My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1203

Vol 5 Chapter 1203: Last Moment

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The strong dragons of the Wanlong Association either scratch their heads to inhale, or grin their teeth, and the corners of their mouths are violent.

This cliff is the most ridiculous scene since the Wanlong Association's past evaluations! Take the Dragon Ball as the ball in the area of tens of thousands of times of gravity?

"What's in this kid's head? Can this method be imagined?"

"This son is really a ghost! He is not the best in terms of talent, potential, and strength, but he must be a ghost in many dragons!"

"The Qinglong tribe, the Qinglong tribe, did not expect that this tribe will be so shocking after the hundred-year era!"

Several dragon races can't stop marveling.

The central area of the Tianman plane; all the dragon princes and princesses stayed where they were, and there was an incredible shock in the dragon eyes!

As of now, Lin Chen has used twenty white dragon balls! This will mean that there are ten more Dragon Clan teams that cannot pass the first level!

The dragons in the Wanlong Association are bleeding in their hearts!

There are still many cases in which the team of their tribe did not collect Dragon Balls, but the boy was playing with the Dragon Balls as his mother!


At this time, the Purple Dragon Ball has been pushed out for 80 meters. Lin Chen can no longer rely on the strength of the stone wall rebounding to hit the Purple Dragon Ball forward. He can only rely on other methods to let the Purple Dragon Ball pop out!

It is very difficult to advance every meter now, Lin Chen must grab the dragon ball before he runs out, move the purple dragon ball to his reach, and race against time!

"Every shot must be precise, and take my full power!"

Lin Chen was attentive, holding the Dragon Ball in hand, and then pumping again!

Another dragon ball turned into a white awn in the shape of a moon arc, rubbing the purple dragon ball from the left side, letting the purple dragon ball rotate at the same time as it turned out!

Then, Lin Chen was holding the racket in his hand, and Long Li condensed his right arm, drawing in the air.

"Huh? Missed?"

Many princes were stunned subconsciously!

Fuck~! Hitting the white dragon ball scattered on the ground, the new dragon ball used its rebound force to hit the purple dragon ball in front with the sound of clang!


Everyone was a little air-conditioned, so what kind of thing would do?

Lin Chen is holding the backhand again, and the dragon force is flowing between the five fingers. Lin Chen has practiced the mysterious techniques such as "Seven Powers", and the precision of pure power is terrible!

I saw Lin Chen's grip and side cut!

The white dragon ball spinning like a gyro lifts a beautiful arc from the sky!


Dragon Ball fell to the ground, and the sound of rapid rotation rubbing the ground echoed clearly to everyone's ears. Dragon Ball fell to the ground and swayed. With the power of rotation, it pushed back and hit the Purple Dragon Ball again!


All the dragon princes and princesses are completely stunned!

Awesome! This is simply used: the word divine skill to describe!

Under normal conditions, any dragon prince does not need any tools and can easily achieve a similar situation. But this is under the premise of more than 10 million times the gravity!

In all fairness, even if they can withstand this gravity, they can mobilize the same pure power as the ``Qinglong New King'', but they can't do it one thousandth!

Under such high gravity pressure, it is very difficult to hit Dragon Ball and hit Purple Dragon Ball. He can also play countless tricks!

No matter whether it is the prince of the Dragon Clan or the princess of the Dragon Clan, they can only be stunned by the magical skill of the new King of Blue Dragon!

"Great...I suddenly want to learn..."

Temperament empty valley Youlan, smart and graceful Tsing Yi princess beautiful eyes sparkling.

However, when Lin Chen hit the 72nd Dragon Ball, his arm clicked!

"Oops, the load is too heavy! Shenglong's arm bones can't support it!"

Lin Chen secretly screamed, and the body hurriedly swallowed dozens of Longqing fruit in Qingxue planting capsule.

At this time, the position of the purple dragon ball is just at the position of 100 meters. If you use your mental strength to win it, it is almost a distance!

At this time, an indifferent sound transmission sounds like a plane!

"The candidates, less than a quarter of an hour before the end of the first level assessment, those who did not find two dragon balls, will be considered eliminated."

The time limit is coming!

"Hahaha, no strength."

"It's fancy for a long time, but I still can't get it. Qinglong New King, Prince Ben will entertain you well in the second pass!"

"Hey, the second level is worth looking forward to."

"It's really good, what's the matter? It's not useless, the second level should you hammer or you!"

Some dragon clan princes laughed ridiculously and were relieved!

Wouldnt it be a shame for them if the Purple Dragon Ball that even their Taigu Dragon Clan prince couldnt get was taken by a Qinglong Clan guy?


In the Qinglong Palace, many Qinglong tribes stared at the new king on the light screen breathlessly, and some either prayed for him or cheered for him.

Suddenly, a handsome young man in the crowd outside the Dragon Palace shouted!

"Lin Jike, you wake up! Don't be embarrassed, you can't be embarrassed on the field! This is the Wanlong Club, but you want to be the most beautiful man!"


In the plane of heaven, some princesses could not help but sarcastically.

"Give up, Qinglong New King, isn't it decent?"

"There was also a dragon named Shuai million at that time, which was also so good, but the result was not obediently caught by the princess to write a book? How good can you be Gil Ying Bang Bang?"

Lin Chen radiated a low and concentrated concentration through the body of the Holy Dragon, and time was running out!

"I have five Dragon Balls left, and I don't have time to adjust the angle again and again.

At the next moment, all the ridicule Lin Chen's voice came to an abrupt end!

In his palm, he held five dragon balls!

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

Suddenly, a beam of space rose in the heavenly plane, the time limit has expired, and some candidates have been sent away!

Lin Chen was extremely calm and focused!

He tossed five Dragon Balls, and five different types of Qiaolong dragons flowed between his wrists, making a sudden shot!

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

The sound is crisp, with a crackling sound!

Many princes were dumbfounded. The five dragon **** were scattered at five different angles, either rotating like a jade or flying like a projectile, or curved like a moon arc!

Regardless of the injury to his right arm, Lin Chen urged the body of the Holy Dragon to spread the Holy Phoenix Wing and rushed past!

Snapped! Tear ~! The first white dragon ball passed by like a moon arc, and the purple dragon ball began to rotate again!

The second one hits the first one, bounces back to the purple dragon ball, and the power increases!

The third and fourth are one left and one right, showing a trend of left and right encroachment, colliding with each other, like a triangle, pushing the purple dragon ball underneath again!

Bang ~! Tear ~!

Lin Chen, who reached the limit of the dragon's body, fell down, and his eyebrows shot a rainbow-like spiritual force condensed into a spiritual palm and grabbed the projected purple dragon ball!

Everyone's heart mentioned his throat!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Only at this moment, the crown princes at the center of the heavenly plane were also sent away!

And Lin Chen's body also began to flash the light of space, desire to transmit.

His spiritual palm is still a short distance away from Dragon Ball. Counting the time it was transported away, there will eventually be a height difference of about one foot from Purple Dragon Ball!


The moment before the teleportation left, part of Prince Long's heart happily crossed this thought!