My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1195

Vol 5 Chapter 1195: Look At The Frozen Child

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"Ha ha ha ha! Interesting, it seems that we have underestimated the new king of Qinglong, he still has many secrets."

"Decisive and decisive, cut grass and roots. It's a material for overlords, but unfortunately the bloodline grade is too low, otherwise you can focus on training this child."

"Those princes of the ancient dragons are about to suffer. It is impossible for this kid to have the talents of some princes of the ancient dragons. He has not been affected by this million times of gravity. It is really a little monster!"

"Hey, read on. Anyway, this first level will be hilarious next!"

Several dragon clan leaders laughed with pride.

Heavenly plane

[The energy value accumulated by Kingland is 65.1 billion points, 68.7 billion points, 72.1 billion points...]

[Acquired 99.92 million advanced qi blood, 8000 rune energy, 4000 celestial value, 9000 advanced fire energy...]

When the Red Dragon Clan is destroyed, the attribute values collected by Lin Chen have skyrocketed along the way.

In addition, the attribute value he obtained by stealing 18,000 holy dragons has reached a very "terror" point...

"Most of the bloodline supernatural powers that my holy dragon comprehend were originally outstanding, but after the baptism of the dragon altar and the strengthening of my bloodline, there was also an excellent grade at the lowest level. Yinglong's bloodline supernatural powers approached the top level, I don't know the blood of the holy phoenix What level of comprehension can reach..."

All of Lin Chens bloodlines are +15, an increase of 410%, which has quadrupled. The supernatural powers can also exert top-level power.

In terms of bloodline supernatural powers, Lin Chen still has some gaps from some of the Taigu dragon clan's princes, but his advantage lies in his purple order talents and orange order talents, most of which are applicable to the blood dragon supernatural powers of the Holy Dragon.

"Too much high-level stolen blood has been stolen. With the blessing of the awakening of the flesh, the pure power of the body has reached 3 billion dragon power. The pure power of the holy dragon has soared to 5 billion dragon power! Cool and crooked, ordinary holy In the mid-terms of the Triple Realm, few of them can be opponents of Shenglong."

Killing the Red Dragon prince did not drop the top-notch five-light Supreme Treasure Chest. Although this person has the prince's name, it can't be compared to the illusory unintentional with the ancient dragon family series.

Lin Chen raised it with one hand, and threw the woman in a red robe in front of Mu Tianqing.

"Just break it."

Mu Tianqing's face was cold and frost, when she walked in front of the woman, she was terrified, she immediately knelt down, and she burst into tears"No, Tianqing sister, don't kill me, I was only given by the red dragon king Your father poisoned me. I was also intimidated by him, it really has nothing to do with me..."

Mu Tianqing sneered: "It doesn't matter? The day you and the Red Dragon King snatched the ancient dragon's horn, the look of laughter and laughter can be happier than anyone else, intimidating?"

The woman in the red robe shuddered, and then turned to Lin Chen, crying with pear flowers and rain-"Great Qinglong New King, this is not the case, yes, I also have the secret space coordinates of the Red Dragon King, don't kill Concubine, concubine body can take you the secret of the Red Dragon Clan!"

Tear ~!

Mu Tianqing waved his sword with his hand, and the blue light was like a blade, beheading this woman!

Lin Chen jokingly said: "Why? I'm afraid I will spare her life?"

Mu Tianqing shook his head: "No, I just think that this person is just a scourge. Even if it is charged interest now, I will soon go to the Red Dragon King to revenge and hate!"

Lin Chen snapped his fingers-"With this king to win the championship, you are eligible to take revenge!"

With a flick of his hand, more than a dozen Long Qing Guo fell into the hands of the elders of the Qinglong tribe. Among them, they took a lot of Long Qing Guo with minor injuries and recovered quickly!


One day later, the Tianman plane, ice world. Thousands of icebergs are rolling up and down, and they are endless.

The mysterious ice in this place will not melt for thousands of years, and the ice will be like a golden soup.


A holy dragon set foot on this place and was crushed to the ground by the terrible power just after entering!

"It's so heavy! This is the central area of the Tianman plane, which is not covered!"

"Come out, the gravity here is close to four million times outside, which is not an area where our ancient dragons can enter!"

"Alas, I can only look at other areas to find the second dragon ball..."

"Hush, please be quiet! I'm afraid others don't know that we have Dragon Ball!"

Several holy dragons who stepped into the ice world went out with difficulty. That's right, it was indeed crawling away.

Entering the ice world that belongs to the central area of the Tianman plane, the gravity of nearly four million times makes the ancient dragons below 3 billion dragons unbearable. Not to mention flying in the air, it is difficult to keep standing!

It was difficult to climb out of the ice world. When the pressure was reduced, when a holy dragon squad was preparing to leave, Xuntiandi's murderous attack came!

"Damn, Qinglong tribe, you return our Dragon Ball!"

"Aren't you very arrogant, some kind of fight us!"

"Smelly shameless shit, don't you have only one mouth!"

There were dozens of holy dragons coming to the dragons in droves, and they saw that the holy dragon heads were numb and immediately hid!

Another young voice laughed and joked-"Dragon Ball is back to you? A group of cheeky things, your five races are hiding in the dark and attacking me. The blue dragon race is about to face? Return your grandma a bear!"

Those holy dragons heard numbness in their scalp, and their emotions turned out to be the Qinglong tribe and the five participating teams. They provoke so much at once, and robbed their dragon balls? This Qinglong tribe is too scary!

After the two sides flew into the ice world, they stopped immediately. The gravity here increased sharply, and they could no longer fly.

Only those few elders from the five groups who are able to maintain fast action are hard to pursue.

However, the next moment, the sound of crisp ice clawing sounded!

"Huh? What happened!"

"My day! I'm not wrong!"

The holy dragons hiding in the dark were stunned!

In a curved iceberg landslide in the ice world, a group of Qinglong tribes were born!

They stepped on the silver plate and quickly fell across the sky and flew up. The young silver robe figure was the leader. Between the silver robe curled, a beautiful arc was drawn!

"Sorry, Ben Wang doesn't need paddles in his life, everything depends on waves."

Seeing this scene, those who chased the dragons of the Blue Dragon clan twitched slightly, and the dragon clan in the Wanlong venue numb their scalp!

They actually skate in the ice world!

In the area of 4 million times gravity, you **** put this skating? Neuropathy!

However, what is even more annoying is that the silver robe figure also specifically killed a carbine, so that the elders who chase back were caught off guard by surprise.

Lin Chen stepped on a skateboard, rushing back and forth around the peaks of many dragons who were pressed to the ground by gravity, and crossed the top of their leader again and again! Just humiliating him!

But they can't stand up to gravity!

"Shit, my mother-in-law wants to beat him!"

"That's too special! I'm going to swallow him!"

Dozens of dragons are so angry!

This Qinglong new king is really a new sky!

However, at the next moment, Lin Chen took out a few cyan flying balls sealed with crystal ice!

The combined five Dragon Clan teams saw something in Lin Chen's hands and couldn't help shivering!

At that moment, "Qinglong New King" laughed out loud.

"Freshly prepared **** lion xiang, , look at this color, gathered ninety-nine kinds of meat to create a hot flight, to give you a hint of warmth in this cold winter, this king, this person, is too Be kind, look at the trembling of dozens of friends, and look at the child who is frozen, this gift, you are done!"