My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1208

Vol 5 Chapter 1208: Qinglong Tribe Start Counterattack

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The three Dragon Prison criminals are very cunning, sometimes use circuitous and attrition battles, and then take advantage of the ancient Dragon Clan team's inattention, and instantly kill the weakest Dragon Clan in the team!

There are still a total of 62 people in the five teams. Although the prisoners of the Dragon Prison are strong, they have suffered a lot of counterattacks and injuries. Their new injuries plus old injuries are even more painful.

The targets of the criminals are very clear, not to destroy this large team, but to kill 9 people!

For every three targets killed, they will be granted pardons!

When the ninth person of the five teams perished, the three criminals had almost no communication, and one look was a momentary retreat, vicious and fierce, decisive killing! Run after killing!

"Elder Mo, protect the prince first, don't chase it."

Some elders are chasing after their desires, but they are limited by the injury of their masters and can no longer act.

The order they received was that the death-bearing prince and princesses arrived at the third pass and were baptized by the dragon totem.

This will give them the honor of honoring the Dragon Clan and will bring new hope to the Dragon Clan!

"Hey, these guys' blood is really good."

"It's just that some old guys are a bit difficult to deal with, and if this seat is at its heyday, they will swallow them in one bite!"

"Anyway, we have been granted pardons..."

When the three criminals haven't withdrawn far away, the world has changed dramatically!

Three grey and white rungs descend from the sky, the dragon is enchanted by the dragon, the space stagnation is only in an instant!

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~! Bang!

The tremendous blue dragon breath is like a light blade, or a storm tornado, or a breath like a pillar of light, surging from all three criminals in all directions, covering the wild!

The offensive was too sudden, and the three Dragon Prison criminals had no time to escape, even though the response was so quick, the range of the offensive was too wide!

In addition, the movement becomes dull and stagnant, and there is no time to even set up the defense in time!


boom! boom! boom!

The ceiling is falling, the blue light flashes across the sky, and the three dragon prisoners are at the center of the whirlpool of attack for an instant!

Tear ~! Three magnificent blue dragons pierced the heads of the three criminals!

Even more weird is that when a stream of air tears and the empty space arrives, the blue dragon light like a sword blasts three criminals!

Long Guang was divided into five. Before the three criminals were noticed, the breath disappeared completely, as if they had never appeared!



The five dragon clan teams immediately sensed this offensive, and the affected dragon's breath offensive made them feel a similar breath!

"This breath is... those Qinglong clan!"

The battle dissipated the mist a little, and the five teams witnessed the situation ahead in no time!

The Qinglong tribe gathered together, and the center was wearing a silver robe and wearing a silver dragon mask, holding three exquisite and transparent beast cores in his hand.

"Dead... dead?"

"Just kidding, those three guys with such terrifying powers were killed instantaneously?"

The elders of the five dragon clan teams were dumbfounded, and the strength of the three criminals was very clear! Even their dozens of holy dragons are unable to completely parry!

Among the five teams, there are many elders with 4 billion dragons. Even so, they are still injured!

This force of terror has been extinguished by one of the most trashy Qinglong tribes?

Seemingly feeling their gaze, Lin Chen turned to smile at them.

"Oh, I just passed by here just now, when I met three cunning and gangsters, I expected to fight a war, but I didn't expect you to hit them for the next shot, and then supplemented by this king's sneak attack, our cooperation is really seamless. . I hope that there will be such a thing next time, and you must call me the Qinglong tribe, and I will take the lead in charging!

The corners of everyone's mouth twitched...

Damn, you need to be ashamed! Who is special to cooperate with you, you are just picking up ready-made!

And listening to his tone seems to have discovered these three people already?

Taking a step back to the sky and the sky, the elders further thought more and more angry!

"let's go!"

Elder Mo waved his hands, dare not to speak out, but everyone can see that the Qinglong tribe is different than before!

The record of the Heavenly Plane can be explained by gravity pressure, but the record in front of them is enough to show that they have real combat strength!

"Too strong! New king, how do you know exactly where the criminals are?"

The elder stared at the 300-point dragon offer in the jade card, and his heartbeat accelerated.

This dragon offering value is even difficult for the elders of his strength to accumulate in their lifetime!

Lin Chen said seriously: "Because, this king is so handsome. Even this huge whale plane has to give me this face."

Mu Tianqing: "..."

Qinglong elders: "..."


Within the Wanlong venue, there was a brief silence.

This time, the eyes of all the powerful people on the Qinglong tribe are full of shock, consternation, unbelievable, and full of coercion!

At the first level, even if the performance of the Qinglong tribe was somewhat unexpected, no one could despise this tribe.

Moreover, even if the new king of Qinglong took the top spot, not many people have ever looked at the Qinglong family!

The reason is simple, strength and blood. The Qinglong tribe does not stick to each other, and there is only one Qinglong new king who is dazzling.

But this time is different! The Qinglong tribe has completely transformed!

Although the three dragon prisoners were wounded by the five dragon clan teams, the fierce prestige is still there, and the blue dragon clan swarmed them all, and they all were seriously injured in one breath!

The supernatural power they make is the Excellence Level!

The elder Qinglong, the second elder, and the three Mu Tianqing even played a top-level supernatural power, "Ten thousand broken dragon guns"!

The Qinglong clan, who was removed from the ancient dragon clan, played the top-level supernatural power that only the ancient dragon clan had?

"I know the Dragon King, the last generation of the Qinglong Clan, and the Qinglong Clan at that time was far from such a heritage!"

"Mu Tianqing of the Qinglong tribe is known as the last hope of the Qinglong tribe. Her bloodline-grade old man has seen it and is far from reaching today's level."

"It's Gil Ying Bang Bang! What can bring such a tremendous change, only this Qinglong new king is possible!"

"Lao Tzu said that his silver dragon mask looked like some ancient things, multiple blood lines, and transformed into the blue dragon clan. It is really because of the rise of the blue dragon clan!"

There were countless arguments and surprises in the venue.

But any person with a normal brain can't underestimate the Qinglong tribe!

Their bloodlines are at least four ranks!

Now they are qualified to compete with ancient dragons!

Lin Chen strengthened the bloodline of the Blue Dragon Clan to +15, which increased the overall 410%, which is equivalent to the potential of the bloodline grade of the Blue Dragon Clan elders to be more than 4 times!

Especially the eight-year-old elders of the Qinglong tribe, their accumulation is already very powerful, but they cannot be broken through because of their blood quality.

When Lin Chen transformed their bloodline grades for them, this bottleneck broke through directly!

The surge of 30 million to 90 million dragon veins on the spot, which is also the second level to enter, why the Qinglong clan all suspected that Lin Chen was even a "dragon clan"!

"Hahaha, I am worthy of the guy who got the Purple Dragon Ball and lived up to the special rewards that I carefully set. It fell on this little guy and should be the most outstanding!"

After the laughter of the enchanting youth in white clothes, a whistling whistle humorously-"The geniuses of the Taiko Dragons are going to suffer."

Qinglong tribe, start counterattack! !