My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1217

Vol 5 Chapter 1217: Pack It.

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When all the strong dragons stared at the light screen, their mouths were trembling!

Yin Hui is like a mang, sprinkling a blood curtain, making the vast sea dyed into the sea of blood. The young Qinglong King held a dragon gun, and Mu Tianqing followed him with a gun.

Nine-headed green dragons surround their dragon king like the stars hold the moon, destroying the raging and vast sea!

Every time the young new king wields his gun and sweeps the dragon's tail, a strong enemy will fall, and he will still enter the unmanned state!

No matter how powerful the ancient dragons, dragon prison criminals, and even the ancient dragons, all who block the green dragons will be bombarded by this new king!

Overbearing and brutal! The Qinglong tribe was born out of nowhere.

At this moment, it seems that there is a raging flame passing through the body of the Blue Dragon Clan and burning into the hearts of all the Dragon Clan strong people, which makes people feel heart-ruffling!

It seems that there is nothing more that can stop their rising trend!

The eyes of Dust and Evil flickered, a little excited.

"He...the direction they are heading to is the main battlefield of the vast sea! Hahaha, the princes of the Taiko Dragons are about to blossom!"


In the Qinglong Palace, countless Qinglong people were dumbfounded!

In the past, those who stood high above the ground, how could they despise their ancient dragon clan Tianjiao, the elders, the elite of the ancient dragon clan and so on.

Those who make the Qinglong tribe can only look forward to or even prostrate on their knees, nowadays, it is all for the souls of the dead under the gun of the Qinglong King for thousands of years!

Who will come and who will die!

His invincible figure and the spirit of the world are imprinted in the hearts of all the Qinglong people, deeply carved into the bone, unforgettable forever!

The young King of the Blue Dragon, in the way of entering the Dragon Banner, used the strongest and craziest gesture to kill the giant whale in the **** sea and declared all the Dragon Clan, and the Blue Dragon Clan rose because of this king!

"Long live my new king!"

"Qinglong tribe, from now on no longer be bullied! My king Shengwei is shining, Wanlong is no match!"

"This day, this day came too suddenly, too unexpectedly, even the old man did not dare to expect..."

The people of the Qinglong tribe burst into tears, and the blood of the dragon ignited. No matter men, women, children or children, they all shouted the name of the new king! Strong and hard!

Mu Xueer's exquisite eyes stared at the figure in the light screen, full of admiration and excitement!

"Big brother did it! He really saved his sister and saved everyone!"


The vast sea, North and South battlefield.

A team of archaic dragons and the dead, killing dimly, with the four teams of extremely short thunder dragon, ten thousand fire dragon clan, Xuanyue town prison dragon and wind holy pterosaur killing the enemy most fiercely!

A light and petite dragon seal was photographed on the black-haired woman!

Tear ~! A blade of dragon's breath, tearing the dragon mark, the dark-haired woman said darkly: "Are you looking for death?"

"It's been a long time since I saw you. I hurt my clan last time, and this time let me recover the price."

The smart Tsing Yi girl giggled, and the fresh and refined eyebrows had a rare killing intent!

"Without self-restraint, I want to see how your Yongye Sanyin practiced!"

"Then you must not fall too fast~"

The two women fought fiercely, and the two Taikoo Dragon princesses instantly fought!

The Taikoo Dragon clan on both sides immediately stopped from the atmosphere of killing the enemy, hostile to each other, and the arrows crossed.

However, they did not fight for the first time and gave the two princesses power, and they were responsible for protecting the safety of the two princesses.

There are a lot of hatreds between the teams of the Taikoo Dragons, so in this melee, there are not many fights between the dragons!

"Hahaha, this time the dragon is ranked first in value, it must be my dragon dragon in Xuanyue Town!"

Prince Xuanzhen carried a head and laughed wildly after taking out the beast core!

Prince Wanhuo is not willing to show his weakness-"Prince Ben said, the champion is my Wanhuolong clan! My dragon's value has broken seven thousand!"

Prince Fengfeng pterosaurs stepped on Bibo, killing enemies as invisible and shadowless, and said with awe-inspiring: "On the speed of killing enemies, I'm not slower than your mysterious crown prince. Don't be too proud. No one knows until the last minute. result."

The giant man hit with a punch, and Wan Lei rushed, causing a retreating dragon prisoner to explode. The prince Lei Long prince said in a deep voice: "Forcing Lai Lai to do so much, it is just a fight!"

The princes of all races are hostile to each other, and no one wants to fall behind easily!

Suddenly, a gust of wind swept the sea, and the crystal walls of space shattered!

Bang ~!

A hurricane devastated and hit Prince Xuanzhen straight away!

"Huh?" Prince Xuanzhen's eyes were like electricity, and he grabbed the attacked object with his hands.

The crown princes are a little moved!

This Elder Prison Dragon was thrown over?

Who has such a great ability, throw him over!

This dragon servant has 8 billion dragon power, and it is a leader in the great wasteland and the human race world. It is also a top resource in this election. Is it now thrown over as goods?

Prince Xuanzhen was enraged with majesty and shouted angrily: "Who's the mother? You can't find death!"

"Bai Shuai never seeks death, only find fault."

A ridiculous laughter shook the space and shook it.

The crown princes fixed their eyes, and when their eyes narrowed, they were shocked!

"Qinglong New King Yingbangbang?"

"Your power... more than 8 billion dragon power!"

The background of several princes is even more fierce, and Lin Chen's difference is obvious at a glance.

"His Highness, withdraw quickly!"

"That guy is a monster! Prince, don't fight them!"

Numerous dragon elders came to hear the voice, and Wanzai Qinglong took off, blocking the Taikoo Dragon elders from all directions!

Qinglong elders roared with shock!

"I wait to die to block all the coming enemies for the new king of Qinglong, please let go!"

Around the North and South battlefields, a war broke out in no time! The Qinglong tribes are fighting hard, and the four Taikoo Dragon tribes are fighting together!

The momentum of the battle even affected other Taikoo dragons and could not help but step back.

The light and graceful girl in Tsing Yi was separated from the dark and cold woman, and the two princesses were affected and forced to a truce.

"Princess, what should I do?"

There is an elder voice.

The black-haired woman frowned-"Look at the situation first, and the slut's team is beside. Don't shoot easily. This battle is weird."

The girl in Tsing Yi exclaimed: "Hey, how come the power of the Qinglong tribe has been so strong..."

On the other side; Lin Chen stepped into the air and looked around the audience.

He never found the figures of Ji Shaochuan and Yang Anran.

"It seems that their team has not come... Is there another adventure?"

Then, Lin Chen overlooked the four dragon princes, took off the silver dragon mask, the young cold face, and the clouds were light and windy.

Lin Chen's mouth outlined a provocative arc, mastering the dragon gun, and pointed to the princes.

"The four of you are together. I am a person who always likes to pack and fight with wheels. I only like to play with my sister."

The four princes were startled and angry, snarling and roaring, their eyes widened!

Damn, who do you think you are? A dozen or four?