My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1211

Vol 5 Chapter 1211: Cooperation

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"The new part of the Golden God of War suit is..."

Lin Chen clicks on the system and clicks on the package function.

[Golden God of War Set Owned Parts-Ultimate Armguard (right piece), component charge: 0.50%. Ultimate leg armor (left piece), component charge: 0.10%.

[Note: To integrate a complete Ares suit, you need to collect all the parts and increase the charge to 100% before they can be used together. The suit is not formed, and the Ares parts can only play a very small part of the power.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly. He consumed so much of the essence of the suit, and the armament of the Ares was only 0.50% power? No 1%?

"Such a low charge will allow me to temporarily have a pure power comparable to the fivefold of the Holy Realm. If it is increased to 100%? I am afraid that even the Seventh and Eighth Holy Realm can be knocked out with one punch?"

Trembling inside, Lin Chen felt deeply the perversion of this God of War suit!

At this stage, any talent and rune cannot be compared to the ace of the God of War suit!

Of course, if the talent or rune is matched with the Ares suit parts, the power exerted will be far more than normal. For example, the last Sky Reverse plus the Ares armor is the best match.

If not, Lin Chen cannot explode the power of Sacred Realm's fivefold briefly, and cannot kill nine old Sacred Realm's fourfold in a short time!

"Now my flesh shell strength is increasing rapidly, plus a left leg armor. Unless it is similar to the top five of the top of the genius list or the level of the monster list, it can stop me, otherwise it is like the flow of ancient Wanquan. If you want to escape, the other party can't stop you."

Lin Chen was very happy, this Wanlong meeting, the harvest far exceeded his expectations!

Then, he looked at the Taoyuan planting capsules again. All the Qiyun Lingzhi have grown to the peak. The energy of Thunder Vine from the Void Thunder Pond will be condensed by the five Lingzhi into a new thunder crystal!

All of Lin Chen's avatars are in a weird state! Like a state of suspended animation, the breath is restrained and immobile.

Lin Chens body and the avatar in the Taiyi Space-Time occult light closed tightly. This is the unique skill of Taiyi Futian Jue: Seal the cave!

Use the short-term closure of Tai Yi space-time, hide all the energy of the holy cave in Tai Yi space-time, perfectly hide your breath, and consolidate the accumulation of holy power.

Each of the dragon prison criminals beheaded by Lin Chen will drop a high amount of attribute value. His cultivation behavior has already reached several times or even higher than the breakthrough bottleneck limit!

If the hole is not sealed, with Lin Chen's strength, this skyrocketing attribute value cannot be suppressed. Will forcibly break holes and expose whereabouts.

After glancing at the little shadow of full sleep, Lin Chen is helpless. This little guy has a natural advantage and talent for concealing his breath. Even if he is promoted, he will not reveal the slightest breath.

Lin Chen turned to look again. If the outsider witnessed this scene when he got the Bang Bang from Haotian Saint King, he might be scared to death!

At this time, the crystal-clear sticks exuded a glorious blue brilliance, and beside it, there was a pile of seeds of Qiyunling planted!

At least more than twenty!

Twenty seeds of the next best luck planting seeds? This huge amount of wealth is enough to make any holy realm quadruple and quintet, and make it crazy!

"I never imagined that the bodies of these criminals in the Dragon Prison could be absorbed by this stick. Haha, someone in Lin could not only call him handsome, but also a group of rich people! Not even a small goal?"


Seeing the eyes of the Qinglong tribe, Lin Chen withdrew his mind and said a serious way-"Next I want to make something bigger, I need your help."

The elders looked at each other, and their hearts were excited!

When Lin Chen entrusted his plan, the elders were shocked!

"Here, the new king, are you sure you want to do this... if this happens, it will set off a big scuffle between the two parties!"

The elder swallowed hard.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, and the eyes in the silver dragon's mask glanced a little bit: "If you want a big dogfight, if there is less dogfight, this king is not happy."

The corners of the elders' mouths were slightly twitched, and this new king was really pierced and not afraid!

"That's it, act according to plan, three days later, see you at the agreed place!"

Lin Chen and everyone decided to clap their hands and act separately!


One day later, the giant whale plane, the most intense position of the mist, Silent Valley.

The sound of "crunchy" bites echoed in the valley, eerie and horrified.

A silver robe figure went into the valley, and said loudly.

"I have a big business and I don't know if you are interested in talking."

No one in the valley responded, and the dark bite stopped.

Lin Chen smiled indifferently: "The two of you, one is still chewing roasted dragon legs in the south of Qili, and the other is scratching the buttocks in the gully of Jiuli in the north. Don't hide it.

Ka... The crunch came to an abrupt end, and two strange figures emerged from Lin Chen one after the other.

"Boy, who are you? Why do you know where I am waiting?"

"Your bloodline seems to be rubbish. I don't like it, but the meat is braised and it should be pretty good."

The duo's greasy and greasy faces are messy and cold, and the owl looks like an eagle, as if they were crawling out of the sewer. Only the dragon-like animal veins flashed throughout the body, demonstrating the strength of the two!

These two men are more than one grade better than the dragon prison criminal Lin Chen encountered!

They are the few'gray spots' found by Lin Chen in the Purple Dragon Ball. After Lin Chen's recent determination, these'grey spots' represent extremely dangerous dragon prisoners!

It was said by the Dragon Clan Meng Neng, kill a terrorist criminal who can get 500 points dragon offer!

Lin Chen sneered: "Brazilian? Don't be afraid of death, just come up and try it? Don't you want to know why I know your position, this king is the handsome man of Gil Ying Bangbang!"

The gray-haired man moved "You are the chrysanthemum terminator, British state?"

"Yingbangbang has a hammer, I will kill you first!"

The other black-robed man grinned and pulled a residual image toward Lin Chen!

The gray-white rung descended from the sky, while Lin Chen directly played the slow rune, the blue dragon arm appeared, and a move of Wan Zai Xuanguang Blade greeted!

boom! boom! boom!

In the blink of an eye, the valley was shaken. The two had fought for 100 rounds. When they separated, the black robe man's waist was bloody. Lin Chen's breath was embarrassed, but he was completely injured.

"Fuck, it's a little tricky, no wonder you can eat so many guys..."

The man in black robe wiped his waist with blood, as if he dared not drink his blood like waste.

"Since you have heard of my name, you should know that my means do not know these. If you want to work hard, the coach will be compelled to accompany me. How do you want to fight or talk about cooperation?"

Lin Chen spread his wings, and the long-haired man finally showed a trace of shock: "Double bloodline?"

Lin Chen knows that these fierce and fierce guys can only bear them with their strength. If they want to talk to them about cooperation, they should be defeated first!

The atmosphere is silent...