My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1212

Vol 5 Chapter 1212: It Should Fly So Cool

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After a moment, the gray-haired man's eyes narrowed: "Tell me about your cooperation."

Lin Chen held out his finger-"Two days later, I will attract a group of Taikoo dragons to the vast sea in the plane of the giant whale, and you are responsible for calling the criminals on your side and helping me to do them together. I will borrow from you Hand, kill my enemy."

"Oh?" The gray-haired man raised an eyebrow. "By borrowing a knife to kill?"

Lin Chen smiled and said: "It's only mutual benefit. You have the flesh and blood of the Taiko Dragons. I can kill my enemy, and I can do both."

"Okay, I promise you. The vast sea, will I, then I will gather people, how many people are there in your family?"

The long-haired man was pleasantly surprised.

Lin Chen was not surprised. He touched his chin and smiled, "About 20 people. You need to call more people. It's better to kill them all."

"Oh, I hope your kid doesn't play any tricks. Although the old man has become a temporary criminal, if he dies, the young young man like you will come and kill one!"

The long-haired man warned.

Lin Chen smiled: "I am so young, at first glance is a honest child, how can I play tricks, I wish us a happy cooperation in advance."


The black-robed man wondered: "Brother, why did you promise him? What if he cheated?"

"Big Brother" sneered sullenly-"Lao Tzu wouldn't want him to cheat, we'll just count it! The Taikoo Dragons are full of monsters, our brothers have already learned this, this business, our brothers can't swallow it alone, we can call for more Many guys, fish in muddy water!"

"He is very likely to bring more people, then we will also call more guys, only fishermen, not reckless. If the situation is unfavorable, we will slip away, if the situation is favorable, we will touch the fish, we can attack. , Retreat can be hidden. Ha ha, such a good thing, why not agree?"

"Big Brother" licked his tongue: "We have accumulated enough targets for forgiveness of crimes, but if we can only eat one Taikoo Dragon before we are released from prison, it will be a great tonic to our wounds, isn't it!"

Hearing the elder brother's call, the black robe man's eyes were bright, and he nodded again and again-"Yes, if we go out, and we want to hunt the Taikoo Dragons, there is almost no chance! These guys can only pick some tender even in our heyday Or weakly pinch, big brother wise!"

"Go, spread the news!"


Lin Chen was lurking in the edge of the valley, watching the two leave, and smiled indifferently: "You want to rebel against me, the coach has expected you early, see me to rebel against you again!"

Lin Chen is going to make a big hit!

Others don't know the situation of other teams, but he controls the effect of the purple dragon ball, and he knows all the information about the plane of the giant whale!

Judging from the speed and direction of the disappearance of the Dragon Prisoners, there are at least ten teams of the Taiko Dragons. It is possible that Dragon Offering Value is higher than him!

Among them, the three teams of the Dark Dragon, Prince Xuanzhens Prison Dragon and Burial Phantom Dragon are faster than his Lin Chen at destroying the criminals of the Dragon Prison. This is derived from the absolute strength of the suppression belt. Here comes the effect!

"You are touching the fish in muddy water, the young man is picking his head in chaos. My strength depends on picking up!"


In the last three days from the end of the assessment, the entire whale plane is surging!

Of the three largest groups of criminals in the Dragon Prison, two groups have already received the rumors of The Archaic Dragon Clan,

And some scattered criminals also received the wind, intending to "fish in the muddy water", and finally fight for a pardoned quota.

On the dragon side, many ancient dragon and ancient dragon teams received news from the Qinglong!

Kuishan, a dragon team received a letter.

They spread out.

"The Blue Dragon Clan Ying Bangbang, the Dragon Clan Prince of all parties involved in the battle, decisive battle against the vast sea?"

"The new king of the Qinglong clan will be named to challenge all the princes, princesses, and those who refuse to fight in the vast sea in two days. Will the Qinglong clan be regarded as the king of persuasion?"

A prince Long sneered contemptuously: "What kind of spicy chicken fierce method, can't you change something fresh?"

The prince turned and asked the elder: "Elder Yuanfang, what do you think?"

"This challenge must be fraudulent?"

"Not as good as we will count?"

"Prince Ben decided to go to the appointment, hahaha, just before Prince Ben passed, it would bring some surprise to the new king of Qinglong!"


All dragons from all sides received challenges from the Qinglong!

Some disdain, some anger, some count, some go to appointments, some secretly form a team. Some faced it indifferently and went to the meeting easily...

All storms, all gathered in the vast sea!

In the Wanlong venue;

"Something wrong, this Qinglong clan hasn't acted recently?"

"Many dragon clan teams have also ceased to fight. What letter did the Qinglong clan send?"

"The old man always has a bad feeling..."

Everyone has a bad heart, and always feels that this British country wants to do things again!

On the third day, the vast sea. Here, it is the thinnest fog in the plane of the giant whale. The normal perceptible range of the dragon family is about 50 to 100 miles.

The ocean and the sea are like waves and waves, and the energy of the violent and turbulent water system sinks to the bottom of the sea.

A silver dragon mask stood on the sea.

He stood against the wind, holding his chest with both hands.

Overseas, above an island.

"Will the new king's plan be too chaotic!"

"Will these people get hooked?"

"I don't know. Once there are too many people, I am afraid that the entire vast sea will have to be overturned by more than half!"

The elders of the Qinglong tribe sweated in their palms, and Mu Tianqing looked around.

Suddenly, Mu Tianqing sent a cold voice-"Attention, someone is coming!"


The clouds broke open, the sky dropped a beam of thunder and fire clouds, and moved from the sky!

"Hahaha, what a British nation, dare to provoke the majesty of the Taikoo Dragon Clan? This Prince has long wanted to teach you the fellow who is a noble monk!"

"Dragon race is to compare the quality of bloodline rather than quantity. Although you have many bloodlines, all of them are rubbish, so the Holy Phoenix bloodline can barely be seen."

The comers are the extremely **** thunder dragon prince and the ten thousand fire dragon prince!

Their elders are not around!

But Lin Chen knew very well that the elders of their party had been on standby in the void near the vast sea, but in any case, they could arrive in two hours without breathing!

"Why the two of you? Are the Archaic Dragons guys all coerced?"

Lin Chen laughed amusedly, the words just fell, and another breath that shook the heavens came to the world and descended into the vast sea!

"Bing Bangbang, what kind of stinky fish do you think? The rules of the Qinglong tribe that had hindered the Wanlong Association did not strike you, but it is not necessary now!"

Bang ~! Long Wei grabbed people's attention, such as Wanyue Zhentian, the raging waves of the sea were instantly suppressed, a dragon robe carved by Huang Jinrust appeared in the air, the person came with a fierce eyebrow, and his face was like white jade, his eyes were full of arrogance. !

It was the Prince Xuanzhen who appeared in the Qinglong tribe and tried to force Mu Tianqing to sleep!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he was a little excited, with a murderous smile.

"Are you here too, if you kill this guy, in all senses, the coach should be so happy to fly!"

The princes were surprised, this guy still wanted to kill them? Come true?