My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1210

Vol 5 Chapter 1210: Seal The Hole

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Such a drastic change and strange situation, the dragon clan powers did not expect!

Which of these Dragon Prison criminals is not a cunning, sophisticated, and sophisticated guy?

They knew each other very well. If they joined forces, they would secretly make a shadow and stab in the back. If you are a little careless, you will be pitted by your peers without even having bones!

It is difficult for criminals to act together!

But they just met a "New Dragon King" who didn't play cards according to common sense! Beat them alive to have to unite!

"Ma'am, what special reward did this guy put on the dust, how could this kid look like a desolate ancient dragon, no one can stop it, no one can catch it!"

"If you fight like this, more than 80% of the teams will be eliminated!"

"No, you have to change the content of the assessment. If you don't change the assessment, it will be destroyed!"

"How can this be changed! The assessment time has passed so long, and you have to change it now, how many things have to happen!"


In the Wanlong meeting place, many dragon clan strongmen looked at the high platform with stunned faces.

The Gilying State of the Qinglong tribe, with their own strength, struck the Wanlong Club to revise the assessment content halfway?

This has never been the case since the Wanlong Association!

Why is this going to heaven?

"Dust evil, in the final analysis is still your problem!"

"What special reward did you give him? Let this kid be upset!"

Facing the powerful eyes of everyone, the young man in white, Chen Xie laughed and scolded.

"His mother, why do you stare at Lao Tzu one by one? This seat gave this kid a special reward to watch the coordinates of all the giant whale planes. How do I know that this kid is so perverted that it can make this assessment upside down? , You cant do that with any team from the Taikoo Dragons."

That's right, no dragon family can make a perfect use of the "Purple Dragon Ball" effect than the blue dragon family!

First, the Qinglong tribe has enough offensive to attract firepower, and Lin Chen can explode firepower to the maximum due to the talents of the attackers and the instant light splitting!

Second, the slow runes have a magical effect on sneak attacks! Not to mention Lin Chens new level 7 slow runes, the effect is also 50% more effective than level 6 slow runes.

Third, the runes of the sky can perfectly hide the offensive of the sneak attackers, and no one can perceive it.

Originally, this series of means could only be regarded as individual hole cards and killer skills, and did not have the possibility of controlling such a big situation.

But when everything establishes the effect of Purple Dragon Ball and the misty environment on the plane of the giant whale, Lin Chens series of killers are like a dragon entering the sea, and the purple dragon ball is even more powerful!

"Hey, look, this Qinglong clan doesn't act anymore?"

"They are aware of the unity of the criminals in the Dragon Prison, and it seems that this time the assessment will indeed change..."

Everyone looked at each other, and was about to make the worst decision, an old thought carrying an endless dragon and a buzzing sound from the void!

The dragons are shocked!

This dragon power is derived from the absolute suppression of blood and strength!

The dragon clan strongman in the field, the eighth-level intermediate cultivation is not a few, comparable to the human race holy realm more than fourfold, faced with that dragon power idea, I feel as small as a ants!

Is the Xeon dragon high-level!

A group of dragon clan trembling, as if receiving some instructions, staring at each other in amazement.

"It's too evil, this child has attracted the attention of the high-level!"

"The meaning of the senior level is to continue the assessment and prohibit modification?"

"And listening to his tone, he seems to want him to make it bigger?"

The gray-clothed old woman was terrified, and the old eyes radiated a rare excitement, trembling and murmured-"The seniors are determined to watch this son, they are very likely to cultivate this son! Even at the risk of losing individual Taikoo dragons The prince or princess must also test this child's potential!"


The giant whale plane, Qinghao Mountain. Lin Chen, sitting on his knees, controlled the body of the Holy Dragon and entered into a state of cultivation.

The elders of the Qinglong tribe are like him, retreat and practice, and take care of healing.

Their dragons were devastated and scarred, but their breath was stronger and stronger, like a stronger rock polished by hurricanes and waves!

These days of fierce battles have sharpened their life levels. I believe that not long after, the elders of the Qinglong tribe can soar again!

Two days later, when the elders opened their eyes, their eyes were like electricity, and their injuries recovered by 70 to 80%.

"The old man never dreamed that we would be the first in the second level!"

"Old guys, don't be too happy. Our Dragon Offer is worth 4,800 points, although it is very high, but there may be a team of Taikoo Dragons stronger than us."

"Haha, anyway, the old man is worth his life. It hasn't been so long and hard to hit the sky and it's dark, and the battle will be rewarding, cool!"

"Yeah, thanks to the new king's blessing, we old guys can all advance to the third hurdle, accept the blood of the ancestors' totem, and don't dare to think about things in my lifetime..."

"I don't know what the origin and purpose of the new king is, why should we help us so hard..."

The elders had just left the gate, and when talking about the sound, only the majestic Mu Tianqing looked at the direction of the mountain top, and was a little lost.

"Why? Miss is not interesting to him?"

The elder ridiculed and echoed in Mu Tianqing's ear. She coughed lightly, so she didn't change her face, but her ears were reddish, and she said seriously: "How come, I promised my father, before revitalizing the glory of the Qinglong clan, No mention of men and women."

The elder elder said with a smile: "Miss said, after passing the Wanlong meeting, we became the honor dragon clan and got baptized with totems. Isn't it the revitalization of the blue dragon clan. If the lady is interested then, you can always consider that aspect."

Mu Tianqing was startled.

Then, the elder said solemnly: "Miss, this time with the help of this noble person, we Qinglong tribe must keep him! Although we do not know his purpose, he must be my benefactor of the Qinglong tribe, if you If I can tie my knot with the benefactor, then the Qinglong tribe is the true glory that can restore the ancestors!"

Mu Tianqing's eyes were dull-"How can it be so easy, he... so amazing, I can feel that I am just an ordinary partner in his eyes..."

Suddenly, a wave of dragon spirit waved up!

The elders are happy, it is the end of the cultivation of the new king!

Lin Chen exhaled, his eyes flicked through the sharp awns, and he said-"Beheaded and killed dozens of powerful dragon prisoners, my senior qi and blood climbed a lot, and I had to share it with the body to absorb it. 800 million entries were opened, but it couldn't be rushed, it seems to be caught in a bottleneck..."

The 800 million dragon veins are 8 billion dragon powers, corresponding to the trinity of the holy land of the human race.

If you go one step further, it is a breakthrough to the shackles, which is extremely difficult. If you go one step further, you can be qualified as a quasi-eighth intermediate beast.

Many holy beasts are unable to take this most critical step because of blood limitation! But i Linchen has the blood of the Holy Phoenix, and the growth limit is higher. What he lacks now is abundant accumulation!