My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1198

Vol 5 Chapter 1198: A Big Hit

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Qianguan golden pupil dragon, blood veins Xuanqi, born different pupils. As a kind of dragon with great insight, if he has insight ability, he is directly chasing the top mathematician of the human race. After the defeat, the prince has watched Lin Chen for more than ten games and finally found the clue!

His pure power has been rising in the battle, from the actual combat power is about 5.5 billion dragon power.

But in his battle, the cards seemed to emerge in endlessly, and there were three signs of blood, and he could cast supernatural powers from one to five. Whats more scary is that every time he reaches the most critical node, his dragon power will always rise. 'a small part'!

It is this small part of dragon power that makes the power of bloodline supernaturally different. On this plane of abnormally high pressure of gravity, the trend of left and right battles is formed!

"This guy can "ignore" most of the 6 million times the gravity! Otherwise, it is impossible to manipulate his pure power so skillfully!"

Prince Jin Tong made this statement, and the looks of the princesses were extremely exciting!

Free control of gravity here? how can that be! The Prince of the Taikoo Dragons has no such means!

"Oh, have you been discovered. My movie emperor Xiaojinren who has started paying 10 billion yuan can also be found. It seems that the ancient dragons are not all those who think highly of themselves~"

Seeing no one challenge, Lin Chen smiled harmlessly to humans and animals, and took away all the Dragon Balls.

"This guy broke the contract and fooled us first, shit, besieging him!"

"Prince Ben still respects her status and is willing to give in. She didn't expect this guy to hide such a dirty hand! Do him!"

The geniuses are badly corrupted, they know nothing about it, and they can ignore the gravity of the Tianman plane, which is also a part of the strength of the'Qinglong New King'.

Nearly a hundred geniuses tore their skins and surrounded Lin Chen in an instant. Even if their strength was suppressed, if they were besieged by so many dragon clan princes, it would be possible to fall on the spot even if the trinity of the human clan sanctuary!

"Hahaha, this handsome man will not be there anymore, let's go!"

Lin Chen was a hit, dozens of slow runes burst into the air, consuming 10,000 points of rune energy.

The moment the space stagnate and everyone's movements stopped slowly, Lin Chen's dragon body released 5.5 billion dragon forces, almost without being affected by gravity!

Brush ~! Brush ~!

Several purple phoenix flames flickered, and the afterimages became films, and Lin Chen disappeared into the air!


Everyone was so desperate that they were angry, and their dragon roared!

"Elders, all are dispatched, marching deep into the Tianman plane, and quickly catching the new king of the Qinglong family!"

The core area of the Tianman plane suddenly rioted!


Lin Chen took turns fighting the princes of the ancient dragon clan once again, making the clan people in the blue dragon palace boiled and cheered. The name of the new king penetrated into the hearts of all the blue dragon clan!

Inside the Wanlong venue; several dragons were able to show up in the venue and they were breathtaking!

"This kid actually defeated dozens of princes of ancient dragons?"

"Hahaha, it seems that there are not many people who can threaten this little guy other than the level of the Taiko Dragons in this day."

"There should be some wonderful chances or treasures on his body, which can reduce most of his gravity pressure, but unfortunately, his bloodline grade is bruised, and his true strength is quite good under normal circumstances. Pointed ancient genius of the dragon family."

"Looking at a little crooked door to say goodbye, after all, it is not far away."

"The only thing that can attract the attention of this seat is that his trick will be divided into five types of blood power. If it is also applicable to the perfect level of power, I am afraid that even the strong players of this rank will not be able to resist him."

"According to the records of my family, it seems that there has not been a similar blood power, is it a mutation power?"

The dragon tribes in the high platform of the venue were able to peek into the details of this'New Dragon of the Blue Dragon'. Most of them were amazed, but they were not optimistic about his future.

It is like a short-lived, dazzling meteor. All dragon clans believe that although he can shine in the first level, he will eventually be a van dragon with a limited future.

Tianman plane, close to the area of 8 million times of gravity, in a fissure in the mountain.

Lin Chen's introverted breath, sitting in the void, opened his eyes as if passing by.

"According to the bearing capacity of the body and the avatar, even if I enter the field of tens of thousands of times of gravity, I can compete with those Taiko Dragons!"

The reason why the gravity of millions of times does not have too much influence on Lin Chens body of the Holy Dragon is because Lin Chens body!

Lin Chen's body and the holy dragon are in the same origin. The holy dragon is part of his body. All the gravity accumulated on the dragon's body is equivalent to the backlog on the human race body, and share the burden!

Lin Chen's avatar is also the same. While Shenglong is under 8 million times of gravity, there are Lin Chen's body and five phantom avatars in Qingxue's capsule, sharing the pressure for the dragon body!

The body price is increased by avatars, each with a force of 3 billion dragons, and the shared pressure is quite the same as the three-headed sacred dragon at this stage!

But this does not mean that Shenglong can ignore the gravity of the heavenly plane. Eight million times the gravity begins to approach the limit of all avatars and bodies.

"To keep the body and the avatar from sharing gravity without being injured, about 9.5 million times the gravity is probably my limit."

While taking Long Qingguo to treat the dragon body, Lin Chen fell into thought.

"If my dragon's body enters the realm of 10 million times the gravity, the combat power will probably be suppressed by 20%. After entering the heavenly plane and stealing the attribute value of the 18,000 holy dragon, the pure power climbs to 5.6 billion dragon power. In the case of suppressing 20%, there is still more than 4.4 billion dragons...and there is still a head start!"

"The time has passed for two days. I don't know if the Purple Dragon Ball has been taken away. Let's kill it and talk!"

Lin Chen just came out of the gorge, with a bang, a group of thunder and lightning thundered from the southwest, such as Wan Lei Qi Boom, Thunder Dragon Indulgence, Electric Searing, Pentium Lightning Dragon Breathed into Giant Claws, Splitting Thousand Mountains, Destroying Lin Chen!

"Where come the younger generation, go away. This central area is already the location of the Taiko Dragon clan blockade. Any dragon clan dare to come close, there is no dead body, and the dragon core sacrifices the sky."

Thunder sound rolled, mixed with an old voice full of domineering and disdain.

Lin Chen stepped on the foot, the holy phoenix wings flew by, and could avoid the thunder claw!

"It's a guy from the Taikoo Dragon Clan. I don't know if it's the elders or those princes or goddamns. It's really domineering!

The eyes under the silver dragon's mask are full of fierce light!

This is at least a killing move of the 8 billion dragon power dragons from a far distance, but its power is only half, about 4 billion dragon power, this strike is a warning.

The guys of the Taikoo Dragons, no matter how old or young, are so overbearing!

The shoulders were shocked sharply, the dragon body exploded and withered, the momentum of thousands of horses was galloping, Lin Chen's dragon body firepower was fully open, no longer concealed, 5.6 billion dragon strength was revealed, killing!

"The handsome man doesn't want to obey the rules of these guys. If you want to do it, then I will make a big deal for you!"

Holy Phoenix Wing, Lin Chen swept straight towards the center of the plane!