My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1216

Vol 5 Chapter 1216: When The Qinglong Rises

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Holy Realm, Cangyu, the top of Qitian Mountain.

The lady put on her cloak again and murmured dreamily.

"It's been a long time since inheritance, will I forget you... Lin Chen..."

The beauty jumped down the mountain and disappeared in an instant.


Giant whale plane, chaotic vast sea.

Tear ~!

The elders of the Qinglong tribe were rushing to thunder, and nine hundred thousand years of Qinglong were born. Qi Ying slapped, and the two gray-haired men and brothers were seriously injured, and the body was revealed!

The two Taikoo Mohawk and Taikoo Falcon are enough to rival the higher-order Phoenix Clan!

"Roar~! Qinglong tribe, do you still want to kill my brother and two? If we die, your people will have to pay!"

"Brother, fight with them!"

The grey and white rungs exploded out of thin air, and the blue dragons, as commanded, took advantage of their actions to be slightly stagnate.

"Wan Zai Qinglong Prison!"

"Dragon Meteor Bite!"

"Blue Dragon Pendant!"

"Qinglong Broken Moon Bow!"


One stroke of bloodline supernatural power, such as divine light, or meteor, such as Tianhe, or Huaguang blade, such as smallpox crashing on the bodies of the two murderous objects, even if the two are defending, they are also shattered!

Brush ~!

The two blue lights collided with the energy storm and the space disintegrated.

The heroic woman is awe-inspiring, the young silver robe is brilliant, the two hands hold the blue dragon gun, the dragon force bursts, the gunpoint picks a violent thorn, and it runs through the heads of the two giants!

Wan Zai breaks the dragon spear, this bloodline supernatural power is Lin Chen inherited the trick from the green dragon altar; it has a strong penetrating characteristic to the dragon clan of the dragon genus, and is the bloodline supernatural power of the historical blue dragon royal family!

Suddenly, the strong stream of life from both ends flashed from the body of the ink eagle and the falcon!

This is the two brothers' life-saving Golden Cicada Shelling, mobilizing the final life force to condense the holy beast nuclear shell and fly away!

Lin Chen smiled indifferently, how could such a method conceal his mid-level spiritual strength in the Holy Land.

He turned sideways, the dragon-tailed sword flashed across the sky, and burst into pieces!

"Azure Dragon Sword!"

Tear ~! The Dragon Sword slashed, two streamers fell away, and burst into screams!

"No... how can I die here..."

"Reluctantly, this seat...the place that has just been pardoned..."

The jade card of the Qinglong tribe has added another 1000 points of dragon value! These two are five times the average criminal!

Lin Chen collects the attribute value and Holy Beast Core, and nourishes the dragon vein with the attribute value of Advanced Qi and Blood!

The criminals in the Dragon Prison within a hundred miles seemed to be stunned and dumbfounded.

"Xuanmo Shuangsha was killed?"

"During the heyday of these two guys, even the four peaks of the holy land of the human race have been killed, and they died here?"

"My God, the new king of Qinglong is 10 billion dragon power? Not only, but also higher!"

As long as the night prisoners see the nightmare, they immediately retreat from the war and ignore it!

"Everyone of the Qinglong tribe, play with the king!!"

Lin Chen roared with a scream, holding the Wanzai Dragon Gun and slammed into the most chaotic direction of the vast Hainan!

"Follow my new king!"

The elders burst into the dragon roaring the sea, and the dragon body danced wildly, following Lin Chen!

The vast sea has a very limited range of perception. At this time, only the first witnesses know the strength of the Qinglong Race!

No one knows that a dark horse comparable to the Taigu Dragon clan team was born!

Hai Tao was furious, and a sea wave crack was broken away by the rolling Qinglong clan team!

Two strong atmospheres locked Lin Chen!

"Hahaha, you are the new king of Qinglong Yingbangbang? Multiple bloodlines, right, I want to eat you for a long time!"

"Damn, Lao Tzu's woman died in his hand, and Lao Tzu will do him too!"

One person is a teenage boy with evil looks. He has three heads, mature temperament, snake scales all over, fangs grinning, evil spirits, he is a three-headed **** python!

The other person's eyes were blood red, and the air was violent. The dragon's gas was burning with mighty power. The purple light was burning, and a dragon's tail was shaking at the back! It is a Nine Nether Dragon!

This is another two super criminals with 500 dragon points!

The moment Lin Chen approached, the two's faces suddenly changed!

"It's not right... there seems to be a problem with his strength!"

Lin Chenlin sneered: "Look to death!"

When the slow rune of the palm was shot across the sky, Lin Chen swept the gun, the blue gun, and torn the defense of the Nine You Qilong Dragon, and did not give his body a chance to retreat. The Holy Phoenix wings were stretched out and rushed to the Qinglong clan In front of two criminals!

Tear ~! Bang~!

In less than ten rounds, the Nine You Qilong and the Three-headed Hell Python were exploded!

Attribute light ball, holy beast core, dragon offer value, criminal holy body, Lin Chen received all!

"Oh? Qinglong crap? Your strength seems a little weird..."

When a few doubtful voices echoed, a figure emerged from directly in front of them!

It is the team of Taikoo Dragons!

"Ying Bang Bang is the person named by the prince. Be him!"

"These guys seem to have used some magical powers of exploding power. The borrowed power is nothing but teaming up to kill them!"

The Taiko Dragons are not afraid of the Green Dragons!

"Hey, hey! He is our goal, guy from the Taikoo Dragon Race, go away!"

More than a dozen dragon prisoners appeared from behind the Qinglong clan, and they were actually the team led by four super criminals!

The elders of the Taikoo Dragons sneered: "Then it depends on your ability!"


Lin Chen stepped on the top of the green dragon head, holding the dragon gun, and laughed in the sky!

"Take me as a prey?" Lin Chen's eyebrows burst into the billowing Hong Yan, like a raging fire, awe-inspiring laughter: "If you hit my mind, you will all die!"

"Instant Light PartitionHong Yan Prison!"

Lin Chen struck a terrifying sea of burning flames, such as the five burning mountain and sea prisons, which instantly enveloped all the enemies present!

Crimson flames shrouded the sky at once! Hong Yan from all directions burned the whole sky into red!

"This... this is not the trick of the Dragon Clan!"

"Quick defense! This **** can burn our dragon spirit, **** it, can't rush out!"

The terrible heat instantly burned the dragon prison criminals and the elders of the Taikoo Dragon clan, and their scalp numb!

The elders of the Qinglong tribe are in shock, and the new king's trump card is endless!

Lin Chen's domineering shock-"Don't let these garbage block the road, kill it!"

When dozens of slow runes descended from the sky and exploded from the'Hongyan Prison'--

Rumble~! !

The sky shook the sea, and the Wanlong Qinglongs broke into an endless offensive, and suddenly entered the Hongyan prison!

boom! boom! boom!

Whether it is a dragon prisoner or an elder of the Dragon clan in Taikoo, there are a lot of deaths and injuries, and some are beaten into scum!

Choke~! With a crisp dragon scream like an excalibur, the azure blue dragon light became the last bright divine glow in the vast sea, and in a flash, cut off all the enemies in the "Hongyan prison"!

The value of Lin Chen's dragon offering has fallen rapidly and skyrocketed!

Lin Chen screamed Long Xiao Chen Canghai!

"Keep going!"

boom! boom! boom!

The Qinglong rushed in and drove towards the main battlefield in a gallop of the vast sea!

In the Wanlong venue-

When hearing the roar of the young Qinglong new king, many dragon clan tremors tremble!

How crazy!

Whether it is the ancient dragons, the dragon prison criminals, or the ancient dragons, all the people who block the green dragons are killed by this new king!