My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1189

Vol 5 Chapter 1189: Wanlong Club Wanlong Covered The Sky

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The great elders of the Qinglong tribe have the existence of elders. He can't figure out Lin Chen's purpose, but he can at least judge whether he is friendly or not at this stage.

Why did you choose Lin Chen? Because they had no choice, their Qinglong clan had provoked the Crown Prince of Tianyue Town, and they had no way out!

Only through the selection at the Wanlong Club; the title of glorious dragon clan can protect the Qinglong clan from the scourge of genocide!

"Brother Gil is our dragon king? It's amazing!" Mu Tianxue's eyes brightened and his eyes were full of worship!

"Yeah, a dragon clan who hasn't known three hours has become the new king of my clan. This was put in the past and I dare not imagine it."

Mu Tianqing smiled, she didn't feel the pressure miraculously, but more of an unashamed calm.

She can finally fight hard, at least no longer need to please anyone!

"Elder Qinglong, can it still make sense?"

Lin Chen turned around and asked domineeringly.

The elders looked at each other and knelt on one knee!

"Meet the new king!"


The next day, the place where the Dragon Palace passed on.

The ancient altar of a dragon like a thousand feet is like a meandering dragon lying here.

This place is the ancient altar of Qinglong, where the elders of Qinglong, Mu Tianqing and Lin Chen gathered here.

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and the advanced qi and blood attribute values here are everywhere!

"The new king, this place is the ancient altar where we are baptized with blood veins. If the new king does not receive the baptism of blood veins, we can bring the blood veins to a higher level here."

The elder elder introduced to Lin Chen, immediately clenched a fist, the eyes of the dragon pupil shone like a god, and said seriously.

"The new king, the old man needs to know your strength. I wonder if you are interested in a few tricks with the old man?"

Mu Tianqing's face changed slightly, and he hurriedly said: "Great Elder, your dragon veins are blooming more than 700 million. If you put it in the human race, you will only be able to fight with you in the later stage of the Holy Land triplet. Is this wrong?"

"Nizi, if he can't even pass me, he talks about how to stand out at the Wanlong meeting. The results can't be won by a single speech. "

The elder elder looked indifferent and turned to Lin Chen: "How come, dare the new king dare to take it? If you can take the five tricks of the old man, the old man will recognize your strength."

Lin Chen put on a silver dragon mask and smiled wickedly: "Come well!"

Bang ~! When a blue dragon tail burst, the elder's complexion changed slightly, and the dragon's breath surged!


After dozens of breaths, the space in the inheritance shook violently for a moment before it stopped slowly.

The elders put away the dragon's breath, while the light was dim, the expression was horrified!

The strength of this young new king far exceeds his "cognition"!

The strength of only 2.5 billion Dragon Power, in his hands, not only persisted for five rounds, he just nearly hit his own body just now!

What is even more terrible is that every move of his magical powers can be'divided into five', just like the magic dragon descends!

Mu Tianqing, who has always been cold and arrogant, opened her lips slightly, and was astonished like hell!

Some of the scenes she just saw upended her perception!

The old elder's eyes glanced at the light, and he was shocked and unable to retreat. He respectfully held his fist and said: "Dare to ask the origin of the new king..."

Lin Chen said with a smile-"My origin is not important. The elders only need to know that we are on a boat now. At the Lin Wanlong meeting, there must be a million dragons in the Qing Dynasty!"

The elder of the whole body was afraid of trembling. Without any doubt, he bowed deeply-"It is the luck of my Qinglong tribe to meet your lord!"

Lin Chen set foot on the dragon altar, stretched out a piece of green dragon claw, and included all the attribute light balls!

[Acquired high-level qi and blood of 89.82 million points, 92.22 million points, 100 million points...]

All the advanced qi and blood attributes are all included in the body of the Holy Dragon, and the dragon veins are mad!

Bang ~!

Stepping into the dragon altar, Lin Chen activated the dragon aura, and the blood of the holy dragon soared!

"It's a huge vision, it's a few points better than the young lady..."

The elder slurped secretly.

[The hosts bloodline of Wanzai Qinglong is increased by 1 million points, 3 million points, 5 million points...]

Lin Chen's bloodline of the blue dragon skyrocketed to 99.99 million points in just two quarters!

In addition, his bloodline strengthening level is +15, and Lin Chens blue dragon bloodline supernatural power is increased by more than five times!

This Wanlong meeting is different from the past, Lin Chen can not use the fighting power of the Ontology.

The Wanlong Club is one of the highest celebrations of the Dragon Clan. No matter how perfect his breath disappears, it is impossible to mobilize the body battle under the eyes of the Dragon Clan. During the participation in the Wanlong meeting, his body could only be hidden in the Qingxue capsule.

Lin Chens energized, penetrating, and phantom runes cannot be activated by the Holy Dragon. But his purple rank, quasi-orange rank and orange rank talent, anomaly, can be perfectly called, the most important thing is his ace of killing skills and slow runes!

Two hours later, Lin Chens Holy Dragon perfectly absorbed all the high-level qi and blood attributes, and the dragons power increased to 3.5 billion dragon power!

Pure power is comparable to the triple early stage of Holy Realm!

"Dragon altar can only activate the bloodline, his pure power has soared so much? What's going on..."

Mu Tianqing and the elders moved!

Lin Chen walked down the dragon altar, waved his hands, and laughed.

"Call in all the Dragon Clan elders, the coach will give you a gift for the whole clan!"


Four days later, DahuangYingdingtian!

Genting Sky Canyon is the venue for the Wanlong Club!

This place, like Longkai Wanyuan, is magnificent. The ground is divided into two halves, with side-by-side seats side by side!

Ten red lotus flame dragons glanced from a height of 100,000 feet, and the red light flashed, and turned into a humanoid figure and entered the venue.

Those who can enter the venue are all holy dragons!

And ordinary holy beasts are totally ineligible to enter! Whether it is a high-level orc or an ancient beast, there is only a dragon here!

"Hahaha, it's another ten thousand years. Time passes really fast. At that time, the great prince of the king won the dragon crown, and the daughter of my king will continue to be glorious this time!"

The sound of laughter was shocking and thunder, and Wan Lei appeared out of thin air, bathed in endless thunder and lightning, a thundercloud rose, and a middle-aged tiger-eyed man in a dragon robe stepped into the Yundingtian venue, imposing, followed by two eyebrows. The young man, a man and a woman, is full of a king!

Many holy dragons looked up, many dragon clan exclaimed!

"The extremely short Thunder Dragon of the Archaic Dragon Clan, the overbearing power..."

"That's when they won the championship, forever..."

When the strong people marveled, they burst into the sky with a cold hum!

"Huh, a group of guys who can only shoot thunder. The last time was because the assessment venue was in a thunder plane, which made you lucky to win. What did you get?"

A pair of vertical cloud dragon wings spread out, rolling across the clouds, and the golden eyed man who stepped on the wind blade tornado appeared in the sky. The pair of dragon wings behind him could reach thousands of feet in length, and the wings seemed to cover the sky. !

"The Wind Saint Pterosaurs are here too!"

When the tiger-eye man saw the person coming, he sneered, "Let's see who hit his face this time!"

The two races are against each other, **** for tat!

Visions from the east, the south, the north, and the north continue to converge, and the prestigious dragon races placed on the outside world now appear one after another!

There are more than ten thousand holy dragons gathered in the venue!

The terrible evil power seems to destroy all human civilizations. What holy land, fivefold, if it comes to this venue, it will be instantly slain by Wanlong!

Wanlong covered the sky, Fu Longxiao sky! This is a grand ceremony belonging to the dragon race. The observers and candidates are all dragon races. A prehistoric storm is staged from the great waste!