My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1197

Vol 5 Chapter 1197: You Are So Capable

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"Qinglong New King, Jill Yingbang?"

"An ancient dragon clan, how dare you go deeper?"

"Light a lantern to the toilet?"

Many princes of the Dragon tribe were full of laughter and inadvertent greed. When Lin Chen was found, he subconsciously surrounded him.

"Everyone, how about playing a game on the dignity of your ancient dragons?"

Someone in Lin carried ten dragon **** and laughed jokingly.

"Why, would it be possible that your ancient dragons still wanted to besiege me an ancient dragon?"

Seeing the deep encirclement, Lin Chen calmed down, and even chewed a piece of Long Qing Guo during his life, without any panic.

A golden robe prince sneered, "Why, Qinglong crap, how do you want to play?"

They thought highly of themselves, really did not intend to siege Lin Chen, just stared at the Dragon Ball in Lin Chen's hands.

Lin Chen said: "In this way, we will have a fair duel, until the opponent can no longer fight, bet on your Dragon Ball, the winner will get all the Dragon Ball on hand of the loser. How?"

A group of dragon princes are in doubt and head to head for the duel?

But something is wrong!

According to the regulations, the ten Dragon Balls on hand want to pass the assessment, which is more than enough, there is no need to fight with them again?

"Why, everyone are afraid? The Dragon Balls sent to the door are no longer needed. This is the genius of the ancient dragon tribe? Gee, so Mr. Lu is right, coerced, he can't beat me Yingbangbang!"

Lin Chen shrugged.

"Huh, I don't use such a low-level militant method there." The former golden robe prince sneered-"No matter what conspiracy or tricks you have today, this prince's trick can break all your tricks. This time, I took the challenge. !"

After all, he threw out a dragon ball and suspended the void. Many crown princes have recovered, and can't help but regret.

Let the first crab eater get the sweetness!

There are very few dragon **** placed in the Tianman plane. Among the ancient dragons in the outer area, I don't know how many teams have not found a dragon ball.

In more than 180 teams of ancient dragons as strong as the ancients, there are still more than half of the teams that have not collected Dragon Balls. And there are only two days left.

Two days passed, and the ancient dragons did not pass with 100% certainty!

You can also make a fortune by snatching that Dragon Ball and exchanging treasures with other teams!

Prince Jinpao stepped into the fighting range, Lin Chen also threw his dragon ball into the void, eleven dragon **** piled together.

"Die to Prince Ben!"

Prince Jinpao's breath skyrocketed, his fingertips swept, and the two bursts of indestructible gas of Gengjin turned into a rolling air of tears, and whistled to Linchen!

Lin Chen raised his green dragon's arm and slammed out his claws. The'Thousand Years Profound Light Blade' cut like a snow flake, and the front was hard!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The green and gold two-color dragon breath exploded, and the broken mansions scattered, and the princesses and princes retreated again, and the two turned into two holy lights and staggered. Each collision shook the space!


A dragon princess in a peach-colored dress looked surprised: "This new dragon is a little capable, and he can still exert 2.4 billion dragon power under this gravity! There are 100 million more dragons than the nine-claw Tiangang Jinlong guy. force!"

In this area of 6 million times the gravity, the advanced bloodlines of the princes who are as strong as the ancient dragons have been suppressed by more than 50% of their strength.

The nine-claw golden dragon prince can explode with 4.6 billion dragon power, and can only exert 2.3 billion dragon power here. And this Qinglong new king happens to be able to play 2.4 billion dragon power!

"This new dragon of Qinglong is indeed a bit of a doorway. Six million times the gravity can also exert 2.4 billion dragon power. However, the superiority and inferiority of the bloodline grade are born. On the magical powers, you are not the opponent of this prince! "

The golden dragon prince roared, the dragon body appeared, a huge nine-claw golden dragon was born, the dragon body was golden, the appearance of the dragon, the power of the dragon was overbearing, and every dragon scale was like a pure gold cut and cast.

Many Prince's expressions have changed slightly!

Nine-claw Tiangang Golden Dragon, the golden dragon at the head of the Five Elements. It is a dragon clan under the extreme attack, and its attack power is very rare in the ancient dragon clan level, not to mention that this Prince Ling Jin has nourished the dragon body from the emptiness of Venus, which is far beyond the ordinary nine-claw golden dragon!

"Jinlong Tiangeng!"

The golden dragon rushed into the air of Gengjin, the dragon's tail was like a blade, and the golden dragon was sharp and unmatched. This was actually a top-level bloodline supernatural power, directly cutting Lin Chen!

Bang ~! Youqing Dragon Light is free and longitudinally formed into Dao Xuanguang all over Lin Chen's body. It is the blood power of the Holy Dragon. Top magic!

Wan Zai Qing Guang crashed like a blue dragon, attacking Wushuangs Jinfeng Dragon Qis ultimate defense against the heavy Wan Zai, exploding the sky full of broken light breath, scattering like an arrow rain!

Jin Feng's dragon spirit was still a little better. At the moment when he broke through the 10,000-year-old blue light, Yu Jin's frontier slashed towards Lin Chen!

Brush ~! A glance of azure dragon light flashed by, and with a sneer, instead of being knocked to the ground, it was Prince Ling Jin's huge golden dragon body, golden dragon blood spilled!

"What? He actually used the magic of other dragons!"

Before he was shocked, Lin Chen took the backhand with the Azure Dragon Sword, his fist disillusioned with endless dragon energy, his fists were like a violent storm, and a series of violent blows hit the golden dragon body!

boom! boom! boom!

The explosions like the collapse of the mountain collapsed, and Lin Chen lashed Prince Ling Jin to death!

"Stop! Prince confess!"

When Prince Ling Jin hurriedly drank, Lin Chen withdrew and took the new Dragon Ball and the attributed light ball dropped by Prince Ling Jin.

[Obtain 50,000 points of Heavenly Dao, 200 million points of advanced essence, 300 million points of advanced blood, 9000 points of rune energy...]

Lin Chen gasped, grinning reluctantly: "The prince of the ancient dragon tribe, there is nothing awesome."

Prince Ling Jin said terrifiedly and angrily-"A good new king of green dragon turned out to be a double-blooded dragon body. Prince Ben took your way. The second pass washed his neck and waited for Prince Ben!"

After stubbornly speaking, Prince Ling Jin hurriedly left, and time was running short. He lost another Dragon Ball, and now he had to hurry to find Dragon Ball.

Lin Chen looked at all the princesses again and smiled: "How, who else wants to fight? Accompaniment!"

"I'm coming!" The roaring dragon's roar roared like five thunders and shook the earth.

A dragon ball took off again, and this time the challenger was replaced with the thunder dragon prince Jiuxiao of the ancient dragon clan!

He was wearing a thunder jacket, three feet tall, and his anger was like thunder. Standing in front of Lin Chen was like a thunderstorm trying to swallow Lin Chen's residual candle in the wind!

Bang ~! Bang~!

The battle started again, and in less than half an hour, to everyone's surprise, this new dragon of the Qinglong victory again!

"A little skill, Prince Ben came to teach!"

After hundreds of rounds...

"Humph! All of them will only stun their heads, see how Princess Ben taught him to be a dragon!"

There are hundreds of rounds...

"Don't think that after defeating a few non-influential guys, you will be arrogant and arrogant. Today let you know that the ancient dragons are really powerful!"

The prestigious princes and princesses of the ancient dragon tribes who were shocked by the prestigious names came to challenge the new king of the dragon!

But what is more shocking is that this guy has won again and again, and every time these princesses feel that he will fall in another battle, but he just did not lose!

Every time he can always fight to the end and beat his opponent, his tired appearance starts to become alive and well as soon as he is put into battle!

After a whole day of fierce battles, 47 crown princes and princesses were defeated, and all lost their only Dragon Ball!

Those geniuses who lost in Lin Chen's hands felt more and more in violation!

This guy has a problem!

Big problem!

Suddenly, the Dragon Prince of the Qianguan Jintonglong, who had previously been defeated, suddenly jumped up and scolded on the spot!

"Grass! It turns out so! This king **** is really capable of acting, and 6 million times the gravity has little effect on him! He has been acting, and I was scorned by him! I am a ancestor of the dragon!"