My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1193

Vol 5 Chapter 1193: Afraid Of Anything Just Hit It.

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More than a dozen beams of light came, and the entire Qinglong tribe arrived at the Tianman Plane, descending into a gray valley. The strange stones are everywhere, there is no vitality, and the weight of each stone is one million times that of the outside world!

Bang ~!

Mu Tianqing and others just got their feet on the ground, and a force of earth-shattering power poured into the body. Everyone burst out a squeak of Kaka Kaka bones!

"Good weight!"

Everyone had a thought in their hearts, this gravity was enough to crush the stars easily!

Millions of times of gravity, even ordinary holy dragons can not easily bear. Fortunately, the elders of the Qinglong tribe have practiced and are barely able to resist.

"My dragon power is limited to nearly a third..."

Mu Tianqing frowned, and the situation of other people was not optimistic. Even the strongest elder, the pure power was suppressed by a quarter!

"Fortunately, the new king has helped us transform our blood. Whether or not we will be suppressed by at least two-thirds of the dragon's power when we arrive here! At least two-thirds of the dragon's power will be suppressed here!

The elder secretly panicked, and his admiration for Lin Chen was even higher!

However, Lin Chen alone, with a light and breezy appearance, floats in the air, as if not affected at all.

"Hahaha, I didn't expect to come in and gave such a big gift. Qinglong New King, you were just arrogant outside..."

Brush ~!

More than a dozen giant behemoths flew in the sky, the dragon wings burned red flames, the dragon scales were red, the four claws were usurped, and the red flames were burning all over the body!

"Red Dragon Race?"

Several elders of the Qinglong clan exclaimed, and Mu Tianqing's cold cheeks appeared a murderous look!

The strong in the Wanlong venue witnessed the scene of the encounter between the two tribes, and could not help staring at the two light screens among the thousands of light screens, which belonged exclusively to the Chilong and Qinglong races.

"The Red Dragon tribe is surrounded by an ancient dragon tribe. It has developed rapidly in recent thousands of years. The strength of the participating teams this time is comparable to the top ancient dragon tribe. This blue dragon tribe is afraid of suffering."

"Hey, let's take a look at the new kings of the Qinglong tribe. Maybe they can fight back?"

"Fight back, as far as the bloodlines of the Blue Dragon clan are concerned. At least half of the dragon power is suppressed, and the foundation itself is weak, so it still has a hair!"

"Any trump card has to depend on the user's background. I think this Qinglong tribe is a poor worm that was hurt by this so-called new king pit."


"Giggle, the dark horse of this conference will have to be won by our red dragon."

A female dragon in the Red Dragon clan made a human-like smile.

There are four heads of the Red Dragon Race with more than 5 billion dragon powers, and nine heads of 3 billion dragon powers.

In contrast, only the elders and second elders of the Qinglong tribe with more than 50 dragon powers, five elders with 3 billion dragon powers, the rest are all around 2 billion dragon powers.

Regardless of the number or the combat power, the Red Dragon Clan has steadily overwhelmed the Blue Dragon Clan!

However, Lin Chen smiled at the elders-"How about giving them a surprise? Want you to deal with this kind of thing now, you no longer need to go all out?"

The elders looked at each other, full of confidence, and slammed into the air!

"Remember, don't keep your hands, kill them all!"

The prince of the Red Dragon clan roared loudly, and all the red dragons opened their mouths, condensing the dragon's breath and spit out a dozen flame storms to surround the Blue Dragon clan!

brush! brush! brush!

After the rushing blue light rushed out of the flame storm, the people of the Qinglong tribe kept their human form, and the blue light enveloped them, in no way damaged.


The crowd of the Red Dragon clan was horrified by the loss of voice. With the magic blood of the Qinglong clan, could they resist their bombardment?

Mu Tianqing turned into a blue light flashing to the top of the red dragon head, tearing off with a claw!

Tear ~! Bang~!

One trick, the mother dragon who ridiculed the Qinglong clan was beaten down on the spot! The speed and power are faster than expected!

Dragonclaw remnants, dragon's breath, and the dragon's tail burst, the blue dragon clan's momentum swarmed up, all of which were only localized dragon bodies, and they faced the red dragon clan head-on!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky trembles, the blue dragon clan fights less, the bloodline supernatural power unceasingly urges, but all the red dragon clan of all people are beaten back again and again!

"This... what's the situation?"

"It's not right! The Qinglong tribe is stronger than the Chilong tribe? They are far less restricted than the Chilong tribe!"

"Their bloodline powers should not reach this level!"

"These guys have used several excellent blood vessels in a row!"

Some strong dragons were stunned. The performance of the blue dragon made everyone shocked!

The blood and supernatural powers of the orcs and dragons are also divided into ranks. Similar to the combat skills of the human races, the supernatural powers are divided into: ordinary, outstanding, excellent, top, perfect, extraordinary, peerless!

Ordinary supernatural powers, with a trace of the seventh-order beast bloodline, have a probability to inherit. Outstanding supernatural powers require the blood of the Holy Beast to be inherited.

Most of the excellence grades have to be inherited from the inheritance of the dragon races of the past dynasties, and if the blood quality is not high, even if the inheritance is successful, it will not be displayed.

The top level supernatural powers, only a few inheritances of the ancient ancient dragons, but it is difficult to display, generally can only be used by ancient ancient dragons.

The perfect kind of supernatural powers, each of which is representative of the entire racial civilization, is extremely rare.

Extraordinary class is the inheritance of the peak of the Taigu Dragon Clan. As for the peerless class, only the ancient Gu Long Clan has records.

This scene of the Qinglong clan beating the Chilong clan scared the clan people in the Qinglong palace as if they had seen a ghost!

This strength span is too scary!

Outstanding supernatural powers, in their cognition, only the last generation of the Dragon King of the Blue Dragon family can use it!

Does this mean that all the elders of the Blue Dragon clan have the potential of the previous Dragon King?

This is too ridiculous!

Some powerful eyes of the dragon races through the space plane, staring at the void in the sky with two hands hugging the chest, the cynical silver robe boy.

"Where is this Qinglong new king?"

In the plane of the wild.

"How is it possible, although our family has been suppressed by half of the dragon force by one million times of gravity, even if half of the strength is enough to beat these wastes, why can they become so strong in a short time!"

Prince Chilong was angry.

They didn't know that they were suppressed by gravity for more than half of the dragon's power, and the dragon force actually suppressed by gravity was less than one-third of the dragon's power, because the blood quality of the Qinglong clan got a leap transformation!

With the same 5 billion dragon powers, the four elders of the Red Dragon tribe in the Tianman plane can only play 2.5 billion dragon powers, while the two elders of the Qinglong tribe can exert 3.8 billion dragon powers!

In addition, the blood of the elders of the Blue Dragon Clan was strengthened by Lin Chen to +13, which increased the power of 240%! More than doubled!

The supernatural supernatural powers that could not be performed due to blood quality barriers in the past are now completely free of burden!

"I didn't expect the Qinglong tribe to be so transformed, but I underestimate you! Come to Japan and the elders, we retreat, look for the Dragon Ball first, and wait until the second level is unlimited!"

The Red Dragon Clan failed to fight, and when they wanted to escape, they were stopped by a silver robe silhouette.

"Don't worry, everyone of the Red Dragon Clan. You haven't learned anything about this king's method yet, have you?"

Lin Chen's domineering and evil laugh, and he is so angry!

"Today all of you Chilong tribe don't even want to leave a single hair!"