My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1209

Vol 5 Chapter 1209: Too Cruel

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The gray-clothed old lady on the high platform stared at Lin Chen's light screen deadly, her eyes glowing with a refined light, as if to see through everything!

"Even his wife didn't see his trajectory, how many secrets does this have?"


[Achieve 8900 intermediate sky value, 200 million advanced qi blood, 10,000 advanced rune energy, 1000 intermediate talent points, 200 million essence of fighting spirit, 1200 dark energy...]

[The host opens a five-light supreme treasure chest and gains: 100,000 set essence.

Kill the three Dragon Prison criminals, Lin Chen's attribute value advances by leaps and bounds!

"The thin camel is bigger than the horse, this sentence is true! No matter how seriously injured, it is also an eighth-order intermediate sacred beast comparable to the fourfold of the Holy Realm. It is only a matter of time before the dragon breaks through 7 billion dragon power!"

Put away the three eighth-level intermediate holy beast cores, Lin Chen is very excited, and his attribute value is fully collected, but the advanced qi and blood attribute is continuously transferred to the holy dragon to help his dragon veins open wildly!

"New King, or this time we will find a place to hide enough for 29 days? The three criminals have already received 300 points of dragon offer, which will allow you and Miss Tian Qing to enter the third hurdle, and our old guys will be eliminated. It doesnt matter, as long as someone advances, the honor of the Dragon Honor has been reached."

The more conservative three elders suggested that although his strength soared, he did not expand.

With their strength, they can easily handle any ancient dragons in one-on-one encounters, and they can also fight against ancient dragons!

But if you encounter the Taikoo Dragon, the situation is not so good!

There are too many strong teams in the Taikoo Dragons. Not every time they have the opportunity to pick up both losses and injury, they may be destroyed by a little carelessness!

In addition, the level of the criminals in the Dragon Prison is too horrible. The elders of the Qinglong tribe have recognized the perverted difficulty of the second level! Most of the elders only want to get the honorable dragon clan, and let Mu Tianqing enter the third hurdle alone to be satisfied!

Lin Chen laughed wildly-"Counsel a blue man, this king has a handsome friend who once said, coercion, not qualified to become a strong man!"

Lin Chen's domineering wave!

"The elders, but now the Wanlong Society, one of the grand festivals below the ancient ancient dragon clan, our blue dragon clan has already been out of the encirclement, everyone, how many times have your dragon students stood under such a grand stage? There must be firewood, and the green mountains and waters are beautiful, and someone has to keep it! You are willing to die, and dare to dismount the emperor!"

All the elders of the Qinglong tribe suddenly froze!

Yes! This is the Wanlong Society, one of the Dragon's Wannian Festival!

The once-declined Wanzai Qinglong tribe, like a shivering child shrunk in the corner, faced the ridicule and humiliation of the outside world again and again, licking his teeth and gritting his teeth, and enduring humiliation.

Why did they ever think of standing on this stage and taking the lead?

Do not fight at this time, when to wait! !

Even if it is dead, it is also at the Wanlong meeting! Died under the gate to the honorable dragon clan, without regret!

"I would like to follow the new king and fight for the honor of the Qinglong tribe!"

The elders of the Qinglong clan roared, and the hesitation and hesitation in the eyes disappeared, and some had a terrible fighting spirit like fire!

Lin Chen glanced at everyone with satisfaction.

He did not tell the elders the effect of the purple dragon ball, Lin Chen was testing them.

He is not a dragon, and sooner or later he will leave this race. Those who have power and no **** arrogance will eventually submit to other races.

He wanted to give it a try. Is there any courage to help this last dragon of the Qinglong tribe!

Mu Tianqing's cold and moving cheeks appeared a rare admiration.

The rising trend of the new king is bound to be unstoppable!

Lin Chen waved her hand and suddenly drank coldly!

"The elders of the Qinglong clan listen to the orders and follow me. As long as they can survive, this king guarantees that all your members can reach the third level, and everyone can get the baptism of the dragon totem!"


On this day, the giant whale plane began to set off a legend that frightened the dragon!

There is a haunted team of dragons, galloping the plane of the giant whale!

They either don't show up, or they enter the battle desperately as soon as they appear! The ancient dragon clan that killed all parties was frightened, and the liver and gallbladder were split!

In all the areas where they have appeared, the Dragon Prisoners have no chance to escape, and their shots are desperate, the fierceness of the arrogance, and even passed to the team of the Taiko Dragons!

Some Archaic dragons couldn't help but search for this team, but they found nothing!

The fog in the plane of the giant whale is too strong, and it is impossible to search too much range at the same time despite the means of the Taiko Dragons.

Finally, after nearly ten days of fierce fighting, many dragon clan also encountered each other, this dragon clan team, unveiled the mysterious veil.

This team seems to be the Blue Dragon tribe that became the target of the public!

What made the ancient dragon tribes even more afraid was the new king of the Qinglong tribe, the fierce British state!

But whenever he appears, it must be a sneak attack towards the back, and at the same time as a group of insidious, but also strong scalp numbness, the criminals of the Dragon Prison have no chance to escape defense!

This new dragon is called by the teams of all parties: Chrysanthemum Terminator Gil Ying Bang Bang!

For Lin Chen, behind-the-scenes attacks can trigger the sneak attack effect of the Strike Raider talent, and the attack power triples!

Combined with the effect of Purple Dragon Ball and the Tianyin Rune, Lin Chen and the Qinglong tribe are simply in a position of time and place! With the blessing of "Instant Light", a perfect sneak attack can make Lin Chen play 15 times more powerful attack!

For example, Lin Chen is like a young man with a sharp figure who can perceive the audience, and all the dragon teams are like strong masked men!

No matter how strong the man is, it is not a plate of meat without seeing clearly?

In the Wanlong venue, those dragon teams eliminated in the first hurdle couldn't help but tremble with fear.

They looked down on the Qinglong tribe before, thinking they were the weakest in terms of overall strength?

Now it seems that, not a new king of Qinglong, the Qinglong tribe is not weaker than any ancient dragon tribe!

If you count this perverted British state, even the top ancient dragon team may not be their opponents!

If this guy provokes this guy, they are the end of the second Chilong tribe!


Many of the dragon prison criminals in the plane of the lurking giant whale heard this name, and the criminals who have always been gangsters also feel scalp numbness!

Some criminals in the Dragon Prison have even begun to form large-scale teams to unite. Don't dare to act rashly!

And the situation changed since the twentieth day!

The criminals of the Dragon Prison have formed several joint forces, solid as a golden soup, with the momentum of sweeping, destroying the decimated sweeping plane of the giant whale. Once some dragon clan teams encounter, they will definitely be wiped out!

In this way, let alone pass the assessment, some dragon teams that are not the top strength are even a problem!

In the Wanlong venue, all the dragons were able to watch this strange situation, twitching their mouths, and shaking their brows!

"This British nation... actually frightened those criminals!"

"It's too cruel, just hit all the criminals in a joint team action!"