My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1202

Vol 5 Chapter 1202: Is There Such An Operation? ?

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Shenhui is as bright as the sun, and the invincibility of war is invincible. The treasure chest with the golden glory is like an ancient **** lurking, unleashing the domineering and invincible God of War!

This is the third time Lin Chen has seen this kind of attribute treasure chest, which can open the super attribute treasure chest of the gold Ares suit parts!

"Damn, I'm going to make a lot of money! I'll kill you if I risk it. It's an attribute chest that can open the parts of the God of War suit!"

Lin Chen's cerebral cortex is hot, and his tremor is shaking!

"Huh?" Lin Chen discovered the vision again. In addition to the God of War chest above the Purple Dragon Ball, there are also two attributes of light within the Dragon Clan, one is light orange and the other is azure.

"It's really cool, it's the "Essence of Set" attribute value and the value of Heavenly Dao! Inside the Purple Dragon Ball, there is also a high amount of Essence of Set and Heavenly Value!"

Regardless of the murderous spirit behind him, Lin Chen did not retreat, but he rushed to the stone platform where the Purple Dragon Ball was located.

12.5 million times, 12.8 million times, 13 million times, 13.3 million times gravity!

The dragon princes were dumbfounded. How many secrets are there in this guy? Even under this gravity, it can continue to move forward!

Lin Chen's in-depth field is already within the reach of most dragon geniuses.

Even the strange and unpredictable character such as Ji Shaochuan is overwhelmed and has insufficient strength. As long as the attack crosses the field of 12.5 million times of gravity, he will be crushed unless he takes out some of his own "secret killing tricks", but it is obviously not used. it's here.

Instead of being angry about this, Yang Anran stared at Lin Chen's back with a look of interest.

Finally, when Lin Chen reached the position of 14.1 million times of gravity, he was about 700 meters away from the Purple Dragon Ball. He felt that the whole body of the Holy Dragon was suppressed by countless mountains. Every step was very difficult.

"It's still not enough. If I get closer, maybe I have to be suppressed with 14.4 million times of gravity. Once I'm overwhelmed by gravity, I can no longer get up."

Lin Chen fell into thought.

"If the pure power of my body is more than 1 billion dragon power, it may be able to barely stick to the position of the stone platform, but how can the 1 billion dragon power rise so well, which is equivalent to the difficulty of opening 5 holy caves in the double layer of Holy Realm . The second stage of flesh shell awakening needs another 4 million heavenly values..."

Lin Chen's shoulders shook sharply, grabbing a palm across the sky! A tens of feet of dragon's breath close to the purple dragon ball within 500 meters, was squeezed by gravity until it exploded!

Lin Chen was unwilling, and tried to launch a series of attempts such as the Wanzai Xuanguang Blade, the Azure Dragon Sword, the Heavenly Royal Divine Sea, the high energy slow rune, and even the dragon body change, and it was still out of reach. Meters or so!

The gravity of the Heavenly Man Plane is not trivial, and it also creates the reason that the space crystal wall is extremely strong. Any dragon family will be affected by the change of the body here. The dragon body is affected by the space crystal wall and cannot be as large as the outside world.

"System, I want to consume 590,000 days of awakening mental power!"

[In the late stage of the hosts awakening of mental power, the instantaneous speed of mental power is increased to 3 times.

Bang ~! Lin Chen put together a spirit of strength, radiating like a rope!

The vast and star-like spirit of Henghuan's spirit fluctuates like an arrow off the string. It shoots straight, and is finally crushed when it is close to the purple dragon ball about 100 meters!

"Damn, is it so difficult. If you can use the eight Dragon Burning Tianyin, you can shock the Dragon Ball!"

Lin Chen was unwilling to use his human power to expose his identity.

Suddenly, a light flashed through Lin Chen's mind.

"Wait a minute, if the attack and people can't get close, would you like to try something else?"

Lin Chen took out many of his holy tools, or phantom flying knives, although it can withstand the pressure of gravity, it is still useless!

The holy weapon must rely on human race skills to exert its powerful power, but Lin Chen still cannot use it!

Seeing the passage of time one minute and one second, the time from the end of the first pass assessment is getting closer and closer, Lin Chen cold sweat!

The team of the Taikoo Dragons has already collected two dragon balls, and many princes and princesses have simply not left. They stayed in the area of 9 million times the gravity, and jokingly watched the Qinglong New King as a poor donkey.

"Fuck, don't I want to watch the God of War property treasure chest? I can't get it? This is the secret realm controlled by the Dragon Clan. Once you leave, it's hard to get in!"

Impatience, anger, suffocation, unwillingness, filled Lin Chen's heart!

The importance of the God of War suit is at least of the same level or even higher than that of Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline!

Lin Chen almost released the phantom avatar and rushed up!

"Hoo! Don't rush, no matter how powerful it is, it has to be useful. If it's exposed here, I'll be defeated, even if I can escape from the Wanlong Club through super-dimensional teleportation, but this does not mean that the Dragon Clan will let me go. Terran..."

Lin Chen simply sat on the ground and fell into a state of meditation.

When thinking hard for a long time, a thought struck Lin Chen like thunder, and he suddenly looked at the purple dragon ball on the stone platform. There was a stone wall behind the dragon ball, which made him clap!

"How come I didn't expect it! At a critical moment, we had to be surprised!"

Lin Chen retreated to the sphere of gravity of 13 million times, picked up an 8th-order odd mine and started to work.

Although he controls the dragon body of the holy dragon, it is okay for him to make a small object with his saint-level caster's attainments.

A quarter of an hour later, a brand new red racquet cut and cast from the eighth-order odd ore was held in the hands of the "Qinglong New King".

"what is that?"

"I don't understand, it seems to be just an ordinary tempo, except that the material is eighth-order ore.

Many princes and princesses are in doubt, and even the dragons and powerful men in the Wanlong venue cannot understand what Lin Chen is doing?

I saw that Ying Bangbang handsomely held the red shot and sighed.

"In my hometown, there is a wonderful and cool sport. What we used to be invincible, now we are still invincible!"

Lin Chen held a white dragon ball in his left hand and slammed it in his right hand with a bang! Full of vitality, gathered in the right arm of Qinglong!

"Eat the coach to force a hand to serve!"

At the next moment, Lin Chen loosened the white dragon ball in his palm, and the red shot slammed forward!

Dang ~! The red shot flies the dragon ball and shoots away with a speed that turns extremely fast right!

The dragon ball turned into a touch of white awn and shot towards the position of purple dragon ball!

This time, there was no situation where they could not arrive or were crushed by gravity halfway!

That's right, the material of Dragon Ball is the same, while Purple Dragon Ball can withstand high gravity, White Dragon Ball can also!

The white dragon ball shot by Lin Chen struck the stone wall next to the purple dragon ball, and when it bounced from the stone wall, it struck the purple dragon ball with a strange right-handed arc!

Fuck~! The purple dragon ball was rubbed a little and rolled down under the stone platform!

Although Lin Chen did not get the Purple Dragon Ball, but this scene has shocked all the dragon princes and princesses!

"This... what's the trick?"

Crown Prince Leilong asked with horror.

Lin Chen smiled and said: "How about table tennis, how interesting is it!"

After talking, Lin Chen held the racket in his backhand, holding another white dragon ball, serving with a forehand, and the dragon force burst!


The air wave exploded, and the dragon ball exploded like a bullet. The collision stone wall rebounded back, and the clang continued to bounce the purple dragon ball forward and rolled another ten meters!

Lin Chen served again, this time with a right-handed serve! Dragon Ball hits the wall and bounces right-handed, knocking Purple Dragon Ball out of the stone platform completely!

All the dragon princes were dumbfounded!


Seeing this scene, a lot of dragon clan trembling in the corner of the mouth, in the Wanlong venue, the dragon clan stood up, the expression was stunned!

This, the new king of Qinglong actually played with Dragon Ball?

He... he seems to call it table tennis?

Playing table tennis in the center of a celestial plane that is enough to crush thousands of sacred dragons?

Even a few dragons were able to feel scalp numbness for a while!

What is so special about this operation?