My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1205

Vol 5 Chapter 1205: The Second Brutal Level

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"The value of the dragon offer value should be clear to your heart. The value of the dragon offer held after the customs clearance will be recorded on the card. You can go to the Taikoo Dragon Palace to exchange the treasure you want after the dragon meeting ends."

Everyone jotted down the rules quickly.

The dragon offer value is a reward mechanism established within the dragon family. The reward can only be obtained by making a huge contribution to the dragon family or completing some very meaningful and difficult tasks. Each dragon offer value is extremely precious!

You can get 100 dragon points for killing an enemy? I'm afraid it's not that simple!

Lin Chen thought that if this rule is used, his team must collect 1100 dragon points, otherwise someone will be eliminated to advance to the next level.

If the team of the Blue Dragon only collects 100 points of dragons, only one person can advance to the third level!

"This assessment is not about the advantage of having a large number of people. Unless there is the background of the teams like the Taikoo Dragon Clan, otherwise the number of dragons that need to pass will need more value."

Lin Chen looked around, and some of the teams of the ancient dragons had already shown signs of uneasiness.

That's right, according to the difficulty of the first level assessment, the second level is definitely not that simple!

To know that the rewards obtained in the final assessment in the past are the honor of the honorable dragon, the second level of this session will come out, showing that its difficulty is high!

"In this assessment, although the teams of contestants are allowed to fight against each other, if the same contestants kill each other, killing a dragon will deduct 50 points from the dragon. If there is a phenomenon of negative dragons in the team. , The dragon reward value will be deducted first."

The rules allow to fight, but to kill those who are also candidates, you need to deduct the dragon contribution!

Many eyes have fallen on Lin Chen's body!

This guy has a purple dragon ball, or the ancient dragon family! Killing the British state is the most stable!

In the face of many eyes, Lin Chen shrugged-"Why are you staring at this king one by one, don't make me wear you a green hat. Is it also a sin to look handsome? If so, then Isnt this king a monstrous sin?"

Some dragons are so angry that their teeth are tickled!

"The above is the rule this time. You can rest in the venue and officially start five days later. My wife and I look forward to your performance."

The old lady in gray clothes smiled deeply and seemed very strange and strange, especially her final gaze fell on the new king of Qinglong.

After the announcement of the rules, many dragon clan teams immediately began to talk about friendship and attempt to join forces.

Elder Qinglong followed Lin Chen, suggesting something like-"New King, shall we also find someone to unite?"

Lin Chen said nothing, but Mu Tianqing shook his head-"Great Elder, impossible. We have become the target of all, who unites with us is to fight against the Taiko Dragons, even if the real union is just a conspiracy."

Lin Chen laughed suddenly: "Ben Wang and the princess saw the same thing. Let's go back to the lounge first. I still have a back hand!"

Everyone took Lin Chenma as the leader and left the venue first.

Staring at the back of Lin Chen's departure, several dragons on the platform sighed: "It's a pity that the only drawback of this son is that the bloodline grade is too low, otherwise the old man must focus on training him!"

The mouth of the young man in white raised his mouth, and the monster was evil-"I think that if he can pass the second level and reach the third level, maybe he will get a chance to go against the sky in his ancestor's totem."

An elder white-browed old man shook his head-"Dust evil, the more outrageous you are. The little guy with multiple bloodlines is both an advantage and the most deadly disadvantage. A variety of bloodlines coexist together, and their bloodline grade is one. But the promotion, the lower the possibility of coexistence. In the past, the double-blooded people who were extremely stunning within the Dragon clan were mostly killed here. If they fail to do this, they will repeat the same mistakes and die third."

The young man in white picked out a strange arc-"I think this little guy is not so simple to die..."

He looked at the old lady: "Mother Mo, how many criminals did you put in the plane of the giant whale?"

Mother-in-law grinned her yellow teeth and grinned evilly: "The number is no longer remembered. There are two criminals in the Dragon Prison plane. The old lady also promised them that anyone who can kill the three candidates Can pardon the crime and leave the Dragon Prison."


A few energetic air-suckers, this wife's real reputation is not diminished!

The young man in white was amazed"Mother Mo really got my heart! Ruthless, I like it!"

"Aren't you messing up this way?"

An eagle-headed old man blew his beard and glared anxiously, "If you do this, more than half of the candidates present may die. This is also a great loss for my dragon."

Of the criminals detained in the Dragon Prison, which is not a strange method, and the crime is monstrous?

Some of these criminals are stealing secrets of various races, endangering the dragon race for a long time, or abducting dragon geniuses, assassinating dragon clan arrogance, or selling the eggs of the ancient beasts, or secretly sneaking into the forbidden places of various races to steal secrets. It is everything!

Each of them exists as a super power in the field, and the minimum level can be comparable to the fourfold of the Holy Realm!

Even if they were sent to the Dragon Prison, they were repaired as imprisoned, or the Dragon Vessels were destroyed. But the dragon is still a dragon. The dragon that has lost its minions will not lose its fierceness!

What would it mean for such a terrible group of mortal creatures to give them the opportunity to forgive their crimes and leave the Dragon Prison?

The assessment of this second level will be the most difficult level in the history of Wanlong Club!

The old lady of the mother-in-law, Momo, glanced indifferently.

"This is the meaning above, you old man Qiao has fire, send it to the Great Dragon King, send it to Long Tianzi, what am I staring at the old lady."

Of course, she would not say that she made the assessment proposal.

"Uh... above?" The old Hawkhead stunned.

The gray eyes of the old lady in gray shed a light, and the tone is heavy-"Human geniuses are growing rapidly, don't say the extraordinary peerless genius list, even the monsters in the demon list have become more and more with the passage of so many eras. To be powerful."

"In contrast, our clan, except for the ancient Gulong clan, there are fewer and fewer geniuses. The top decision is to select a group of the strongest geniuses below the ancient Gulong clan to cultivate well. Those who can pass this Wanlong meeting will be a surprise. Talent. Even within the vast and long history of our tribe, the existence of Jiguang film feathers can be left!"


Wanlong meeting place and rest area.

A dense room; Lin Chen and his party gathered together.

"What...what do you mean by the new king, will our blood be transformed to a higher level?"

The elder elders and the second elders were stunned, and the other elders were surprised and happy!

"Well, the assessment of the second level is much more difficult than it was before. Although I can't raise your cultivation ability by a large margin, it's okay to help you upgrade your bloodline level again!"

Lin Chen took off the silver dragon mask, squinted, and selected all the dragons!

"The system, continue to strengthen the bloodlines of all targets until +15!"


When the Wanlong Meeting of the Great Wasteland was held fiercely, a terrifying news came out of the holy world of the human race, in the 36th domain!

Suddenly more than one hundred places were vacated on the list of demon, and more than one hundred demon disappeared bizarrely! !

Regarding the issue of these quotas, there is no wind, no one knows what happened to the more than 200 demon on the list of demon, they are dead or alive, they did not reveal any wind!

The reason for this is that the "Ten Years of Jihad", which is an alternative to the demon list, will modify the rules and release 30 places in the demon list!

Participating in this alternative conference is no longer a simple alternator, and through the alternative, it will be possible to directly become one of the tens of thousands of evildoers in the demon list!

This ten-year jihad is not only a new candidate genius scuffle, but also the previous "Genius of Alternative Genius".

Even, you can get the right to challenge the demon on the spot! This decade of jihad will be more exciting than ever!