My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1201

Vol 5 Chapter 1201: How Hard Is He

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Even if there is a split and a body share, the 11 million times the sacred dragon of gravity can only exert less than 20% of its strength. Now it is kicked into the area of more than 12 million times, and the dragon is instantly injured!

"Oops, I have to get out of here. If I can't hold the holy dragon in this way, my body will be exposed!"

Lin Chen screamed badly. Under the pressure of gravity, the closer to the endurance limit, every time you add a little pressure, you may break the limit and collapse at any time!

More importantly, the body is injured again, his eleventh holy hole is about to burst!

Lin Chens cultivation base is currently 10 holy caves,

Sacred Realm is complete. He beheaded many powerful dragons along the way and stole the attribute values of tens of thousands of holy dragons. It is enough to break the accumulation of 11 holy caves!

But if you advance here, opening a new holy cave will reveal new visions, and Lin Chen's body in Qingxue's capsule will be instantly exposed.

Once the dragon clan found out that there is a personal clan here, it will immediately incur the siege of Wanlong, which is more frightening than death!

"Take the panacea? No, no matter how good it is to cure Shengdan, it can't get rid of the plight now!"

"Don't I use super-dimensional teleportation to get away? It's easy to break through here. If the teleportation leaves, there is no time for me to rush in again!"

In Lin Chen's mind, his thoughts are changing rapidly, breaking through the spiritual power in the middle of the Holy Realm, and his thinking is running faster than ever!

"By the way, increase the power of the body! When the pure power rises, the effect of bearing and sharing gravity will increase!"

Lin Chen immediately turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Sacred Realm Completed (10 Sacred Caves)-Advanced Essence: 105.6 billion points

Ultimate Strength: 3 billion dragon power (carnal shell awakening +50%)-Advanced Qi and Blood: 108.9 billion points

Advanced spirit: 239 million points (in the middle of the Holy Land)

Advanced skill essence: 2.07 million points-advanced rune energy: 2.18 million points-intermediate sky value: 3.59 million points.

Intermediate talent points: 2.41 million points-suit essence: 0 points

Blank attributes: 0 points-enhanced points: 17.9 million points

Advanced elemental energy: 1.1 million points in fire system, 940,000 points in soil system, 860,000 points in wood system, 970,000 points in gold system, 1.04 million points in water system, 1.05 million points in thunder system, 840,000 points in wind system, and 1.02 million points in light system 1. The dark line is 1.12 million points

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Life Awakening Bar (whether it is open)

Passive talent bar: Double Cultivation Acacia, Strike, Rip, (quasi-orange level) super chaos, (orange level) Extreme Divine possession fragment (3/4)

Active Talent Bar: Omen of Thief, Fatal Bloodthirst, Super Dimensional Teleport, Ultimate Moment, Ultimate Return, King's Land, (Quasi Orange Level) Fatal Life and Death, (Orange Level) Instant Light Split, (Orange Level) Extinction Crack Create.

Nirvana bar (whether open)-characteristic rune bar (whether open)-talent combination skills (whether open)]

"System, turn on life awakening."

[Life Awakening Status Bar-Now Awakened: Eye AwakeningOne Stage. Spiritual AwakeningOne Stage. Flesh Shell AwakeningFirst Stage (50% pure power. One stage of full awakening still needs 1 million intermediate heavenly stats. To start the second stage of awakening, you need to consume 4 million temple heavenly stats.)

"System, continue the awakening of the flesh shell until the highest stage!"

[Consume 1 million intermediate Tiandao values and start flesh shell awakening, 51%...53%...55%.


"Is this guy dead?"

"I don't know if it's high and thick, so I dare to come in front of us."

"After all, Yang Anran is also a monster, and can move so quickly under 11 million times of gravity..."

"What is the new king of Qinglong, the bluff thief."

"His position must be 12.4 million times that of gravity. Prince Ben was also difficult to move in. It is estimated that he will be crushed into a patty by gravity."

The dragon princes disdain and see through the details of this'New Dragon King' with their eyesight, but about 5.6 billion dragon power.

If outside, this kind of strength is completely vulnerable in front of them! Whether it is blood or potential, combat power, and their Taiko Dragons are completely on a different level!

"Probably I got some Qibao that can reduce some of the gravity. If you want to get a slice of it, except for a little spiritual accomplishment, the others are like garbage strength."

Prince Xuanzhen laughed dumbly-"It's a pity that he can't personally cook this person, otherwise the prince will let him survive, not death!"


In the Wanlong venue; many dragon races witnessed the scene of Lin Chen falling to the ground, and some were happy and some were sighing.

"This Qinglong new king is really arrogant to death, and dare to run into the area blocked by the Taikoo Dragons."

"You see how he can't move, the face under that mask is probably scared to cry? I can only watch myself crushed by gravity, it must be painful and tortured before death, , arrogant Will pay the price."

"Unfortunately, there are dozens of dragon **** on this kid's hand. My team hasn't found Qi Dragon Ball yet, grandma's, it's a pity that this kid died like this!"

During the agitated discussion in the meeting place, several dragon clan powers on the high platform met their eyes.

An old lady grinned her yellow teeth and smiled at the handsome young man in white"What do you think?"

The youth in white pondered for a moment, then smiled: "I haven't seen such an interesting little guy in a long time."

His eyes were radiant, penetrated the space plane, and stared at the silver dragon mask!

"This little guy, there is still an underdog!"


When everyone dismissed Lin Chen, only Ji Shaochuan Long Tong narrowed his eyes.

"This guy's vitality seems to be more and more stable..."

A lively and vivid Tsing Yi princess turned lightly and muttered curiously: "Strange, his vitality has begun to stabilize..."

Yang Anran looked slightly.

Ji Shaochuan's wickedly handsome face suddenly flashed a fierce light, and he smiled and said-"The vitality has not been crushed, boy, give your secret!"

Ji Shaochuan caught with five fingers!

boom! boom! boom!

The space shakes, and countless afterglow-like dragon-shaped air currents with gray spiritual fluctuations, suddenly grabbing Lin Chen!

Ji Shaochuan's sudden shot attracted the attention of the remaining dragon princes!

The lifeless "Qinglong New King" who was lying on the ground just now suddenly kicked a carp and turned over!

When the figure was biased, Lin Chen avoided Ji Shaochuan's paw, and the phantom dragon-shaped airflow was crushed by gravity.

Prince Wanhuo dumbfounded-"This British state is not dead yet? How hard is he! That's more than 12 million times the gravity!"

Lin Chen exhaled and grinned: "After a long time, I almost escaped."

Lin Chens [A Stage of Awakening the Carapace] is completed. The power of the carcass is 100% blessed, and the power of the bodys 2 billion dragon power is doubled from the previous 3 billion dragon power to 4 billion!

Before the body plus five avatars was 3 billion dragon power, now it is 4 billion dragon power, which can share part of the gravity!

Then, looking back suddenly, while watching the purple dragon ball up close, Lin Chen sucked a breath of air!

The purple dragon ball is attached to an attribute treasure chest, which is bright and bright, and the golden light is as bright as a round of red sun. It is a golden treasure chest that releases the coercion of the God of War!