My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1204

Vol 5 Chapter 1204: The Second Level

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Only Yang Anran's beautiful eyes shine!

Finally, the fifth white dragon ball hit, just landed from the air, spinning at a rapid speed.

With the sound of the clang, the rotating white dragon ball landed and bounced the purple dragon ball diagonally into the air!


Heavenly plane, everyone disappeared, no one witnessed the last moment!

In the Wanlong venue, the light screen is closed, and all the candidates are sent back to the dragon platform!

"How is it? What is the result?"

"Hahaha, that guy of the Blue Dragon Clan finally got a little worse. The Purple Dragon Ball, which we can't get from the Taikoo Dragon Clan, he still wants to seize it by crooked doors and evil ways? Idiots say dreams!"

"It is still power that determines everything. Without power, I want to eat the most precious one. This is the end."

Almost at the moment of returning to the meeting place, the princes dismissed their lips, and some even looked for Lin Chen's figure.

Suddenly, the light and breezy Fengsheng Pterosaur Crown Prince Long Tong shrank, and his throat unconsciously made a strange sound of "cuckoo".

All of a sudden, the noisy and noisy venue became quiet!

When all the seats are holy dragons, and there is no gravity to suppress, the dragon breath can know what happened.

The geniuses of the Taikoo Dragon tribe looked at the front of the dragon hall at the venue like a ghost!

Mu Tianqing Qiong's nose was sour, his lips were covered with his hands, and a cold and snowy face appeared excited and ecstatic!

In front of the podium, the green dragon flag at the championship position fluttered and danced, the flying dragon face, the blood-stained silver robe silhouette gasped violently, trembling shoulders, raised his left hand with blood, holding the purple dragon ball in the palm of his hand. ! !

got it! Qinglong New King, got the only purple dragon ball in the first level of assessment!

The Qinglong tribe, which is the least favored by all the dragon tribes and has the weakest comprehensive strength, is the strongest winner!

"This... this is the new king of the Qinglong tribe, so a Gil Yingbang, the old man has served!"

"It's really a fight. For the purple dragon ball, the old man feels he has lost half his life!"

"This kid suddenly doesn't look so disgusting, he dares to fight and dare to fight, he's all bloody, and when he does it hard, he never gets vague..."

"The opening was awesome. The first batch of the show, all the geniuses were pulled into the pants in the primary election."


[The host opens the Ares Treasure Chest and obtains: Golden Ares Set-Parts Ultimate Golden Leg Armor (left piece).

[The host obtains 800,000 points of essence and 1 million points of heavenly value.

[It has met the update requirements of the 7.0 version of the Tiandao picking system. It is automatically deducted: 500,000 points of the essence of the suit, 2 million points of intermediate Tiandao value, and 2 million points of advanced skills. Start to enter the system update state: 0.1%... 0.2%... During the system update, any system function is not limited, the host can continue to use.

Lin Chen turned and smiled at the four dragons on the high platform Yunneng Yundanfeng lightly.

"Everyone is powerful, you can get Zilong Ball to see the most special care of the second pass, and you can count your words."

Feeling the young and deep eyes, it seems that there is a more interesting soul lurking in the dragon pupil, so that the dragon family turned into a white youth can wave and wave with pride!

"Of course it counts! I haven't seen such a wonderful assessment in a long time. This seat announced that this time, there are a total of 240 teams who passed the assessment. The first prize is won by the new king of the Qinglong tribe, Gil Yingbang. Special reward: the inferior blood is different. One crystal! This alien crystal can be connected to the purple dragon ball one after another, and it is your special reward for the second level!"

The elders of the Qinglong tribe were shocked and turbulent, some dreams!

Their blue dragon clan even stood at the top of the Wanlong meeting for a moment? Even the first level of the primary election is enough to prove their strength!

The young man in white held up his palm, and a ray of blood blasted into Lin Chen's palm!

Lin Chen opened it, and the crystal-clear blood-colored precious jade hiding the power of surging blood and blood, such as Wanlong boiling, was actually a pure blood and blood crystal!

The formation of blood crystals is more difficult than other crystals of other attributes. Although its value is not the highest, it is the rarest!

Even Lin Chen, who received the inheritance of the ancient gods, couldn't find the raw materials for cultivating blood crystals.

Refining this inferior qi and blood anomaly, Lin Chen or his dragon strength will skyrocket!

"Good thing!" Lin Chen praised in his heart, confirming that the crystal had no other marks, and immediately received it.

Everyone is envious, the greater the difficulty, the richer the reward. This is the unwritten rule of Wanlong. The reward won by this child is definitely more than this bloodline crystal!

Those dragons who failed to pass the first level were all annoyed and unwilling, and the brutal and violent atmosphere stared at Lin Chen's direction.

"Fuck, is this kid making fraud impossible?"

"On the lineup of the Qinglong tribe, any team on the ground can crush them, and even let this team take the top spot, I don't accept it!"

"I really want to swallow them!"

They haven't dealt with the elimination team of the Qinglong tribe, almost no one has served them!

Among them, the team of the etheric dragon clan is the most dissatisfied.

The old lady in gray next to the white man stood up and his voice was hoarse-"Why, someone wants to make trouble?"

The power can speak, and many teams are silent. Before the start of the Wanlong meeting, some people doubt that the end of the power assessment has cast a shadow on everyone's mind!

"Hurry up if you don't pass, don't get in the way."

The old lady didn't give face to the many dragon tribes at all, and waved away the people.

The number of people in the dragon platform was one-third less in a short time, and most of them were eliminated by the ancient dragons and individual teams of ancient dragons.

Taikoo Dragons, all promoted.

Then, the old lady came up with a dragon purpose, dragon carving, Longwei Township, indifferent declaration.

"Next, please listen to the rules of the second pass."

Everyone withdrew their eyes and listened attentively.

The old lady was second to none, and countless streamers shot into the hands of many teams who passed the assessment, each with a jade card.

"The second level will be held in the plane of the giant whale five days later. You need to kill the enemies in the plane. These enemies are all criminals in the history of the Orcs and Dragons. You can free your hands and feet to kill them. Every The next time you destroy a target, you will receive a minimum of 100 dragon points, and the highest criminal will have 500 dragon points."

Some Taikoo dragons' faces changed slightly, the giant whale plane? Another forbidden place was set as the assessment site!

According to legend, during the ancient times, there was a giant ancient whale, riding the holy world, can control all kinds of supernatural powers to control the power of the sky and sea.

After the death of the giant whale, his body turned into a plane of time and space, which was then taken away by the dragon.

The crisis in this plane is unpredictable, and the whale mist is pervasive all year round. Those in this plane will have a greatly reduced perception!

"The time limit for this assessment is one month. The rules are very simple. In each dragon clan team, the person who holds 100 points of dragon donation can pass the second level assessment."

"The larger the number of teams, the higher the dragon value you need to collect. The 20-person team will need 2,000 dragon points. If the assessment is over, there will be fewer than 100 dragon points in the team, and they will be eliminated in the name of individuals. "