My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1192

Vol 5 Chapter 1192: Longqi Inserted In The Crown Forcibly And Vertically.

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The geniuses of the ancient dragons also changed their faces slightly, this is a real fierce place!

The Tianman plane, the secret plane of the dragon clan alone, has a gravity of one million to ten million times that of the Holy Realm!

A million times, even the dragons who are strong in the body of the meat shell can't easily bear it! Ordinary sacred dragons have to be squeezed into meat sauce!

Hearing the assessment of the first pass, some dragon race candidates were extremely dissatisfied and couldn't help but scolded: "Damn, this is too bad. This is too unfair. Isn't the dragon race that is good at defense taking advantage of it!"

The man's voice had just dropped, his expression suddenly sluggish, and his throat made er, er, sounds. He fell down to the ground, and the noisy dragon gas rose from his body, and his vitality died away!

A small part of the old dragon clan strongmen watching the Dragon Club cast their eyes on it, shaking their heads and laughing.

The weak old voice continued to come out from the void"A little ant...cough cough, and dare to talk so much."

Some of the dragon geniuses of the Wanlong Association who were running for the first time were horrified!

They don't even know how that person died! During the talks and jokes, the candidates were extinguished, and this is the top of the dragon family that dominated the Wanlong Association!

The weak old man continued: "The outer area of the Tianman Plane is one million times, the middle area is two to four million times... The core area, coughing, is five to eight million times. Times. The closer you get to the inside, the higher the probability of getting Dragon Ball. Hey, you dont have to go looking for it, you can just grab it..."

"And the only purple dragon ball is placed in the center of the plane with an area of 10 million times the gravity. Warriors of all races can do it for themselves. The time is only three days. Elimination failed."

Buzz~! A crack in the space was drawn and emerged from the top of many candidates.

What is reflected in the eyes of many dragons is a gray continental plate, which slowly rotates, as if the side of the sky is coming to the earth, and there are many stars and sand-like apertures surrounding the continental plate.

"Now, the assessment begins!"

When many candidates were preparing to enter, Dragon Banner rolled over and a silver robe figure walked to the forefront.

When everyone looked at it, it was actually the'New King of Blue Dragon'?

"Dare Wanzai Qinglong's garbage dare to take the lead?"

"Hahaha, it seems that their family is good at defense. Maybe someone else will be able to take the lead this time."

Some ancient dragons sneered jokingly, knowing that this'New Dragon King' did not rush into the space plane for the first time.

He walked to the front of the dragon platform, where there stood three high platforms, and the three dragon heads opened their mouths.

That position is the three positions dedicated to awards, representing the champion, third and second runners-up. It also symbolizes the highest honor!

"Why did he go to the podium..." When many dragons were puzzled...

At the next moment, the dragon pupils who watched from both sides shrank!

Lin Chen stood at a high position on the podium and raised the Qinglong Banner to jump down!

Dang ~! Bang~! Boom!

The hurricane swept and the waves were raging. The blue dragon flag fluttered in the violent wind, like an unyielding green dragon, standing on the championship stage!

Brush brush!

The strong dragons on both sides of Genting Sky Plaza suddenly stood up and opened their mouths!

He actually put the dragon flag of the Wanzai Qinglong race into the first place of the championship! !

Mu Tianqing gently covered his red lips with his hands...

She knew that the new king was domineering and eclectic, but she didnt dare to dream, he dared to put the dragon flag in the championship of the Wanlong Club!

Lin Chen turned around, facing Wanlong, and raised his fingers.

"Honor goes back to ten thousand years, the champion belongs to Qinglong!"

The elders of Qinglong were shocked and shocked!

He smiled slightly, the laughter was hearty and wild.

"If you don't obey, you will enter the plane of heaven, and this king will fight until you serve!"

Brush ~!

Lin Chen grabbed the dragon arm with one hand, and brought the people of the Qinglong family into the space crack.

The woman in the black dress gazed at Lin Chen's eyes, but his eyes grew hesitant.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Many dragons burst into a roar of madness. The dragons were already reckless and arrogant. This time, they were despised by a lowest-level dragon, who can bear it!

"Qinglong tribe, Ben Shao will step you into **** this time!"

"A bunch of rubbish, coming into the Heavenly Plane later, Prince Ben will devour you alive!"

"Don't even the garbage that the ancient dragons are not, dare to despise me and wait to find death!"

A group of dragon clan talents and elders with open teeth and claws rushed into the cracks of space, and turned into a stream of streamers into the heavenly plane.

"Oh, it's crazy enough. I hope your bones can be as stiff as your behavior!"

The Xuanzhen Prince of Xuanyue Town sneered with a sneer and led his men into the cracks of space.

The prince of the black robe burying the shadow dragon whistle-"It is a dark horse born out of nowhere. It's crazy."

The fire-browed youth of the Wanhuolong tribe disdainfully said: "Whether it is a real dragon or a cheap snake, you can see the first level."

The prince of Fengsheng Pterosaur laughed-"Aren't you going to crush his dragon flag?"

Prince Wan Huo said contemptuously: "The big wings, do you think Lao Tzu is really stupid, and now that he has got his dragon flag down, doesn't it mean that we are afraid of his Qinglong tribe? Which team on the scene is not as good as his Qinglong tribe Strong? To crush is to crush again when you reach the top of the championship! The premise is that his people must stick to the fourth level."

Brush ~! Prince Wanhuo turned into a fiery light and shot into the cracks in the space. As he said, no one would move the Qinglong Banner in the championship. If it was pushed to the Dragon Banner, wouldn't it be the fear of the Qinglong Race that would deflect his courage?

Other Taikoo Dragon clan teams also began to act, and some princes did not even take the Qinglong clan into their eyes. From the first level of the assessment content, their eyes have been placed on the core area of the Tianman plane.

In a quarter of an hour, all the dragons who entered the race entered.

brush! brush! brush!

The Void lists hundreds of light screens, shining with dragon light, and the refracted light penetrates through the space, escaping millions of miles!


Qinglong tribe, Qinglong Palace.

Countless Qinglong people are looking forward to it, finally, a beam of light shines!

Two light screens appeared above the Qinglong tribe, and the figures of Lin Chen and Mu Tianqing and others showed up!

"I saw them, the princess and the new king!"

"They really participated in the Wanlong meeting! The new king is so bold!"

"I didn't expect the old man to see another person in my life on the stage of the Wanlong Club.

Many people of the Qinglong tribe cheered excitedly, and some old men wept with joy, kissing the ground of the Dragon Palace.

The real-time situation of each team of Wanlong Club will be put into the territory of each ethnic group, so that the people of this ethnic group can personally watch their bravery. This is the power of the dragon family.

"His! Is this the realm of the appraisal, is it the Tianman plane recorded in the ancient books?"

"You can't be wrong, it is that fierce place! This Wanlong meeting is too dangerous..."

Some seniors of the Qinglong tribe have a slightly drawn mouth, and the assessment content of each session of the Wanlong Association is different. This time the first level is the heavenly plane. It can be seen that the difficulty of the subsequent assessment will be more terrifying!

However, the people of the Qinglong tribe were not happy for half a quarter of an hour, and the whole group became quiet in the next second!

They opened their mouths wide and stared at the light screen like a ghost, as if they saw something terrible!