tianqing put on a dragon armor, heroic and daring, walking like a dragon, like blue light refraction!

Bang~! Avoiding her Dragon Breath Castle, the Dragon Palace shook.

Tear ~! The sonic boom sounded, and the two dragon claws collided from the void, crushing them together!

A mighty dragon tail swept across a thousand armies, like a mountain ridge striking Mu Tianqing!

Her blue light disappeared, her footwork turned again, and she avoided the danger!

In the square outside the Dragon Palace, the civil war was dim and dark. The two were either part of the metamorphosis, or used blood power, no one would reveal the body first!

The two sides fought fiercely and the situation changed. The two turned into two divine lights, fighting from the sky to the earth. The crystal walls of the space where they passed by were all broken, the light was dim and the dragon breath was chaotic.

The battle attracted more Qinglong tribes to watch the battle. They witnessed that Mu Tianqing could only persevere under Qian Hong's offensive, and his heart was heavy!

Sure enough, no matter how good the ancient dragons are, they are not opponents of the ancient dragons!

Lin alone, the audience is the most calm.

"Something wrong, Mu Tianqing's blood breath seems to have changed, she can't flash, can't you say there is a backhand?"

I noticed that the wrong Tianyue Prince Chuanyin Qianhong-"That woman has a backhand, let's fight quickly. Don't give her a chance!"

Qian Hong heard the order, and immediately revealed the body. A Xuanyue Town prison dragon was born. Its four-claw Xuanhuang, the dragon's back yellow scales were like armor, and the vast dragon body stretched for more than three hundred feet. Wei instantly calmed down all the Qinglong people!

Xuanyue Town prison dragon, the earth dragon, like Wanzai Qinglong, is good at defense and long battle! Its ancestor, Tianyue Town, the prison dragon was once a divine dragon, but it is currently an archaic dragon!

Tear ~!

Only the moment Qian Hong changed out of the body, a thunder-like dragon's breath spread across the void, rolling into a dragon-shaped war gun, ten feet long, and was instantly held by Mu Tianqing in the palm of his hand!

"Ten thousand broken dragon guns! My God, when can the lady use this bloodline supernatural power?"

The elders of the Qinglong tribe are horrified!

The beautiful woman's jade arm turned into a green dragon arm, and the green light rolled away a green shadow !

Qian Hong, who had just revealed the body, hadn't had time to brew the bloodline supernatural power, Mu Tianqing swept her chest directly, and Wan Zai's broken dragon spear pierced her dragon scale defense, tearing its dragon scale, and the blue lightning thunder surge Come out and run through the dragon!

Roar ~!

Qian Hong shouted in pain and waved his claws. Mu Tianqing punched the dragon gun into her body with a fist, and her claws ripped up into the sky!

The endless dragon breath blue light turns into a storm-like light blade, each light blade carries hundreds of millions of dragon power, and the front is hard to shake the red claws!

boom! boom! boom!

Long Guang burst shot, the air shook the sky! The two slammed with dragon claws, and the four claws flew into shock!

The situation flipped at this moment made all the Qinglong people blind!

Some Qinglong tribes have even changed their bodies, watching this battle of the Dragon Palace from a very far distance!

"Enough, stop!"

The prince Tianyue, who is incapable of life, voluntarily called to stop!

In his eyes, there was a shock that was hard to hide!

Mu Tianqing withdrew from the fighting area, bathed in dragon blood all over his body, even though he was injured, he would not fall down. Heroic and majestic like a clanging rose on the battlefield, proud, holy, tough and unyielding!

On the other hand, Qianhong's dragon body was shocking and fell into the pool of blood!

The dragon scales in the upper body were torn more than halfway, the dragon scales were cracked, the skin was open, and there was a **** hole in the chest!

The seniors, elders, and people of the Qinglong tribe are dumbfounded!

Hanging! This is completely in a state of slinging!

Mu Tianqing hasn't changed the dragon body yet, he has seriously injured the genius of the Taiko Dragons!

Mu Tianqing's combat skills and psychology far exceed Qianhong!

But more importantly, her bloodline supernatural power has skyrocketed several grades! The other five elders were horrified by Mu Tianqing's combat power. In their understanding, Mu Tianqing was far from being qualified to use the **** magic weapon of "Ten Years Breaking Dragon Gun"!

Mu Tianqing looked down at the dying Qian Hong, said indifferently.

"When you knelt down and succumbed to other male dragons, I had already fought with the father emperor to fight for the Quartet. You have talents, but my Qinglong tribe is not a soft bone. If you want to bully me and my people, you have to collapse. Some teeth lost!"

The last sentence, as if it were meant to be heard by Prince Tianyue, is very powerful!

"Offend Your Highness, are you looking for death?"

A dragon servant was furious and rushed to Mu Tianqing.

Brush ~! The silver robe was traversed in front of the dragon servant, and said indifferently: "Why? The archaic Taiko dragon family can't even play even once? Or do you want to destroy the rules of the Wanlong Association?"

Prince Tianyue recalled the Dragon Servant and chuckled.

"Oh... a new king of green dragons, a British king of Gil! The prince is more looking forward to meeting you at the Wanlong meeting, hoping that you will not be a tortoise, if you cant achieve results in Wanlong, you will lose the ancient dragon horn. After that, I will let you trash blue dragons disappear in this world for the first time!"

In his eyes, a crazy and turbulent murderous intention flashed!

Lin Chen laughed in the sky, and he was domineering.

"Hahaha! Rest assured, this king has already booked the championship, you go home to shit, this time Wanlong will lose your family."