My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1196

Vol 5 Chapter 1196: Directly At The Purple Dragon Ball

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Lin Chen made a fierce wave of high-altitude "flying", and sent Xiang to the mouth of each dragon accurately.

Taking advantage of their anger, the five strongest elders stormed aggressively, and the elders of the Blue Dragon stopped them across the sky!

"Damn, what kind of bloodline are these Qinglong clan guys actually able to fly in the air like me?"

"No, this kid is about to shoot, don't give him a chance!"

Lin Chen transformed his blue dragon arms with both hands, and threw the Wan Zai Xuanguang Blade towards all the dragon clan, and was shocked that dozens of dragon clan couldnt even take care of the feces on the dragons mouth and crawled crazy!

boom! boom! boom!

The light blade beheaded and dropped the seven-headed dragon clan, wounding eighteen heads, and the remaining dragon clan crawled and crawled, making every effort to run out of the ice world!

The five strongest elders of the ancient dragon clan retreated in shock, stunned!

its not right!

What's happening here? Why was his attack not affected by gravity?

According to the situation of the Tianman plane, the deeper the gravity field, the greater the limit of strength and the more it is suppressed.

There are only a few ways for the dragons to withstand the pressure of gravity. First, the strength is strong. 2. The blood quality is extremely high. Third, good at defensive magical powers, but the third type is relatively small. Mainly depends on blood and strength.

But the strength of this new dragon, the attack that broke out is completely unchanged! Whether it is in the case of two million times of gravity or four million times of gravity, there is almost no impact!

This Nima is fake! Taikoo Dragons don't carry such a pervert!

Lin Chen took away the attribute light sphere and fierce beast core, waved with the Qinglong tribe, and laughed as he left.

"Don't be afraid of death, just catch up, how many kills this king is coming!"

The abnormality of Lin Chen even aroused the attention of the dragon elites!

"What a miraculous physique, he has not been suppressed by gravity at all, and his strength only rises!"

"This, even those Taikoo Dragon princes can't do it!"

Why was Lin Chen not affected by gravity suppression? It is not that gravity is ineffective for him, but there is a deeper reason.


Deep in the ice world; Lin Chen jumped into the sky and found another dragon ball from the crack of an iceberg.

[Obtain 50,000 points of intermediate sky value.

The white light attribute ball in Dragon Ball was incorporated into the body, and Lin Chen looked excited.

"Sure enough, every dragon ball has a celestial value of more than 50,000 points. The celestial value can make my body perform more life awakening!"

Regardless of others, just one [Awakening the Flesh] is very important! The pure power of Lin Chen's body is now 2 billion dragon power, and 50% of the blessing of the flesh shell is 3 billion dragon power.

Unlike Lin Chen's once-used talent of divine man, the awakening of the flesh shell cannot be blessed into the holy dragon, but it is applicable to the phantom rune!

In other words, the pure power that Lin Chen gained with [Awakening of the Carapace] can be blessed on all avatars!

What if the shell awakens 100%, 150%? Lin Chen couldn't imagine how much combat power would skyrocket!

Collect a lot of dragon balls!

For Lin Chen, how many Dragon Balls are needed! Even if it's just a touch, a 50,000-point Intermediate Heavenly Dao value, what a profit!

Put it in the past, unless you kill the super master who is more than two times in the Holy Land to get this value! Now only need to look for Dragon Ball!

Suddenly, Lin Chen and his party stopped in an ice valley.

Lin Chen threw two Dragon Balls with no attribute value to them, saying indifferently-"The standard of crossing the border is no problem. Hiding here, you should be able to stick to the third day."

Mu Tianqing is curious-"Are you going to act? Then at least take the elders!"

Lin Chen smiled and said: "No, the elders must remain in the team, our team's foundation is weak, and the power in the ice world will be suppressed by more than half. If you have any problems, you need to rely on the two elders. Moreover, you come It will also drag me behind."

The elders were surprised!

The new king said this, wouldn't it be...

The great elder looks dignified: "New King, don't you..."

Lin Chen nodded: "Yes, I'm going to the core area to fight for the Purple Dragon Ball."

As soon as this remark came out, all the elders of Qinglong shuddered at the corners of their mouths!

Although there are few Dragon Balls, it is good enough for some Dragon Clan teams to pass. There is only one Purple Dragon Ball! And still in the most central area, thousands of times of gravity!

There is no doubt that only the Taiko Dragons and the top team of ancient dragons are eligible to compete in the Purple Dragon Ball!

No matter how strong the new king is, it is impossible to kill one person alone!

"Oh, this king doesn't need you to worry about it. Are we here for a glorious dragon family? No, my goal is to win the championship! Fight all those Taikoo dragons who look down on us!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fighting intentions were monstrous!

The elders stared at the eyes of the silver dragon mask and shook their heads in wonder!

They really followed a great new king!


In the Wanlong venue, when the two elders of the Red Dragon clan saw their team was overwhelmed by the Qinglong clan, they couldn't help but stood up, gritted their teeth, and groaned!

"What are you doing? Does anyone want to break the rules?"

Brush ~! A white man wins the snow, and the handsome evil man of Yushu Linfeng emerges on the platform of the venue.

It was actually a powerful dragon family.

"No, this powerful person is angry, how dare the old man..."

The two elders of the Red Dragon clan immediately respectfully clenched their fists and sat back.

There was a murderous intent in their eyes.

"Damn, this **** of the Blue Dragon..."

"Should they be eliminated in the second hurdle? Without getting the honor of honoring the dragon clan, our clan immediately dispatched a strong man to destroy their **** clan!"

The dragons are powerful, and nobody dares to be brazen.

After a wave of waves, many dragon clan powerful people saw through the light screen that the New Dragon of the Blue Dragon even rushed deeper into the ice world!

"what's the situation?"

"A person?"

"He asked the Qinglong family to stop in the ice world and killed himself alone?"

"This guy is crazy? It is five million times more gravity when he enters again. Does he want to fight against other dragons in that area by himself?"


Tianman plane, the core area, the area of gravity of 5 million times to 6 million times.

The world is gray and extinct.

An egg-sized snow-white dragon ball sucked out of the crack in the ground and was held by the hands as white as jade.

At this time, hundreds of young people were standing in the vicinity of ten miles. They were all princes or princesses of the ancient dragons!

This place is the limit for the ancient dragons to penetrate into the area, and the elders of all tribes agreed to rely on the genius of the clan to **** the dragon ball. They only stayed at the entrance of the area of 5 million times the gravity.

Reaching the level of the ancient dragons, the heritage of each other is no longer comparable to that of the ancient dragons, and a little battle will cause wars at a great cost.

It is not difficult to go deeper to find Dragon Balls with their ancient dragon clan's heritage, so they simply handed over the decision to their own genius.


There was a round of applause, and everyone's eyes glared.

"I never imagined that I had met so many ancient dragon geniuses. Gee..."

In the area of 6 million times of gravity, ghosts and gods emerged as a figure, and the princesses and princesses locked at a glance; it was the'New King of Blue Dragon'!

At this time, Lin Chen carried a pile of Dragon Balls with one hand, there were as many as ten! Let the geniuses of some ancient dragons show their eyes!

"Everyone, how about playing a game on the dignity of your ancient dragons?"

Someone in Lin teased.