My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1213

Vol 5 Chapter 1213: And Killer Skills

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"Kill the prince? Just your little and ridiculous power? Ha ha ha ha! Come to death, England!"

Prince Xuanzhen grabbed Lin Chen with a claw in the air, and when the crystal wall of the space collapsed, it turned into several earth and rock dragon claws, and the space was frozen!

Lin Chen kicked in the palm of his feet, the blue body protector for thousands of years, and the flesh shell slammed into one.

"Uh... you have 8 billion dragon power?"

Prince Xuanzhen was slightly stunned, and the two princes were also wonderful!

At the time of the Tianman plane, they clearly felt that the power of this new dragon was only about 5.5 billion dragon power at best!

This was only spent more than 20 days in the second pass, what is 8 billion?

Where is the monster! Unless he hides his strength in the plane of heaven!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and Prince Xuanzhen must defend with all his strength when he hit him!

Although both sides have 8 billion dragon powers, the strength of this guy is comparable to that of the monster list!

"It's really deep..."

Prince Xuanzhen said with a smile: "How about 8 billion dragon power, this junk blood, this prince can fight ten!"

Lin Chen raised a brow: "Is your Excellency the legendary Wing Chun Ye Xuanzhen?"

Prince Xuanzhen was murderous, his shoulders were shocked, and his power was like Wanyue, and the two princes also surrounded Lin Chen's position.

Lin Chen laughed, "What's the hurry, don't you like playing ten? This time the coach made you prepare hundreds!"


Lin Chen snapped his fingers, and the vast overseas trembling shocked!

A large number of figures appeared in all directions in the sky, hundreds of them, and at a glance, there were hundreds of dragon prisoners in the void!

Its breath is arrogant and all are criminals of Dragon Prison!

It is a team of two long prison criminals united together!

Even more criminals are actually heading out from under the vast sea, and a pair of vulture-like eyes are staring at the people above the sea!

"Hahaha, it was actually his mother's three Taikoo Dragon princes!"

"Don't fight with Lao Tzu! I want to chew their dragon tendons!"

"There is this Ying Bang Bang, mother, I want to chrysanthemum him!"

These criminals of the Dragon Prison were so angry that they didn't even mean to cooperate with Lin Chen, and they also planned to kill him and just eat black!

The three Crown Princes were all those who had seen the big scene. Seeing that they were surrounded by the criminals of the Dragon Prison, they did not panic. Prince Xuanzhen sneered at the corner of his mouth.

"I really thought that you gang of criminals could win this prince? Ying Bangbang, it's not just you who have the back hand!"

Bang ~!

Several bundles of Dragon Breath St. Mang traversed the vast sea.

boom! boom! boom!

Longxi Shengmang broke through the encirclement formed by the criminals of the Dragon Prison and bombarded more than a dozen criminals of the Dragon Prison into serious injuries. Two of them died on the spot!

"The Ten Thousand Fire Dragons are back!"

"Ji Que Thunder Dragon is back! You are my prince, death prince!"

"Xuanyue Town Yulong arrived, I waited for my life first to the prince!"

"Azure Canglong Arrives!"


A team of dragons appeared in the sky, not only the team of three dragon princes, but also many teams of Taikoo dragons and ancient dragons!

The entire Dragon squad that ran for the second hurdle was at least two-thirds this time!

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose slightly!

He had long expected that these guys would come. Under the Purple Dragon Ball, everyone's actions were clear!

"Damn, a bunch of pretentious guys, the old man will destroy you today!"

"A group of dragon elders counts as bird feathers! Lao Tzu has even dealt with the Dragon King's mother dragon. It is not easy to engage you today!"

"Fight the damn!"

With the criminals under the vast sea, the number of criminals in the Dragon Prison is close to 800 people!

Each of the Dragon Prison criminals is extremely powerful. Except for the powerful Taiko Dragon elders, very few people can play against them one-on-one!

Rumble~! Sigh~! Bang~!

Thousands of miles from the sea shock, the whirlpool was angry. Between the waves, the endless dragon breath bombarded and collided.

In the vast sea, tens of thousands of miles, all intertwined with light and shadow, killing the sky dimly!

This battle has united most of the Dragon clan team and the Dragon Prison criminals, and it is impossible to fight!

"I bet most of them right. Many of these guys didn't fully win the value of the dragons who passed the assessment, especially the Taigu dragon clan. Their goal is not like some ancient dragon clan or ancient dragon clan. They only let the core clan pass and discard some of them. Elders. The team of the Taikoo Dragons wants as many elders as possible to pass the assessment and go to the third level to get baptized by the totem."

"After the previous large-scale team formation of the dragon prison criminals, like the copper walls and iron walls, many teams of the Taikoo Dragons did not get enough dragons to offer value. Now that the assessment is about to end, they have to let go of a battle!"

Lin Chen flapped the holy phoenix wings, flashing in chaos.

"This is the same for the criminals in the Dragon Prison. In order to guard against my sneak attacks, they dare not launch battles easily except for large-scale operations. Many criminals are not eligible for pardon. The result will evolve into the present life and death. No one can retreat in a melee battle! Whoever withdraws will regret for life!"

Lin Chen's spiritual power in the middle of the Holy Land passed through the system [spiritual awakening], which can be described as galloping the audience. Looking at the overall situation of the battle, it is only a thought, and the reaction speed is almost unmatched!

boom! boom! boom!

Thunderous thunder roared, Prince Que Leilong stepped on a dragon-shaped blue lightning, swept towards Lin Chen, and pushed his hands together in a row!

Ten-headed Thunder Dragon shot from the heart of Prince Que's palm, screaming at the sky, and surrounded all directions of Lin Chen at an extraordinary speed!

"Hey! That's the goal of Lao Tzu, you big Lei go away!"

Prince Xuanzhen shouted angrily when he repelled a dragon prisoner.

"Hahaha, now is not the time to hammer you. The next meeting will make you sour!"

Lin Chen laughed, and instantly disappeared into a space beam!

With a bang, Thunder Dragon threw himself into an empty space. The Crown Prince's face changed slightly!

"Run away?"

"It's a weird space shuttle. Prince Ben didn't notice any trace of space shuttle!"

If outside, the princes have many ways to chase Lin Chen or find Lin Chen.

"Get rid of these criminals first and earn Dragon's value!"

But the giant whales plane perception is extremely limited, and the situation in the vast sea is a little better. In this case, it is impossible to understand the location of this New Dragon King!


On an island, a space beam came.

The elders of the Qinglong tribe were instantly vigilant when they saw that it was Lin Chen who was relieved.

"If it really hits, what a terrible momentum, even if the perception is limited, you can feel the vibration on the other side of the vast sea."

"As stated by the new king, the teams of the Taikoo Dragon Clan are in great need of a lot of dragons to offer value. The previous dragon prison criminals combined to form a team that has caused a huge obstacle to the Taikoo Dragon Clan. They must get enough before the assessment. The value of the dragon offering is inevitable in this battle of life and death."

The elders looked at Lin Chen together.

In fact, they still have one thing to understand.

In such a large-scale melee, even if they can fish in muddy water, the chance they can grab is not as good as the Taikoo Dragons.

The vast sea is the thinnest place in the fog of the giant whale plane. In other words, the opponent's perception range will also increase.

In this case, their sneak attack ability will be greatly weakened, and it is not as efficient as a powerful team of Taikoo dragons to kill criminals.

Lin Chen smiled mysteriously.

"I still have a killer note. That's why I chose the vast sea. Elders, the next time is to show the real technology!"