My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1194

Vol 5 Chapter 1194: If You Do It Just Do It

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"Humph! You can stop me from being strong in the Red Dragon Race, joke!"

The prince of the Red Dragon clan sneered, the dragon's claws waved, and the roaring dragon flame rolled like a ring of fire to Lin Chen!

"You go first, Prince Ben will break it for you."

The four elders looked terrified when the red dragon prince was violently rushing towards Lin Chen.

"Prince, not good!"

The elders of the Qinglong tribe delayed them!

Tear ~!

A burst of azure dragon light burst down, when the dragon dragon of the red dragon prince was cut in half, a large claw of the blue dragon across the mountain range was born, and his head fell down!

boom! Prince Chilong was smashed to the ground with a claw, the dragon scale burst, and when he vomited blood, Long Tong was full of incredible!

The moment the new king shot, he discovered a terrible fact!

"What a joke..." Prince Chilong roared and turned, opening his mouth to gather the scorching dragon's breath, gathering the vast fireball!

Brush ~! A touch of holy phoenix wing shot rolled out the purple-red phoenix flame, Lin Chen flashed in front of him, covered with a deep green dragon light, and was the leader of a punch fought against the red dragon prince, flying his dragon breath ball into the sky. ?

Immediately after, Lin Chen hit his head with one knee and flew its head!

With a grasp of both hands, Lin Chen broke hard and snapped the dragon teeth. A whip in the air smashed the flying red dragon prince, the blood of the dragon was splashing all over the sky!


The three-headed burning flame red dragon dragon scale broke, the dragon blood flowed and was seriously injured, regardless of everything to kill the blue dragon clan, and rushed to the red dragon clan prince!

Lin Chen flicked the body, the dragon tail emerged, and the azure blue dragon light was cut across the sky, like a sword light burst away, the sword light was divided into five, and all the elders who tried to support were instantly cut off!

Sorry~! The azure blue dragon light cut like a sword blade, destroying the decayed dragon scales, the red dragon clan prince tried his best to stop the cut, flesh and blood burst, was cut in half of the body, and dropped a lot of attribute light balls!

"Um! It hurts, it hurts!"

The red dragon prince roared fiercely, blood was like a pillar, the two elders finally broke through to the prince, and quickly gave him bodhi and two kinds of quenched dragon pulp.

However... The rare and rare healing sacred goods are of no use to Prince Chilong at all?

"This... what's going on, dragon pulp has the effect of regenerating the broken arm, why the prince's injury has not been relieved!"

"Several elders who were hit by that guy just now haven't recovered from their injuries! What is this demon?"

Everyone in the Red Dragon family was shocked!

The elders who were previously hit by this new king of Qinglong, no one's injury can be recovered or relieved, and he has always maintained a state of serious injury!

The Red Dragon tribe watched the Prince's dragon body they had given high hopes to die, without any return to heaven, they even bleed to death!


Even the brief silence in the Wanlong meeting place...the atmosphere was strange for a while!

"What is this trick? I actually saw the Phoenix Wing behind him?"

"He just used the magical power of the Tianyu Yinglong family!"

"His attack magical power seems to have changed into five kinds in a flash? It's too evil, where is this new king of the blue dragon?"

Even the dragon clan powers did not understand the situation in the Tianman plane!

They know that this new king of Qinglong is a variety of bloodlines, but they don't understand why he was not suppressed by the gravity of the heavenly plane!

In the plane of the Tianman; the Qinglong tribe surrounds the Red Dragon tribe!

The red dragons were frightened, and their elders were burning with anger-"Qinglong new king, do you still want to kill them all? You want to eat us, you also have to lose a layer of skin!"

"Kill us, you don't have any benefits. You still have to look for Dragon Ball if you want to pass it!"

The other party knocked from the side, as if to force Lin Chen to retreat.

The second elder of the Qinglong tribe, the elder elder, and Mu Tianqing all cast an eye on Lin Chen, seemingly telling him that if the Chilong clan retaliated, they would also have a lot of casualties, which will be quite equivalent to the next action unfavorable.

Lin Chen twisted his neck, hehe smiled and said-"Nonsense, why do you think this is a kid's play? You don't slaughter now, you still have the Lantern Festival?"

The gravity of the Tianman plane can suppress most of the power of the ancient dragons. The blue dragons completely rely on the bloodline advantage after [enhancement] to confront them here.

If you go outside, there is no such effect and opportunity, and this is the best time to kill them!

"The Qinglong Clan listens to me, engages me in a fierce manner, and stubbornly engages! You are responsible for holding them down. The coach forced you to slaughter them, and dare to yell at our Qinglong Clan, **** out for you!"

With a loud roar, the Qinglong tribe looked forward to Lin Chenma, swarming, and the fierce battle broke out again!

Lin Chen waited for the opportunity to look for opportunities, rushed into the war circle, his claws swung down!

"Wan Zai Xuanguang Blade!"

The dark blue dragon breath on the blue dragon's claws turned into a round light blade, swiftly flying, like the sky and rain, cutting to the elders of several red dragons at a rapid speed, and while their defenses were torn apart, the power of sneak attack [Strike] and skyrocket!

[Trigger Purple Order Talent: Tear, Raider, Tear Target Defense, power increased by 300%.

laugh! laugh! laugh!

When the dragon blood was flying, Lin Chen threw out a slow rune with one hand, and the red dragon clan was frozen!

When they were horrified, Lin Chen's speed was like a ghost, turning up the dragon's tail was a blow!

The five dragons are like the blue edge of the dragon, hitting the dragons of many red dragons, and they are so painful!

[Consumes 3000 talent points, launches instant light split, extinct fissure wound.

It was originally a tragic war. The magical thing is that a new king of the blue dragon joined the battle. With the momentum of the war, the red dragons are defeated one after another, and they are not opponents at all!

The Qinglong tribe is only responsible for procrastination and defense, and the offensive is completely relied on by Lin Chen to make a surprise attack!

The most terrifying thing is that all the red dragons who were injured by Lin Chen cannot be healed or recovered!

Their injuries are like snowballing, and the more they roll, the more the final injury affects the combat strength.

Under the premise of millions of times of gravity on the Tianman plane, the recovery of the injury is extremely difficult. Some internal injuries or serious injuries will continue to expand and become more serious due to gravity, and eventually die!

Some Red Dragons were either beheaded by Lin Chen or bleed to death on the spot!

When placed on the outside world, the vitality of the Holy Dragon is so strong, but it can't heal the injury due to the gravity suppression on the Heavenly Man Plane. It can't break through under the double blow, and it was directly consumed!

A quarter of an hour after the battle, the Red Dragon clan left the last four elders with 5 billion dragon power and the mother dragon!

"Damn, I can't break through, I will fight with you!"

The elder of a burning flame red dragon is in a hurry, and the fire of the dragon has exploded.

Lin Chen smiled.

"Super chaotic, Kai!"

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom!

The elder's huge dragon body exploded in a series of explosions. His violent dragon's breath not only failed to explode, but also injured himself!

The same is true of the other four-headed red dragons, or some parts, qi and blood, dragon veins, flesh, and some do not listen to them at all, causing the call to fall into an unprecedented state of chaos!

Brush ~!

A slow rune was played again, and Lin Chen's "Azure Dragon Sword" came out again!

Tear ~! laugh! laugh! laugh!

The leader is flying around, and the four elders of the Red Dragon tribe are all beheaded, rolling a lot of attribute light balls!

The elders of Mu Tianqing and the Qinglong clan gazed at the back of the silver robe in the void with a look of admiration and wonder.

too strong! Strong scalp numbness!

Many dragon clan strongmen in the Wanlong venue witnessed this scene and could not help trembling, breathing air!

Completely destroyed!

The fighting power and number of the Red Dragon Clan almost nearly two times worse than the Red Dragon Clan, but they completely wiped out the opponent!

And the Qinglong tribe, no dragon died!

"This... this is the new king of the Qinglong tribe, what a new king Gil Ying Bangbang!"