My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1191

Vol 5 Chapter 1191: The First Hurdle The Heavenly Plane

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Wanzai Qinglong? This name is so strange!

There are very few people who have heard of this title even in the ancient dragon clan!

After inspecting the ancient dragon horns and letters of Lin Chen and others, the elders of the Dragon clan at the meeting site made a sound report to the dragon clan in the void.

"Is that the infamous Qinglong family?"

"Hahahaha! Isn't it, this kind of thing can also participate in the Wanlong meeting? Return Qinglong new king, where is the new king?"

"Hey, kid. Go back to breastfeed, don't be scared to pee! Hahahaha!"

"Hey hello, can these guys still carry the dragon flag? Even the dragon flag of their own has been brought out. Is it so powerful to be a cannon fodder!"

"What are you laughing at, serious. Dragon flags represent the moment of honor and life and death of a family. Isn't it possible to participate in the Wanlong Association? Isn't the Qinglong tribe a glorious moment of honor?"

In the Longtai venue on both sides, all laughs of ridicule and sarcasm broke out.

The law of the jungle, weak meat and strong food. In the wilderness, it is even more in full play. Without strength, you dont even have the qualification to let others see you!

It is important to know that the elder dragon races present at the election are among the best in their class.

What is the Qinglong tribe? An ancient dragon who was at the bottom?

Now it is even a garbage dragon clan without the name of the ancient dragon clan, like a feast between royal nobles, mixed with a group of beggars?

It's a smile!

However, in the face of all doubts, sarcasm, ridicule, disdain, abuse, and the powerful sense of oppression caused by the many gazes, the Qinglong tribe and the people seemed to be unmoved and unmoved, like a rock and a wind, Blowing rain, not moving like a mountain!

Even, his dragon pupil faintly has a somewhat stronger fighting spirit burning!

Above the vast void, a small space is opened up.

A group of back-to-back silhouettes stand in the space plane, like an insurmountable mountain.

"Gulongjiao and the letter are indeed true. It seems that they met the conditions. According to the provisions of the General Assembly, we have no reason to expel them."

"No. Look, this little guy of the new king of the Qinglong tribe is a bit wrong! Except for the **** breath of Xuan Qinglong of Wan Zai, there is actually a bit of Hongyan true phoenix and Tianyu Yinglong!"

"Dragons with double bloodlines, the old man has seen a few, and even the dragon clan Tianjiao present has dual bloodlines, but the three bloodlines coexist together, or the dragon and Phoenix are the same body? Weird, too weird!"

"Is it the Huang Clan's spy? Do you want to catch it and torture it?"

"Do you think this is your own courtyard? This is the Wanlong Society. So many tribes watched them and arrested them without permission. What does it look like? Break the rules?"

"If you are a person of the Huang clan, would you make such a stupid mistake? Send this person to us? Even if he has the five-level or six-level cultivation practice of the Holy Realm, we are just going to kill him if we want to destroy him. Things."

"It's just a junior with a little adventure. What about the three bloodlines? Except for the bloodline of Hongyan True Phoenix, the quality of other bloodlines is not worth mentioning!"

A group of powerful dragons who dominated the Wanlong Association actually had a lot of interest in Lin Chen!

However, they did not shoot Lin Chen, in their eyes at most it is an interesting ant.

For the Dragon race, the bloodline talent determines the upper limit. This kind of three bloodlines is rare, and at best it is three third-grade or fourth-grade bloodlines. This talent is inferior to any prince of the Taikoo Dragon Clan!

Suddenly, as if feeling the eyes of the dragon clan powers, Lin Chen in the dragon platform looked up directly at the sky, and actually met the eyes of several dragon clan powers!

"Huh... this kid has a good heart... he can perceive our gaze, and he can't be humble or indignant.

"The three bloodlines are relatively low-level, unless he can advance the bloodline, but this matter is difficult to reach the sky, even if we take the shot, the success rate is not high. Moreover, the bloodline after the advancement may not be able to control at the same time, this future Its limited, and its harmless for him to participate."


Inside the dragon platform, Lin Chen felt that a cold, stern sight penetrated into his body. He knew that it was the sight of the dragon clan powers, and he looked at all his secret attempts.

"Fortunately, without the help of Jian Qingcheng, the cultivation of these dragons' powers is extremely terrifying... If it weren't for the holy dragons I cultivated myself, I wouldn't be confident that I could pretend to be a fierce beast in front of these powers."

Lin Chen jumped in his heart, and then looked around the audience, "The Omen of Thief" launched again!

[Consume 92,885 intermediate talent points, turn on stolen harbingers, steal attribute values: 89.90 million advanced qi blood, 100 million points of qi essence, 200 million advanced qi blood, 1549 advanced water energy, 2000 advanced rune energy , 4000 point intermediate sky value...]

Lin Chen's attribute value is showing an unprecedented trend!

The attribute values of more than 18,000 holy dragons! All of them were stolen last time. Compared with the more than 1,000 saints who were buried in the holy mountains before, they are completely insignificant!

While absorbing the attribute values, Lin Chen led the Qinglong clan to the Dragon Terrace.

In other words, the ancient ancient dragons and the ancient ancient dragons cast their eyes on Lin Chen.

The princes and princesses of the Taikoo Dragons swept the Qinglong tribe like a garbage, and then looked away with disgust. It seemed that they would dirty their eyes when they looked at it more.

Only the beautiful girl in the black dress of the dark dragon, the beautiful eyes flashed dark mans, it seems to want to see through everything Lin Chen...

"Yeah, I can't think of your Qinglong clan to find a new ancient dragon horn to compete so quickly. Mu Tianqing, could it be the concubine you're looking for, the ancient dragon horn that was exchanged for others?"

An ironic and charming smile came, and a charming and charming woman walked around the waist of the water snake, and Mu Tianqing was as cold as frost, and his murderous intention was revealed!

"The Red Dragon tribe, it was you who deceived my father and took away our ancient dragon horn! Between us, we never die."

Mu Tianqing's voice was as cold as the trial in hell.

The charming woman in the red robe giggled, and the flowers twitched tremblingly-"Look at what strength your Qinglong tribe now has to participate in the Wanlong meeting? Come in to die? We have eighteen generals on the Red Dragon tribe!"

The elders of the Qinglong tribe, Lin Chen stopped them, and smiled indifferently: "I have the strength of the Qinglong tribe, you will know later. Who will play and sing, and I will see you."

Buzz~! A spiritual sound wave spread again, and everyone withdrew their eyes and listened attentively.

"Cough cough..." The old man's voice was very weak, and it seemed to be replaced by another dragon clan.

The weak voice spread to everyone's ears-"The first pass of the Wanlong Association is held on the Tianman plane. As long as you can stay on the Tianman plane for three days and three nights, every race The collection of two white dragon **** is considered to have passed the assessment. There is a purple dragon ball in the center of the plane. If you get the purple dragon ball, you will get special rewards and care in the next level of assessment."

The characters of the Tianman plane are all out, and many of the dragon races are frightened!