My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1199

Vol 5 Chapter 1199: New Attribute Light

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Heavenly plane, the deepest core.

The valley is undulating, and within a thousand miles, the most terrible area of gravity in the entire Tianman plane!

The gravity of this place is 9 million times to 10 million times!

However, this is not difficult for the Taikoo Dragon Clan. The elders of the Taikoo Dragon Clan are in groups, occupying different positions, each lineup is more than a dozen people, or seven or eight, all are terrifying dragons with breath. Elder!

They are here waiting for the geniuses of each family.

In the middle of the valley, in a plain, there are dozens of figures standing around.

This group of people are all like young people!

Some of them were cynical, and they flickered between the brows and the vague murderous intentions during the laughter conversation.

Some heroes dominate the world, with a great body, standing here alone, as if spreading the whole world!

Some are gloomy and unhappy, and their expressions are sad and frightened.

Some are spotless, exquisite and intelligent, with a smile, and from time to time, there is a starry sky full of dragon air.

Some breath is deep and cold, and there is a hidden layer of shadows in the shadows, as if you can swallow the world alive in an instant.

Some are extraordinary, the dust is in a fairy pose, six moons above the head, the moon shines, holy and proud.


These people are men and women, all of them are gigantic, and they are extremely talented.

All are princes and princesses from the Taikoo Dragons!

Prince Xuanzhen of the Zhenyu Dragon, the red-browed young man of the Wanhuolong clan, the blue-robed prince of the Fengwing Saint Dragon, and the evil young man who buried the phantom dragon, the beautiful lady in the black dress of the dark dragon, are all here.

Their talent, potential, strength, and placement in the Holy Realm are also terrifying worldly levels, most of which are comparable to the level of the evil spirits list!

Even if they stop in this field, which is close to ten million times of gravity, they can walk lightly and walk vigorously.

If it is other dragons, it has long been pressed into a meatloaf or moved by gravity!

At this time, these ancient princes and princesses. No one dared to approach the most central area.

That central area, in front of a giant wall of stone platform in the plain, was laid with an egg-sized purple dragon ball!

Purple Dragon Ball, the final reward of the first level! If you can get it, the second level of the Wanlong Club will get special rewards and care.


Bang ~! A young man in charge of the storm shook his body, releasing a burst of dragon air bursting into the plains, plunging into the plain, straight at the purple dragon ball in front of the stone wall.


When Dragon Air was close to the Purple Dragon Ball and had a distance of about ten miles, it was crushed and crushed into Yu Mang by the terrible pressure.

"Those old guys made it clear that they wanted to pit us." There was a little wise boy in Long Tong, and a little displeasure passed between the eyebrows and snorted, "How can this be obtained!"

Tear ~! The airflow disintegrated and split, and a piece of dragon claw was like an ancient dragon claw that traversed the mountains and the moon. The dragon's claws extended long, and the dragon air was lingering.

Sigh~! After not flying for a while, the dragon's claws squeezed so much blood that they were forced to withdraw.

Prince Qingpao, who breathed like a sea, wiped the dragon's blood on his palm and frowned: "I knew they wouldn't let us get it so easily.

The long-haired woman shrouded in black like a dark curtain sneered-"The area closest to the purple dragon ball has at least 13 million times the gravity. It may be more than that. Those guys who set up this level clearly don't want us to take the purple dragon ball. Get it."

The vulgar Tsing Yi girl giggled-"Hey, guy with long hair and gloom, aren't you good at space shuttle? Try space shuttle to see if you can bring the dragon ball out before you die."

"Huh?" The woman in black stared coldly at the girl, her murderous intentions soaring: "Are you looking for death?"

"Do you want to fight?" The girl in Tsing Yi smiled softly, and the green dragon light shimmered between the brows!

Choke~! A bunch of blood-red dragons breathed into the plain and stormed into the plain, eventually bursting into the dragon's energy at a distance of about eight miles!

An evil young man with a red ring on his ear shook his head.

"No, every ten feet after ten miles, the gravity increases tenfold. The last one mile of land has a gravity of about 15 million times. Even in terms of the blood quality of our Taiko Dragons, we are in the field People must at least have a strength of more than 12 billion dragons to try to fully enter."

Everyone was silent, and all the geniuses present were between 7.5 billion and 8 billion dragons. Neither the body nor the Dragon Air attack can penetrate deep into such a terrible area of gravity.

The 12 billion dragon power is still quite far away for them, and the elders it led did not reach this level.

The rules stipulate that the dragon race participating in this Wanlong Association cannot exceed 900 million dragon veins, which is less than 9 billion dragon power. Obviously, it is almost impossible for someone to get the purple dragon ball.

Even if you can meet the Purple Dragon Ball desperately, you have to be crushed and the internal organs will be broken, and the dragon's core will die!

At this time, there were only a few princes, princesses, prince Ji Shaochuan who looked at the phantom dragon, and Yang Enran, the dark dragon.

If it is said that among the people present, it is possible to get the Purple Dragon Ball in this case, perhaps only these two people.

Princess Enron of the Dark Dragon has no intention of acting.

Ji Shaochuan's eyes flashed a few times, but he didn't shoot.

"Well, there is no need to stay here. There is no need to die for things you can't get."

Some dragon princes and princesses began to return and leave, and a small number of people did not give up. They knew the rules of the Wanlong Association. The harder the evaluation, the more abundant the reward!


"Boy, are you looking for death? Ignoring the old man's warning and daring to break into the area of the Taiko Dragons?"

Outside the valley, an elder with thunder and lightning shook his chest with both hands, and Meiyu looked down at the silver dragon mask in front of him, and suddenly realized-"Oh! You are the arrogant new king of the Qinglong tribe, right? It is not long. Eyes come here!"

Someone Lin pretended to be neither humble nor overbearing, and said with a smile-"Here in the No. 13 area of Guangshuai City in the stand-alone field of the great wasteland brings some special products to the seniors. Come and let the seniors take a look."

After all, Lin Chen took out a box of golden jadeite, which attracted the elder's attention-"Oh? I can't think you still understand the number of gifts..."

Open the emerald box, a note slipped inside, and the elder opened it and looked amazed!

"Happy Lantern Festival, the most handsome subscription? What kind of stuff..."

Boom~! Lin Chen was vigorously vigorous, full of vigour, and punched and smashed towards the old face of the elder!

This punch, like a mountain torrent dumping, Wanlong destroying the sky, more than 5 billion dragon power burst!


When the space was shaking and the mountain was shaking, the elder could not be quenched, and was beaten by Lin Chen for thousands of kilometers. The dragon blood was flying and the bridge of the nose was broken!

"Damn, the **** of the Qinglong tribe, you are looking for death!"

The thunder sound roared, the dragon roared!

Lin Chen stretched out the holy phoenix wings, flapped the purple flame, and rushed into the direction of the purple dragon ball area!

"A very strong attribute light, the area in the center of the plane has the attribute treasure!"