My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1190

Vol 5 Chapter 1190: Wanzai Qinglong Tribe Participate In Wanlong Meeting

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In the Wanlong venue; since the appearance of the Wind Saint Pterosaurs, eight teams of Taikoo Dragons have emerged in the world, and one team is more terrifying than the other. Live space.

Buzz~~! The dark curtain spreads out, and the three figures are like messengers in the dark, stepping into the field from the void, each step stepping on the dark gas ripples, just like three dark hurricanes sweeping in!

"It's the Dark Sky Dragon Clan, these guys are more horrible than one..."

"The regulations of the Wanlong Association are that there are twenty upper limits for the number of candidates. Only three came this time.

"Contempt, naked contempt! It is worthy of being the once ancient Gu Long, although the Taigu Long is not completed, but the thin and dead camel is bigger than the horse..."

The holy beasts transformed into human figures in the venue secretly panicked, and the three geniuses of the Dark Dragon entered the venue.

The beauty of the black dress headed by the Dark Tianlong family is beautiful, such as the rose blooming in the dark night. When she looked around the whole room, no prince of the Taikoo Dragon family dared to look directly at her!

Under that peerless glory, there is a deadly murderous opportunity!

"A group of siblings, Wanlong Club is really not as good as one."

The black skirt lady disdains sneer, and the majesty between her brows is like a king.

Bang ~! Xuanhuang Shengguang wandered away from the clutch. Under the light of a dragon, the dragon car rolled over, and the nine dragons around him turned into human figures, setting off the center's young yellow robe like stars holding the moon.

"Xuanyue Zhen Yulong's Crown Prince, it is said that he is the bloodline of this generation closest to the ancestor Tian Yue Zhen Yulong."

"Cut, what is the closest, the ancestor of the Dragon Prison is the once **** gatekeeper dragon, a real dragon. This little rabbit has at least two achievements."

Many veteran powerhouses cast their gazes. Prince Xuanzhen stepped into the dragon platform of the venue and looked directly at the black dresses of the dark dragons.

Prince Xuanzhen said: "This time, don't come unharmed."

The black skirt lady is indifferent as ice-"I hope you grow a little bit, otherwise I will crush you with a claw."

"This time, I am set for the Ten Thousand Fire Dragon Clan."

A wave of fire rushed into the meeting place. The person coming was a group of strong young men, headed by a male tiger eyebrow eyebrow. Two red eyebrows burned like two strands of flame.

"Born Fire Dragon King, Ten Thousand Fire Dragon Race? Hey, this is not a chance to see..."

Some female dragons who have been humanized lick their tongues. It is said that these ten thousand fire dragons are as arrogant as the sun, and they have nourishing the body of the dragon. They are famous in many dragons.

"Oh?" The black-dressed girl's beautiful eyes narrowed, and said indifferently: "Are eight refined crystals refined, a little interesting."

Suddenly, the lady in black dress seemed to perceive something. Looking back, there was a bunch of illusory shadows in the dragon platform somehow.

These shadows are distorted into adult form, and gradually become a dozen people. The young people in front yawned-"I hate this noisy scene noisily, can't you let the prince enjoy the food quietly, although I can Eating different kinds of meat from the same ethnic group is also very exciting."

After talking, the man in black robe licked his lips, and the evil spirit was in a good mood. The dragons next to him quickly retreated, alert in their expressions!

The faces of the holy dragons on both sides of the venue changed slightly!

Burial Phantom Dragon, the most mysterious one of the Archaic Dragon Clan, has natural spiritual talents, escape talents, and killings only unfolding invisibly. The target they are staring at, they dont know how to die! It is the most frightening existence in the Dragon Race!

At this time, the holy dragons gathered in the dragon platform have exceeded 8,000 heads, and the bustle is busy, according to one side!

In addition to visiting the Holy Dragon of this Wanlong Association, that is, 18,000 heads! Equivalent to 18,000 saints!

This lineup, placed in any of the 36 domains of the Holy Realm, is a big force!

There are only 3 to 5 saints possessed by the Terran third-class forces. Sipin is 7 to 15 people! The most important thing is that the Holy Dragon, who can enter the Wanlong Association, is not an idle person. The ordinary Holy Realm of the Human Race is not an opponent at all!

The Void sounded down and echoed into the Wanlong venue.

"Well, the dragon races have almost arrived. It seems that there are no violations. The rules of this Wanlong Association cannot have more than 900 million dragons. The upper limit for each dragon race is 20. People, dont try to hide from this seat by any means, as long as you find the offender, kill immediately."

A dragon clan spoke powerfully, and Longwei suppressed the audience. No one dared to say anything!

Cannot exceed 900 million dragon veins, which is less than 9 billion dragon power, which is equivalent to the three-fold Sacred Realm.

This means that in this Wanlong Association, there will be no dragon elders equal to the fourfold of the Holy Realm in pure power. However, who knows how many trump cards the dragon princes and princesses of these Taiko dragons have?

Otherwise, if there are no restrictions, the other ancient dragons and the ancient dragons will not have the opportunity to participate in the election. The heritage of the ancient dragons can easily be placed in an invincible position.

"Now, let me talk about the current list of candidates...The ancient dragons have 234 teams, the ancient dragons have 189 teams, and the ancient dragons have 71 teams. After the decision of the Wanlong Association, etc. , This conference is divided into four levels! Those who pass the second level will be awarded the honorary title of Dragon Clan! You can get asylum from our clan and focus on training!"

As soon as this remark came out, the men were shocked!

The assessment content of each session of the Wanlong Association is different. The honor of the dragon family often needs to be obtained through the final assessment. Now this is divided into four levels, which can be obtained through the second level. Is this a good thing?

"Damn, according to the old man's understanding, this is not a good thing!"

"Through the second level, you can get the honor of the honorable dragon family, which proves that the Wanlong assessment will be extremely dangerous! I don't know how many times it is dangerous than before!"

A group of holy dragons whispered to each other's ears, and their eyes were filled with worries, and they could not help worrying for their genius!


The gusty wind swept through, and at this time, the hallway of the Wanlong Club ushered in a hurricane-like power.

Everyone was stunned, who entered the game at this juncture? All the Dragon races to be elected are here, right?

Many dragon clan geniuses, elders, entourage or dragon servants turned their heads to stare, and saw that the first one that came to their eyes was a dragon flag flying like a dragon!

The dragon flag flutters and dances with the wind, like a blue dragon flying in the sky! A crowd of people walked into the venue.

Being the first one, silver robe dragon face, carrying dragon flag on the shoulder, dragon walking tiger walk, there is no momentum of the mountains and the sea, there is no fancy volley, some are just very steady pace, stepping into the dragon platform step by step, eleven people Standing proudly in front of all dragons!

Dang ~! The dragon flag plunged into the ground, and the boy spoke loudly.

"The new king of Qinglong led ten candidates from the Wanlong Qinglong tribe to attend the Wanlong meeting."

In an instant, the Wanlong venue was silent!