My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1200

Vol 5 Chapter 1200: Gil Ying Bang Bang Is Here

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"Where did the ants come to death?"

"There are always some guys who dont know how high and thick they want to break in!"

"This kid has the breath of the Huang family, and he shot him out!"

"It's weird, this kid's power doesn't seem to be suppressed by gravity much!"

As soon as Lin Chen broke into the central area, hundreds of Archaic dragon elders realized his breath!

The thunder dragon shuttled, the dragon claws were torn off, the blue dragon breath storm was like a galloping horse, and the dragon breath engulfed the space around Lin Chen!

These elders are all at the level of 8 billion dragon power, which is comparable to the strongest Holy Land triple perfection, even if it is suppressed by gravity, it can exert its strength of more than 4 billion dragon power. !

"There is no time to get entangled with these guys, Tianyu Shenhai!"

Lin Chen instantly evacuated the dragon gas of 200 million dragon veins in the body of the saint dragon, and injected it into two different crystals of water and fire, and the breath surged!

The holy dragon is part of Lin Chen's body. The alien crystal refined by Lin Chen can also be used by holy dragon!

Tian Yu Shen Hai due to the effect of [Blood Vessel Enhancement] to +15, the effect is comparable to top-level supernatural powers, and it can mobilize a large amount of water aura to temporarily increase its strength, and it can also consume its own dragon veins to replace this effect.

Brush ~! The holy phoenix wings spewed out the purple flame, Lin Chen stepped on the azure blue dragon light, and turned into a staggered water flame.

Lin Chen's speed has skyrocketed tenfold!


"No, he will break into the center of the Tianman plane!"

"What do you want to do! Do you want to enter and break the rules?"

As soon as Lin Chen broke through, the Taikoo Dragon tribes from all sides were in chaos, and arrows crossed.

They have rules between each other, no matter what happens, they cannot enter the center of the Tianman plane, otherwise it will be regarded as breaking the rules, and the unauthorized entry will be attacked by the group!

In the moment when many elders were distracted, Lin Chen had rushed into the plain area in the center of the plane.


In the Plain of Death, when many princes and princesses are still making their final attempts, a few distant voices make them look very exciting!

"His Royal Highness, it's not good, a guy from the Blue Dragon Race broke into it!"

"Sovereign princess, Gil Ying Bang of the Blue Dragon tribe has been killed in, you have to be careful!"

"Prince, Ying Bangbang is here!"

As soon as the sound came down, there was a roar, a flash of rainbow across the sky, which attracted the attention of all dragon geniuses!

Prince Wan Huo's face was cold and harsh, and a pair of red eyebrows ignited a red flame, bursting out and shouted: "The rats of the Qinglong tribe, come down to me!"


When drinking coldly, Prince Wanhuo grabbed the sky, and the five fingers burst into the red flame dragon breath, twisted into four-headed flame dragons, and the hot breath enveloped all directions!

Sigh~! The Yan Long crushed the startled rainbow, is it a residual image?

brush! brush! brush!

Almost at the moment when the residual image was broken, there were more than a dozen remnants of water and fire rushing out from all sides of the plain. The Prince and the princesses were full of surprise!

There are more than a dozen people breaking through? Where is the skill of this blue dragon!

Tear ~! The airflow tears, and hundreds of gray and white runes descend from the sky, bursting from the top of all geniuses!

The space is stagnant, the figure of everyone is stagnated particularly slowly, and the dragon's energy is much slower!

Prince Xuanzhen sneered: "This is your British state's dependence? Carved insects, broken!"

His dragon veins were condensed, and the dragon air like a sea exploded, and the slow rune was exploded!

He also gestured, Long Xiru cut like a snow blade, and cut off a figure!

Bang Bang Bang!

The continuous explosion echoed, all the princes and princesses showed their magical powers, and broke through all the restraints in an instant!

A Qingpao prince spit out a dozen hurricanes and crushed two figures at once!

A dozen or so breakout figures were beaten by the princes with five or six left, Ji Shaochuan, who buried the ghost dragon, said suddenly.

"These are spiritual doppelgangers, and none of them are ontologies!"

The Crown Prince's face changed again!

Spiritual avatar? Even they have not been able to see through the mental powers at the first time. This state is at least the middle of the spirit into the Holy Realm!

Ji Shaochuan's words just fell, and an afterimage appeared without any sign in the center of the plane, only about ten miles away from the Purple Dragon Ball!

Lin Chen's avatars and slow runes condensed with mental power are both a false shot. The body has been quietly hidden when rushing out of the spiritual avatar, and the real backhand is his Tianyin Rune!

Tianyin runes can eliminate the host's attack and host's sense of existence!

Everyone was surprised, what technique is this? Not even they noticed anyone approaching!

Yang Anran of the Dark Dragon looked beautifully and squinted. At the moment when Lin Chen was discovered, her body was tilted, her slender beauty was like an arrow from the string, she rolled a dark mango shuttle and rushed straight to Lin Chen!

"So fast!"

Lin Chen and everyone in the audience had similar thoughts!

Lin Chen has just stepped into the ten-mile range of the Purple Dragon Ball, and the gravity has skyrocketed. Even with the sharing of the body and the avatar, the power of the Holy Dragon was suppressed to more than four-fifths!

The body of Lin Chens holy dragon is muddy, and the gravity here is already the limit of the body and avatars!

Fragrant wind swept through, and a shadow of black light swirled into the air, smashing from the top of Lin Chen's head!

Lin Chen threw out another slow rune!


Slow Rune was burst!

"The 4000-point rune energy can't be delayed for a moment?" Lin Chen was shocked!

Yang Anran's strength is not strong enough!

Lin Chen was forced to turn and face the battle, running the Wan Zai Qing Guang bodyguard, crossing his hands across the crossbar, and with a bang, he took the powerful blow of this stunning beauty!

The silky black neon yarn wrapped tight and powerful slender jade legs, pressed against the crossed wrists of Lin Chen's head, and the jade legs continued to explode with the pure power of crushing mountains and mountains, suppressing him, and the ground beckoned under the feet!

Lin Chen stubbornly smiled casually: "This beautiful woman, I am so embarrassed that you are so enthusiastic, or go to bed in another day?"

Yang Anran's arrogant brow raised a fascinating killer-"Isn't it better to fight now?"

Lin Chen's pressure multiplied, and she gritted her teeth and smiled, "Should you change the day?"


Yang Anran's waist was twisted, the jade legs were swept like a horizontal whip, and Lin Chen flew with one blow!

In this area of 11 million times the gravity, her action speed is still faster than Lin Chen!

Lin Chen was kicked by this beautiful princess and vomited blood. He was kicked and flew for nearly a thousand kilometers, and fell directly into the field of gravity more than 12 million times!


Lin Chen's body in Qingxue's capsule and Shenglong vomited blood almost simultaneously, unable to move!

"Damn, it's only 10 million times as good as gravity. This is so daunting, my day!"

Lin Chen controlled the dragon to get up, but found that he couldn't even move a finger, and couldn't even get up from the ground!

Yang Anran's eyebrows were frivolous, she didn't chase after the victory, Lin Chen dropped the field, the gravity was so strong that she didn't dare to hurry up!

At a quick pace, Yang An then retreated.

Lin Chen found that the blood and flesh in Shenglong's body began to collapse, and this more than 12 million times of gravity had reached the limit of bearing!