My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1218

Vol 5 Chapter 1218: Pick One Out Of Four?

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When I heard Lin Chen's phrase "Four Together", a girl in Tsing Yi, who was a few dozen miles away, appeared an inscrutable horror!

"Is this British mad...fighting four of them, even if the two monsters join forces...impossible?"

The four Taikoo dragon princes were murderous and burst, and they felt that the majesty of the prince was humiliated!

What is the concept of a dozen?

Prince Wanhuo, 8 billion dragon power, seven-grade bloodline, nourishes the dragon body with thousands of fires. Take control of many anti-celestial supernatural powers, refining six fire crystals, the true fire dragon king!

The pterosaur prince, 7.9 billion dragon power, the seventh-grade bloodline, born in the land of the extreme sky storm hole, can swallow nine groups of evil storms when he becomes a holy dragon, and contains five wind crystals, and a dragon breath can be destroyed Country, a roar can break hundreds of mountains! It is also the king of extreme speed, no one can beat the speed!

Prince Que Thunder Dragon, 8 billion Dragon Power, Seventh Grade Blood Vessels, a case of the Blood Vessel of the Return of the Thunder Dragon in the Great Wild, the roots of the thunder system are mutated, and six thunder crystals are controlled. The beast core can be purified by the power of thunder and lightning. Sacrifice to Thunder, created a set of his own bloodline supernatural powers, shocked to the dragon!

Xuanyue Zhen Yulongs crown prince Xuan Zhen, 8 billion dragon power, seven-grade bloodline, known as the bloodline closest to his ancestor Tianyue Zhenyu dragon in the contemporary era, if he can be baptized by the dragon totem, he will definitely surpass his elder brother and sister in the future. The Dragon King of the new generation of Prison Dragon!

In addition to the slightly weaker Pterosaur Prince, the other three princes are all chasing the evil monsters of the human clan list!

The Prince Xuanzhen who humiliated the Qinglong tribe is the appointed successor of the future Dragon King!

Bang ~!

Prince Wind Pterodactyl showed his body, his wings were tens of feet, he struck the sky with anger, and the dragon feather was like a front, violently smashed the crystal wall of the space, rolled the wind blade of the infinite dragon breath, and swept Lin Chen away!

Prince Wanhuo's two claws pushed horizontally, and Longyan turned into a seal, covering all the retreats of Lin Chen!

Thunder light burst, like Wan Lei Qi Boom, flew away from Lin Chen's Quartet!

Prince Xuanzhen's **** merged together, throwing out a huge dragon rune, dragon spirit bursts, Wanyue Township, and the action of holding Lin Chen!

boom! boom! boom!

The terrible bombing momentum is about to overturn the sky, and the four dragon princes' attacks are so strong that they instantly become the main battle circle of the battlefield!

The offense of Prince Wanhuo and Prince Pterosaur even collided. They did not join forces!

As the top princes of the Taikoo Dragons, they have their own arrogance and dignity. They did not plan to join forces with Lin Chen at all. They only attacked Lin Chen because of their violent murderous intention!

Bang ~! With the blue light flowing, Lin Chen of the ten-year-old blue body protector broke the energy frenzy and rushed out of the attack area of the four princes unscathed!

When he revealed the breath of the dragon veins, everyone finally clearly felt his strength!

12 billion dragon power!

Tian Yu Shen Hai Shen Tong temporarily added 4 billion dragon power to the body of the holy dragon, almost making him step into the eighth-level intermediate beast level!

It is equivalent to the four early stages of the holy realm of the human race!


"What magical power is this? Even the King of Myriad Flames of my family has no such terrifying increase!"

The four crown princes were shocked, and Lin Chen urged the Fire Alien Crystal to launch the Tianyin Rune, which was shot in the air!

"Instant Light PartitionHong Yan Prison!"

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The five red flame prisons are like mountains, seas and hells. As soon as they descended to the heavens and earth, they enveloped the four princes. Due to the talent of Strike Raider, their power soared!

Hongyan Hell, for the bloodline of Hongyan Holy Phoenix!

This trick is a top-level supernatural power, which can be strengthened by Lin Chen's bloodline, and has been infinitely close to the'perfect level' superpower, and then used by Lin Chen's current strength, blessing the instant light splitting talent, and burning the sky all at once!

This kind of powerful bloodline supernatural power, even in the heyday of the Dragon Prisoner, must be burned to serious injury or even fall!

In the Hongyan Prison, Prince Xuanzhen who is as strong as his defense is also dignified!

If this new dragon is in the same state as him, this magical power is no more than that, but his current strength is higher than a big state!

The four princes in the Yan prison show their magical powers, constantly resisting the hot heat enough to burn through the fourfold initial defense of the Holy Land!

"Broken Lao Tzu!"

Prince Que Thunder Dragon pulled out a thunder gun, the breath of Thunder Dragon was galloping, awe-inspiring assault-like thunder shots, advancing layer by layer, but failed to break through the envelope of Hongyan prison!

"It's a trick to confine, kill, and defend all types of bloodline supernatural powers!" Prince Huo Huo playing the fire expert has a solemn expression,-"Don't think of breaking it, its borders are very strong, and its flames must be offset. , Let the power drop to break the prison!"

He was in two Hongyan prisons, which Lin Chen focused on.

Lin Chen was amazed that he was indeed an archaic dragon of the fire genus, and at a glance he saw the shortcomings of the "Hongyan prison".

"It doesn't matter if you see through, there are more of my tricks! Super chaotic!"

[Activate Super Chaos 7 times, duration: 28 seconds.

Buzz~! Buzz~! Buzz~!

The four princes' blood and dragon body appeared local confusion and even did not listen to the call, which greatly reduced the fighting power of the four.

Brush ~! Lin Chen turned into a blue light and rushed to Prince Xuanzhen!

"Prince Chongben is here? I want to see how can you guys with low bloodline!"

Prince Xuanzhen gleamed all over, the dragon body revealed, and turned into a giant dragon with more than three hundred feet, a dragon claw greeted Lin Chen's green dragon gun!

Dang ~! The spark burst, and the dragon's breath burst.

"Xuanyue Town Longyu!"

Prince Xuanzhen's dragon body released thousands of blurred dragon lights, forming a dragon-shaped aura and opening up a field.

In this field, the burning power he suffered was greatly reduced! This supernatural power is a perfect series, which has astounded many dragons!

"Garbage is rubbish, what about your 12 billion dragon power, this Prince hit you!"

Prince Xuanzhen grinned his teeth, and roared hard against Hongyan Prison. Dragonclaw blessed an ancient and wild Xuan Huangguanghua. He became indestructible.

The power of the jail dragon dragon claws is like a star shift, the space collapses, the crystal wall of the infinite space explodes, and the blue dragon gun of Lin Chen confronts frontally!

Lin Chen blasted ten thousand years of broken dragon guns, and the green mans were like rainbows, crazy shots, and even the thorns blasted the dragon claws, and the 12 billion dragons exploded!

"Blast in prison!"

Sigh~! Tear ~! Prince Xuanzhen opened his mouth like a dragon, and hid the dragon's breath, which created the great shore earth system that created the heavens and the earth.

When Dragon Breath hit the tip of the gun, it exploded like a star nucleus, and rolled up the sky and stormed Hongyan prison!

The seemingly huge Xuanyue Town Prison Dragon, but can always follow Lin Chen's offensive!

It is extremely difficult to overstep the Holy Realm, not to mention the triple perfection of the Holy Realm.

No matter how shocked the genius is, this gap can't be overcome!

However, this common sense is not suitable for the enchanted list! The same is true of Prince Xuanzhen who is comparable to the monster list!

Every magical skill he played is either a top or a perfect series. The strength of the background is even the focus of other dragon princes' work!

"I want to see how many perfect magical powers you have!"

Lin Chen laughed at random, when a slow rune was thrown out, Wan Zai's dragon gun shot out and punctured his'Dragon Field' suddenly!


Prince Xuanzhen's dragon head fell, the dragon body dumped, and hematemesis again and again!