My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1188

Vol 5 Chapter 1188: The New King Of Qinglong Jill Yingbangbang

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Dragon servant lifted Qianhong. When she turned into a human form, her face was as pale as paper. She looked at Mu Tianqing with a vicious glance. She knelt down **** the ground and dared not look directly at Crown Prince Tianyue.

Crown Prince Tian Yue said indifferently.

"Qianhong, the reason for this defeat is not you. Get up. Prince Ben originally thought that Mu Tianqing's blood potential could not even win you even if she doubled it. Unexpectedly, her blood potential has more than doubled..."

Crown Prince Tianyue looked around the scene, summoned his dragon car, and said indifferently: "Let's go to Wanlong Club."

The dragon servants did not dare to complain a little, lifted Qianhong, and drove the dragon to ride the wind.

Until Prince Tianyue left, everyone still felt a dream like a dream!

Won? Their declining ancient dragon clan even had a day to defeat the genius of the Taigu dragon clan!

"We won... Did the Qinglong tribe also stand up one day!"

"It's too strong. The genius of the Taiko Dragons is not our opponent at all. The person who inherited the will of the Dragon King appeared!"

Countless Qinglong tribes wept with joy and poured into the outside of the Dragon Palace to shout Mu Tianqing's name.

Qinglong's senior management was deeply worried!

Offended the prince of the Taikoo Dragons, which often did not end well!

Mu Tianqing was dripping with blood and announced loudly.

"You guys, Mu Tianqing can have such strength, thanks to the help of our Qinglong new king! Our new king will lead us to participate in the Wanlong meeting and win the highest glory of the dragon!"

The Qinglong tribe of men, women and children outside the Dragon Palace suddenly fell silent, the new king?

A new king appeared in the Qinglong tribe?


With a tremendous momentum, the blue dragon flag flutters in the wind, and the person in the silver robe holds the green dragon flag in his hand and rises in the air.

The faces of the Qinglong people outside the Dragon Palace changed slightly. This is the dragon flag, and it is the honor symbol of the dragon family.

Qinglongqi dances against the wind, such as the flying blue dragon dances in the sky, exuding vast dragon power, derived from the pressure of the blood of the Qinglong royal family, so that all Qinglong tribes kneel down!

Each dragon tribe has its own dragon flag. Dragon flag can only be sacrificed when the family lives or dies or accepts honor. Only the dragon king and the heir to the dragon king are eligible to use the dragon flag!

"How can there be a dragon flag here?"

"Absurd! Let an outsider hold my dragon flag, isn't this absurd!"

The elders of Qinglong tried to shoot Lin Chen, but Mu Tianqing yelled: "Stop!"

"I gave him the Qinglong Banner. If it were not for him to bring the ancient dragon horn to our clan for help, we have already been annihilated, or we have been reduced to the playthings of the Taikoo dragon clan. Repay him."

Mu Tianqing's decision shocked the elders.

"There are other ways to repay, how can you exchange them with Dragon Banner, this is the ancestor that can only be used at the moment of life and death of the Qinglong Clan!"

The second elder of the Qinglong tribe reprimanded Mu Tianqing, and her eyes were chilling.

"Second elder, haven't you seen the situation clearly, the present Wanzai Qinglong tribe is the moment of life and death! We only have the only possibility left is to follow him to participate in the Wanlong society! Only in this way can we guarantee the last hope of our family. If we miss this time, we will never be able to turn over!"

"What's more, you can't see his ability clearly. Without his help, how can I win so easily in the face of the Taiko Dragons."

Mu Tianqing's beautiful eyes turned to gaze at the silver robe in the void and muttered: "He, has the possibility to turn the tide!"

The Qinglong elders were silenced and silent for a while.


At this time, Lin Chen holding the Qinglong Banner spoke. His voice spread throughout the Dragon Palace, which was clear and confident.

He took off the mask, revealing a young and handsome cold face, which was the appearance of Lin Chen's holy dragon into a human form, not Lin Chen's true face.

"The Qinglong tribe has reached the point of life and death. If you do not participate in the Wanlong Fair to gain a first-line life, you will never be turned over!"

Lin Chen's voice is loud and loud! The dark blue dragon breath turned into a ten thousand years of green dragon, howling sky!

His breath is purely incomparable, so that the people of the Qinglong family feel a more pure coercion. The potential of this bloodline is no less than that of Princess Qinglong, Mu Tianqing!

"Do you think it's my new king who hates it, or is the Prince of the Taikoo Dragons even more disgusting today!"

Lin Chen uttered a voice, and many people of the Qinglong tribe kneeling down looked at each other.

Their Qinglong tribe has been humiliated and oppressed for so many years. As soon as the unknown new prince came, Tian Qing princess raised a brow and fought a turnaround battle. The answer is already very obvious!

But no one dared to speak, and everyone feared the majesty of the Taiko Dragons from the bottom of their hearts!

The strong men of the Taikoo Dragon Clan can come out and kill several of them, and they dare to be angry!

"Damn it, tell Ben Wang! Ben Wang doesn't like counseling. Are you really garbage like the Taiko Dragons said?"

Lin Chen was angry!

A fledgling Qinglong tribe was carrying Longwei of the Qinglong Banner, standing upright and gritting his teeth: "No, we are carrying the Qinglong tribe, not garbage!"

"We are not garbage!"

Another group of Qinglong tribes stood up and drank, fighting high!

Lin Chen laughed wildly: "Something, I like it! Ben Wang said straight today, whether you worship me as king or not, I dont care. My **** thing is to pull down all the archaic dragons whose dog eyes are low. , Beating his bitch! Whoever dares to move us, even if he dies, will have to pick him a few dragon scales down! Just like the jailed dragon clan got rid of his tail just now!"

Lin Chen pointed directly at the sky and declared aloud.

"To participate in the Wanlong Association this time, the king will let the first ray of sunshine from the Wanlong Association shine on our Qinglong Banner, all overthrow the ancient dragon tribes who look down on us, and then tell the world that we, the Wanlong Qinglong tribes, are also Shenlong Descendants!"

Long Xiao shook the world, and the sound of Descendants of the Dragon seemed to have traveled through time and space, deeply shaking the hearts of every Qinglong people. Those seniors of Qinglong seniors have been in tears without realizing it!

When ever, they have no face to face or even mention this period of history.

Today, the new king born out of the world proved with facts that the Wanzai Dragons can also fight the Taiko Dragons! They are also descendants of Shenlong!

"The new king is mighty!"

"New King Ying Bang Bang!"

"We are also descendants of Shenlong!"

"Single machine Wang Shuai got a batch!"

"I got a traitor, hit him!"


Countless people of the Qinglong tribe aroused the fighting spirit and bloodiness in their hearts, and the elders of the Qinglong glanced at each other and were amazed!

"Perhaps this is the last time we should gamble."

A gray-haired old man with white hair and blue eyes gazed deep and staring, staring at Lin Chen's back film moment, while the corners of his eyes were wet, he waved and shouted!

"According to my order, all the sacred dragons of the Qinglong clan will be dispatched to follow the new king of our clan and participate in the Wanlong meeting!"

Qinglong family, the new king rises!