My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1214

Vol 5 Chapter 1214: Crazy It Must Be Crazy

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The vast sea, north-south direction.

This unprecedented scuffle was full of various roles, and some criminals killed three candidates and withdrew.

Some seem to be a tiger's push, and rushed to the front, but in fact, the strongest force broke out in the backhand to **** the targets of other criminals.

Some criminals are lurking in the sea, and when the target explodes in a brief state of exhaustion, a sudden burst of violence and direct assassination, and even more, together with the criminals of the Dragon Prison will kill each other!

In some cases, a few people or ten people form a team, and they will withdraw when they encounter the Taikoo Dragon Clan.

Some joint actions, cooperate with each other's own ability to double its combat power, and choose the dragon or team of ability or attribute restraint to fight.

This is a real life-and-death battle, almost to death!

For the criminals of Dragon Prison, this is the only chance to pardon the crime of Dragon Prison.

For the Dragon Clan team, the elders of each Dragon Clan have only one chance to participate in the Wanlong Association, and only this time to receive the baptism of the ancestor totem bloodline!

Whether they can forgive the crimes and regain a new life, whether they can break through the shackles and advance to a new level, are the only opportunities for both of them!

Do not fight at this time, but when to wait!

Not many people on both sides have too many reservations. More than 90% of the strong men tried their best to beat the vast area of the vast sea and stir up the sea and the space is broken!

Some dragon elders fell, and some criminals died. Their dragon nucleus, holy beast nucleus, and instantaneously will become the targets of the crowds!

The battle was messy and unprecedentedly fierce!

As far as the current battle situation is concerned, the Dragon Clan is dominant in number and strong in strength. Although the prisoners of the Dragon Prison are more powerful, they can lose in the protracted war.

In addition, some Dragon Prison criminals are ready to achieve their goals, so that the Dragon Clan team has achieved a large positive advantage!

"Wow quack, it's finally our turn to pick up the ready-made!"

"His mother, after so many days of suffocation, I finally got killed!"

"All the signals are coming, most of the battlefield is around the north and south direction of the vast sea, kill it as you like, our freedom is coming!"

When the battle was chaotic, a team of more than 100 people was killed from the north!

It is the last force of criminals in Dragon Prison!

They sent a strong man who was good at infiltrating, delineated the scope of the general battle, and then informed the entire group with some kind of signal, they really did a'yellow bird'!

For a time, a large number of Dragon Prison criminals poured into each battlefield, they were almost invincible, but any opponent who was on the verge of death would kill!

The advantages established by the Dragon clan teams began to gradually disintegrate, and even fell into the disadvantage!

In less than two quarters, almost most of the Dragon Clan teams knew that new criminal forces had poured into the battle, but not many of the participating teams retreated!

Because this is their last chance to win the "Dragon Offer", even if they are disadvantaged, they have to fight!

This is also the chain reaction that Lin Chen wants to elicit. The battle situation is like a snowball that is getting bigger and bigger. When rolling down, no one can stop it!


In the Wanlong meeting place, the teams watching nearly 70% of the light screens are caught in a melee, and some dragon clan strong people are a bit shocking!

Rao is a strong dragon clan watching the battle, many people have the sacred realm of four levels of cultivation, this kind of crazy big dogfight also has a sense of scalp numbness!

Thousands of dragon prisoners and hundreds of dragon clan teams are continually twisting like a meat grinder, and there is no meaning to stop!

"This is crazy..."

"It's not good. With the ability of my family, the self-protection ability in this war is too poor!"

"Damn, why don't these guys withdraw! This way, the prince can't keep it!"

There was constant restlessness in the venue, and the powerful dragons were beating!

"Power, stop the assessment!"

"Yeah, how many people must die if we fight like this!"

"Some of the holy dragons inside can't break through due to limited blood, but it is the basic strength of my dragon family anyway. Is it worth it to have so many lives in it?"

Some old and powerful dragon clan can't help but get up, very serious and serious transmission to the powerful people on the high platform.

Even the Dragon Clan did not expect that things would develop to this point!

"This kid has played too much!"

"Who would have thought that this little guy had come in such a hand, bringing people on both sides together!"

"The unexpected situation is that these criminals were attacked and united by the Green Dragon clan alive, leading to the fact that the participating teams really hunted to the dragon to provide value, and the criminals of the Dragon Prison are also the same."

"We did not expect the assessment effect to appear, all because of the son!"

"This is the general trend! I really can't think of this general trend, or the one made by this son!"

The great people are full of marvels, but unfortunately, they no longer have the right to suspend the assessment!

Because, above has spoken!

Let him be as loud as possible!

"No matter what happens next, the assessment cannot be suspended. Is Wanlong a play!"

The evil and evil spirits drank cold and cold, Long Wei was shocked, and shocked the audience!

"Ah! It's too difficult. My elders have already killed three people in battle!"

"Everything is the fault of Qinglong's new king Ying Bangbang. It was this guy who planned the war."

"You said that he planned this war to his advantage?"

"What about Gil Yingbang, what is he doing!"

Many old antiques just sighed to sit back and started looking for the light screen of the Qinglong tribe...

At the next moment, they were angry at the spot!

I saw that among the thousands of screens, there was only one scene that was fresh and refined!

Inside the light screen; the back of the strong and slender teenager is naked and his chest muscles are exposed, traversing the surge current.

He wore a pair of dark blue pants, raised his hands again and again, and swiped a freestyle gesture gracefully and swiftly, and swam quickly into the vast seabed. The swimming style was leisurely and dignified, and even contained a string of long Qingguo. There was no panic, and there was a low smile on the corner of his mouth.

Countless dragon clan powers were so angry that even the body was about to explode, and the whole Wanlong venue burst into shocking roars one after another!

"He's a leg, he actually swims under the vast sea?"

"Grass! What's going on outside, he's swimming here!"

"My uncle, his illegitimate son with his three nephews and nephews outside, finally became the dragon prince, and died in the war like this, he was actually swimming? Swimming? You **** dragon skin!"

"Release Lao Tzu! Damn, I'm going in to beat the bastard!"


The dragons almost exploded in place!

You dragons are savagely cornered...

Crazy, it must be crazy!

The vast expanse of the world is rippling apart. As the initiator of all this, what about this kid? Is it possible to do such a thing that harms the dragon and does not benefit oneself?

If the dynasty of the dragon clan's generations has passed away, and this scene has been known under the dragon king spring, I am afraid that it is not the coffin board that will turn over dozens of circles!