My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1215

Vol 5 Chapter 1215: Qinglong Tribe Play

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The vast sea, 130,000 meters below the sea.

"Sure enough, the vast sea is the core position of the giant whale plane. Although the mist has weakened, it may actually be accumulated on the bottom of the sea! I can't even fly in the bottom of the sea, this energy is too strong!"

"Fortunately, the coach was the little black dragon in the club and the little white dragon in the waves. This swimming technique still has a hand!"

Lin Chen dived while swimming, wondering inside.

Behind him, and the crowd of the Blue Dragon clan followed, the energy of the water system was too strong, resulting in extremely thick seawater and heavy pressure. The elders could not fly, but they chose to rely on pure power to swim forward.

When finally descending to a very deep and dark position, what appeared in the eyes of the Qinglong tribe was a huge dark sea bottom hole with thousands of feet.

The turbulent water flows continuously around the holes, the energy of the internal water system has condensed to a terrible point! Ordinary holy dragons go in, and even the dragon's body has to be shattered!

There is no treasure here. In addition to the overly intense water energy, the pressure is extremely terrifying, and the dragon prisoners and the dragon clan team will not go deep into the position.

"The legendary giant whale has fallen. This hole may be a part of the energy of the giant whale. This looks not like a chrysanthemum. What is it?"

Lin Chen didn't think too much, condensing a faint azure dragon breath at his fingertips, forming a blue rope.

The rope flicked across the water, so that the whole Qinglong clan caught it and tied it around his waist.

The people of the Qinglong tribe did not know Lin Chens intention, but they chose to believe the new king unconditionally!

The rope held the breath of Lin Chen and the entire Qinglong tribe, Lin Chen suddenly ran the'Ten Years Green Light' body and rushed into the eyes of the seabed cave!

Rumble~~! Rumble~!

The whole sea floor trembles violently several times!

Lin Chendun felt that thousands of heavy objects weighed on his limbs!

Suddenly, Lin Chen's body of Shenglong was pressed into the eyes of the seabed!

The strong water energy seems to be condensed into a block to suppress him!

"Hahaha, come on well. Lao Tzu is anxious!"

Lin Chen boldly laughed, and suddenly operated another bloodline!

"Tianyu Shenhai, Kai!"


In the Wanlong venue, among the numerous abuses and roars of rage, the faces of several elders of the Tianyu Yinglong clan changed suddenly!

"Old man got it!"

"I understand too!"

They have seen that this new dragon of the blue dragon has used the blood power of their clan, which means that he has the blood of the Tianyu Yinglong clan!

Tianyu Yinglong, a natural born water king, is a super dragon who controls water. Once listed as a distant ancient dragon clan, although the ancient dragon clan has been completed, but the background is still not trivial.

However, the Tianyu Yinglong clan did not participate in this Wanlong meeting. They had participated once as early as tens of thousands of years ago. They had average grades and failed to pass. They also killed many powerful elders.

So far, the Tianyu Yinglong tribe has been accumulating strength, and has not yet completed the savings.

The elders who participated in the Wanlong meeting once cannot run for the second time, and the team that barely put together will only become a cannon fodder. Tian Yu Yinglong does not want to repeat the mistakes, and has always waited and waited for the state of accumulated power.

The Tianyu Yinglong, which has the energy blessings of the heaven and earth water system, will soar in potential and combat power!

"This kid wants to use the blood of the Heavenly Emperor Yinglong to borrow the energy of the water system of the giant whale plane to temporarily enhance his strength!"

"No wonder he is about to break out of the fighting in the vast sea, and he will rise freely in a nest, absolutely!"

The dragon clan who knew Lin Chen's three blood lines at the beginning also realized Lin Chen's action goal!

"Tianyu Yinglong is the king of the beasts of the water system, but the vast sea on the plane of the giant whale is the area with the longest energy deposit in the water system. How much power can be improved depends on the ability of the bloodline user!"

"I guess it's good to absorb one-twentieth of the vast ocean floor..."

When the dragon clan was able to discuss, Lin Chen suddenly burst into the blue dragon light on the seabed!

"Om~! Bang!"

The vast sea shakes!

The infinite water energy was swallowed by Lin Chen whale!

His holy dragon body, the dragon vein of critical value, was washed away!

Brush ~! In a very short period of time, the dragon vein of the Holy Dragon was washed away, although it was only temporary, but the Holy Dragon really broke through the entire realm!

Immediately afterwards, the unstoppable power climbed, as if all the energy of the water system was turned into the power of the Holy Dragon, 8.1 billion dragon power, 8.3 billion dragon power, 8.8 billion dragon power!

Almost at the speed visible to the naked eye, the Holy Dragon broke through the ten billion dragon forces!

"Not enough, Dragon Vessel, blow me up!"


The dragon veins of the body of the Holy Dragon exploded halfway, a stream can hold more water energy, and the water energy of the entire vast sea began to condense into the body!


"The new king actually exploded the dragon's veins, this... if this is not treated in time, it will be repaired as a decline, and there will be life fears!"

The elders of the Qinglong tribe were horrified!

Exploding 400 million dragon veins can continue to exert a more powerful effect on blood veins for a period of time, and Tian Yu Shen Hai will be played to the extreme!

Brush ~!

The strong water energy passed along Lin Chen's blue rope and passed to all the elders of the Qinglong tribe, and their strength was also temporarily climbing!

The temporary increase of the explosive veins can transfer the energy of the water system controlled by the "Tian Yu Shen Hai" supernatural power to other dragons! Can also obtain the effect of temporary promotion, even if the effect is not as terrible as Lin Chen, it can be regarded as a short leap of a big realm!

[Consuming 120 talent points, the host continues to launch the ultimate return...]

"There is no need to panic the elders, this king has his own merits. You will absorb this power with peace of mind!"

Lin Chen's eyes glowed, and his will to the sky!

"When the Qinglong tribe goes out, even the Taigu Dragon tribe can't stop us!"


"What, fried veins?"

"This kid is crazy? Unless the sacred item of the dragon genus, the exploded dragon veins may not be repaired, and the repair is plunged!"

"No, this kid's strength has broken through several grades!"

A lot of dragons can move!

This new dragon of Qinglong, really dare to fight and dare to fight, this degree of decisiveness is decisive and spicy, and the fried veins do not blink even the eyelids!


The vast sea, three thousand miles south of the battlefield.

The battlefield of the vast sea is still in chaos, the Holy Dragon is flying, and the war is more than one!

The dark giant shadow came down from a high altitude and turned into a black-robed man. He smiled and said: "Hahaha, brother, I have eaten another ancient dragon race, it's cool!"

"I almost hunted an Archaic dragon clan. These guys are really hard bones. They just died when they hit it again..."

The long-haired man appeared in the air, with flesh and blood residues hanging from the corners of his mouth, his legs turned into a pair of gray and white claws, like the foot of a beast, standing proudly in the void.

It was the two criminals in Silent Valley at the beginning, belonging to the strongest level in the criminal class!

Wow~ Wow~ Wow~~!

Suddenly, the tide surged on the sea, and the two brothers suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of crisis!

"Not good! Something..."


A beam of monstrous dragon breath surged like a storm, followed by dozens of blue dragon blades and blue dragon arrows shot through their bodies!


Two Xeon criminals were blasted, spitting blood and wounded!

"It turned out to be two. I'm sorry. I accidentally put a fart, but I didn't expect to hurt you."

A juvenile laughter echoed from the sea.

The water splashed, embellished with silver robes, the young man held two holy beast cores, re-weared his silver dragon mask, and stood proudly on the sea.

The pupil of the long-haired man shrank, and the two holy beast cores were the criminals of the Dragon Prison!

"Bing Bangbang, are you? You in the center of the vast sea, did you die?"

Lin Chen smiled lightly.

"Dead? The next thing to die is you Dragon Prisoners!"

The beams of blue light rose up horizontally and fell next to Lin Chen, the elders of the Qinglong tribe!

Their surging dragon breath floats, as if hiding the mountains, the sun and the moon, countless dragons are in the body, and even the power in the venue is shocked!

"8...8 billion dragon power!"

"This kid drained the energy of the vast sea and the bottom of the sea. The strength of all the people of the Qinglong tribe was temporarily raised to 8 billion dragon power by him?"

Qinglong tribe, start playing!