My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1207

Vol 5 Chapter 1207: Dragon Prisoner

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In the Bandung venue, thousands of light screens were listed again, clearly projecting the situation of each team.

"What a blurry scene, in such a weird environment, even the old man can't see through this"

The plane of the giant whale is vast.

Somewhere near the abyss, Prince Wanhuo took his nine dragon servants and five elders and launched a siege operation.

After a while, the Wanhuolong clan team bathed in blood and flew out of the abyss, staring coldly and killing.

"Be careful, these guys are very strong. Although some dragon veins have been abolished, they are still masters in this field."

The prince Wan Huo solemnly solemnly said-"I didn't expect that this prince personally shot, plus the entire team, even let those two criminals escape... It is worthy of the former eighth-order intermediate holy beast. However, fortunately forced a little information, no I thought that those powerful people gave them the reward of killing the candidates. This assessment is extremely dangerous!"

"This is a game of hunting and anti-hunting. In 30 days, we have to kill the enemy as much as possible! We go, and we will first look for Lin Chen of the Blue Dragon Clan. The Prince has a hunch that the purple dragon ball in his hand is of great use. !"

An elder hesitated and said: "Prince, the fog here is too heavy to disperse, and the perception is limited to dozens of times as usual. Even our strength can only sense the range of about ten miles. If we act rashly, it is extremely dangerous. ..."

Crown Prince Wan Huo raised his eyebrows, and the elder immediately shuddered, not daring to talk.

"Remember, your duty is to help Prince Ben to enter the third hurdle. When necessary, even your life should be given. This is your glory!"

Before the candidate reached the plane of the giant whale within a quarter of an hour, fighting broke out in multiple locations.

However, many candidates are still unknown.


When Lin Chen mastered the Purple Dragon Ball, and when he used the breath of the Dragon Vessel to actuate the blood crystals, there were countless dense spots of light flashing inside the Dragon Ball. The Dragon Ball seemed to open up a space that only Lin Chen could see.

Some of these spots are green, some are blue, and a few are gray.

The light spot of the people of the Qinglong tribe is blue, and each blue light spot represents a candidate.

Lin Chen himself is purple! The only purple!

Some green light spots began to approach the blue light spot. Lin Chen was very sure that these green light spots were the dragon prisoners hiding in the plane of the giant whale!

"The special reward of the Purple Dragon Ball is to allow the holder to see through the plane of the giant whale! It is almost equivalent to everyone in the dark, including those criminals of the dragon prison, only the holder is in the bright! You can watch the whole place surface!"

Lin Chen's heart shook. It is no wonder that this reward should be placed at 15 million times the gravity. If you can't get it, you will get the special reward and you will control the situation in the second level!

"The only thing I'm not sure about is what these gray spots are, they seem to be living creatures, and some are still moving at high speed..."

Suddenly, Lin Chen saw several teams approaching in their direction.

"There is a good show, let's hide it first!"

Lin Chen said nothing, and brought the doubtful Qinglong tribe into a valley.

After a moment, the people of the Qinglong tribe vaguely saw the misty clouds surging, and a mighty team flew from the distant void.

If the terrain is not wide, the distance of this large team can't be seen at all, nor can the perception of its existence.

The large team of dozens of people was actually the five ancient dragon clan teams that attacked the Qinglong clan before!

"This..." Mu Tianqing stared at Lin Chen in a daze.

The team's proximity to her and the elder elders did not perceive it, nor did the other party. How did the new king know their location?

"New King, do we want to be them!"

The elder made a gesture of wiping his neck!

Here is the right place to benefit people and benefit them, as strong as the other party is a large team of dozens of people, launch a sneak attack without perceiving them, at least be able to hit this large team!

Lin Chen smiled: "Don't worry, the good show is still coming."

Lin Chen made the people of the Qinglong tribe converge their breath again and again, like a willow and a stone in Linhai.

If you are outside, the distance between the two sides is within a few tens of miles, and you can detect it when you read it. Now in the plane of the giant whale, it is equivalent to blacking out two eyes. The fog hinders everyone's perception, but it can be seen farther away.

On the team, a red-haired elder said cautiously: "This place is too weird, shall we first..."

Bang ~!

An off-white killer that condensed into substance was shot like a giant palm over the entire team!

"Sneak attack!"

The whole team is not vegetarian, and the breath of colorful dragons exploded quickly, and they faced the huge white palms and exploded the sky!

Brush ~! Brush ~! brush!

The exploded broken mansions were like a sharp blade scattering, and the three dragon elders spit out a blue wave of dragon breath, covering everyone to resist the attack!

Tear ~! Suddenly, the blue waves exploded, and ghost-like ghost images flew by. Many dragon clan strongmen hadn't reacted yet.

The ancient dragons of the five teams were all wounded, blood was flowing, and the dragon's body was torn open!

"What a weird attack!"

"A master who is good at concealment, be careful, heal quickly!"

When the elders in the team reacted, they immediately screamed. However, a shadow appeared above everyone's head!

"Gaga, the blood of the dragon, I like it!"

The shadow of the shadow man's fingerprints suddenly changed, and the defense of the dragon clan was torn apart. The wounded elders immediately turned blood, and the dragon blood spewed out of control!

The dragon blood turned into a blood column, and was sucked into the mouth by the man. The pure energy of blood and blood nourished the wound, and his strength gradually recovered!

Some of the elders who were strong enough to suppress this strange suction force barely kept their dragon blood from being drained, but their strength was greatly limited.

Some elders with poor cultivation showed signs of paleness in the blink of an eye!

At this time, a pair of gray wings spread out in the air, Yu Ruojintang is solid iron, is an eighth-order Yinsha knife eagle!

The wings of the sword eagle spread out in anger, whistling out hundreds of snow flakes of grey and white sharp edges, slashing!

boom! boom! boom!

Many dragon elders were repulsed, and this horizontal attack was caught off guard by the opponent!

Three figures appeared, one was a Yinshadaoying, one was a dry old man whose blood was surging, one was empty in both eyes, his eyes were dug, but his whole body was murderous!

Each one is a super powerhouse, they can be comparable to the four powerhouses of the Holy Realm in their heyday, they are the criminals of Dragon Prison!

They have joined forces! If it weren't for their animal veins and cultivation practice to be abolished by more than half, the heyday of these three people would kill all five teams!

"Damn, fight with them!"

The ancient dragons are not weak on this side, they fight back, and the battle is about to happen!

This scene was witnessed by some strong men in the Wanlong venue. After the war was triggered, many strong men were shocked. The means of these dragon prisoners are really cruel! Zhao Zhao wants to kill his life, and is extremely spicy.

Suddenly, the corners of some of the powerful people in the venue were slightly drawn!

They found that the sight of the Blue Dragon clan was in line with the battle of the former, but this British state actually led people to squat next to it?

When they saw them quietly moving, everyone shivered a few times!

Damn, this guy is about to start doing things again!


Lin Chen: "Sneak into the village, don't shoot."