My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1206

Vol 5 Chapter 1206: Enter The Giant Whale Plane

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Within four days, Lin Chen successively let Shenglong serve the last three glazed bodice and a lot of dragon fruit, and the body and Shenglong were healed one by one.

In the secret room; the holy dragon enters the state of cultivation.

Lin Chen in Qingxue Planting is refining the inferior bloodline alien crystal!

[The host receives 1 billion points of advanced qi and blood, 2 billion points of advanced qi and blood, 1.5 billion points of advanced qi and blood...]

Massive advanced qi and blood are injected into the body of the dragon, and the dragon-like dragon veins shuttle through the fiery energy of qi and blood.

All qi and blood energy absorbed by the Holy Dragon are not displayed in the property bar.

If Lin Chen absorbs the advanced qi and blood attributes of this bloodline and leaves it to the body, the pure power of his body will certainly soar, but it will not do any good for the current battle and evaluation.

Lin Chen only gave priority to the breakthrough of Shenglong.

In the early morning of the next day, Sheng Long opened his eyes and Lin Chen's consciousness returned to the body of Sheng Long.

When he looked inside the Holy Dragon again, there were as many as 660 million dragon veins densely echoing the dragon's breath!

6.6 billion dragon power! An inferior crystal of the inferior blood system caused Shenglong to explode 1 billion dragon power!

"With the current fighting power of the Holy Dragon, under normal circumstances, one-on-one challenge to the Taikoo Dragon prince, the odds of winning may not exceed 30%. If my body can help the war, it is not a problem. Some princes of the Taikoo Dragon clan feel no less oppressive. Yu Longyijing and Xiao Jing and other demon list demon..."

Suddenly, the system pops up a light screen.

[System update is completed, congratulations to the host to upgrade to the 7.0 version of the Tiandao picking system.

[Version 7.0, the suit system is fully opened, and the host can create a Xeon attribute suit through the essence of the suit.

[Increase the probability of strengthening, reduce the attribute value required for strengthening, and apply to all strengthening targets.

[Increase the bloodline column, the host can hold bloodlines: 7 types, the runes can continue to upgrade, the characteristics remain unchanged, only the rune energy required to upgrade the runes.

[Turn on the orange level talent function, all the quasi-orange level talents currently held by the host can spend talent points or meet the conditions to complete the upgrade to the orange level talent.

[Add new functions, open purple order nirvana...]


Lin Chen was ecstatic, the new version is finally here!

"Look at talents and runes first!"

Click on the [Talent Bar] and select upgrade talent.

[Quasi-orange talent, super chaos, required to upgrade the orange rank talent: 1 million intermediate talent points. Upgrade effect: The chaos duration is doubled, the trigger probability is doubled, and the "Holy Cave (Holy Vessel) Chaos" effect is added to the original 7 Chaos effects. If you fall into the Chaos Chaos effect, briefly cut off the enemy and one or more pieces. The connection of the Holy Cave, if the enemy is a fierce beast, it is to cut off the connection of some Holy Veins, duration: 5 seconds.

[Quasi-orange talent, desperate life and death, required to upgrade the orange rank talent: 1.4 million talent points. Upgrade effect: Pick an enemy who is close to cultivation to enter the desperate moment of life and death, the duration of the talent state increases by 2 times. Based on the original effect, a new effect is added: the power in exchange for burning vitality is greatly increased, and the host can freely control the extent of burning vitality.

"After the two talent upgrades are all orange ranks! Both are brand new trump cards, but my talent points are only 2.41 million points, and I can't upgrade both now..."

In the end, Lin Chen chose to upgrade [Desperate Life and Death], this ace can control Lin Chen's life and death at the most critical moment!

After [Extinction and Split] and [Instant Light Split], Doom and Death became his third permanent orange rank talent!

You can freely control the extent of burning vitality, which is the most critical transformation of [Desperate Life and Death]!

In the past, Lin Chen used this talent to deliberately prolong the time, to conquer the race of life and death, and to put the fatal life and death to the most intense moment.

For example, one minute into life and death can be exchanged for 30 times the power, and 10 minutes into 300 times. Lin Chen often needs to postpone to 10 minutes in order to fight the strongest move.

After being promoted to the Orange Rank talent, as long as Lin Chen launches the talent, he can immediately enter a state of 300 times increase and no longer need to wait!

The prerequisite price is that the speed of his vitality will also increase. The power gained must be exchanged for life. To avoid this price, only to kill the enemy!

This is the characteristic of fatal life and death. As soon as this talent comes out, you will see life and death!

"System, upgrade penetration and charge runes to level 7, can you apply the orange-level exercises?"

[The system answers the host: no. To improve the progress on the original basis, orange-level exercises are not applicable.

Lin Chen shook his head, it seemed that his illusions were shattered. If you want to increase the power of the orange-level exercises, you still have to look at the enhanced functions and the last [Spirit Possession] talent fragment!

"System, give me all upgrades of all feature runes!"

[Consume 1 million rune energy, upgrade all the existing runes of the host to level 7. Rechargeable runes can increase the power of the exercises below the orange level: 7 times. Penetrating Rune: Applicable below the orange-level exercises, with 35% power penetration.

[Phantom Rune: Can create a sixth phantom avatar, increasing the energy consumption of the rune. Sky hidden rune, hidden breath time increased: 10 seconds, cooling time: 20 seconds. Slow Rune: Increases the slow effect by 50%.

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, this time the rune upgrade, the most dazzling is the Mirage Rune!

This rune has been the most effective trump card from the moment he got it. Later, Lin Chen can control six phantom avatars!

"All contestants, the time limit has expired. Please enter the venue to gather."

Lin Chen is trying to explore other new functions of the system. The voice of the old lady in gray clothes is all over the Wanlong venue.

"Have you started, anyway!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, strong self-confidence bloomed!


In the venue, all the participating teams gathered, and the number was about 5,000.

The elders of the Qinglong family, together with Mu Tianqing, looked at Lin Chen with a shocked look when he appeared at the meeting place, as if he had seen a monster!

Compared with before, the whole Qinglong family has a tremendous change. This change was created by the new king of Qinglong!

If it werent for his cultivation behavior, like the other candidates, the elders of the Qinglong tribe even thought that this son was a powerful dragon!

"Okay, start to enter the giant whale plane."

Grey-clothed old lady waved her hand, the space door was open, shining a beam of space light, and all the participating teams were included in the interior!

In the plane of the giant whale, there are pieces of barren valley, the vitality is dying, and the mist is filled.

There was a silence in the mist, and suddenly a strange echo of quack smiles resounded!

"Come here, those pretentious dragon clan Tianjiao!"

"It's addictive to swallow those dragons' arrogant beast cores! The old man hasn't tasted it for hundreds of thousands of years!"

"Lao Tzu likes to drink the blood of those dragon princesses, ah~~ I still smell the virgin breath!"

"Quack! I don't know if there is a delicate little dragon family, brothers want to turn him!"


Lin Chen and his party descended on the plane of the giant whale, and the fog was heavy.

The elders of the Qinglong tribe discovered that their perception was at least dozens of times weaker than the outer realm!

"What a weird plane..."

When the elders of the Qinglong tribe were guarded together, only Lin Chen and the young face under the silver dragon mask could not help but burst of ecstasy!

"That's it! It turns out that the special reward of the Purple Dragon Ball is this effect, ha ha ha ha! Never miss the coach to take a long shot!"