My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1219

Vol 5 Chapter 1219: Taking An Aphrodisiac?

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Inside the venue; all the strong dragons breathe air!

The new king of Qinglong actually delayed the three princes on the premise of one dozen and four, and also beat Prince Xuanzhen to vomit blood?

In the vast sea; Prince Wanhuo and others were surprised and sighed. In terms of comprehensive strength, Prince Xuanzhen really had to be slightly ahead of their three princes, and they were perfectly integrated in attack and defense!

"Various perfect levels of supernatural powers are indeed very fierce. If they are at the same level, the coach can't help you except for the desperate life and death and high delay runes!"

Lin Chen's aspirations rose, the dragon gun turned, and the Wanzai Dragon Gun was thrown out with 12 billion dragon power!

"Sky Prison Armor!"

Prince Xuanzhen's dragon pupil shuddered and urged all the earth system crystals to condense into a wall-like rock and earth dragon armor, flowing a hell-like red dragon breath, like a dragon's breath, all over his dragon body, forming The strongest defense!

"System, activate Kingland!"

This blow Junlintianxia was Lin Chens last move from the area of heaven to the present.

[Activate the world of King's Landing, has increased the host's bloodline supernatural power attack, power increased: 3 times.

The power of the ten-thousand-year-old dragon gun that passed through the sky soared in time, divided into five!

All dragon princes and princesses have instant scalp numbness!

They smelled death from the five dragon guns!

Poof~! Tear ~!

When the sonic boom sounded, five dragon guns penetrated Prince Xuanzhen's strongest defense!

The Xeon's "Heavenly Armor", which was enough to withstand the initial bombardment of the Holy Realm Quadruple, was pierced by five dragon guns and penetrated Prince Xuanzhen's dragon body.

The girl in Tsing Yi masked her red lips lightly, and her beautiful eyes showed shock that could not be concealed-"This... this is too fierce! That's Tian Hejia, placed in the perfect magical powers recorded in the Archaic Dragon Race, it is also the ultimate defense. The magical power was actually pierced by the British..."

The black-haired woman was stunned and stunned, dreaming-"What a fierce dragon gun..."

King's Land + Instant Light Split!

The power of this gun hits the highest power of destruction in all battles in the giant whale plane!

Dragon blood spewed out like a pillar, and Prince Xuanzhen was afraid and angry-"How could this Prince Prince lose to you... a guy who temporarily borrowed strength..."

His dragon body fell, burning a green fireworks, it seemed that there were some life-saving relics protecting his lifeline, so that his life was not endangered.

On the sacred phoenix wing, Lin Chen took away the attributed light ball dropped by Prince Xuanzhen, and was planning to take the victory to chase. The vast blue dragon breath in the body of the holy dragon shuddered suddenly, gradually disappearing, and gradually revealed the crisscrossing dragon veins!

Lin Chen's power began to run down!

The "Tian Yu Shen Hai" supernatural power is coming to an end, and the elders of the Qinglong tribe have begun to weaken!

"What time is it, it seems that killing the guys who are blocking the road takes more time than expected..."

Lin Chen glanced at Prince Xuanzhen. Although this guy was dying, his life-saving cards were not exhausted. He could still maintain his consciousness in the prison of Hongyan.

"No time to kill this guy, take the elders first!"

With the holy phoenix wings swept away, Lin Chen entered the battlefield around him, using his sword to turn his hands, and violently mobilized the ``Azure Dragon Sword'' to repel the elders of the Taikoo Dragon Clan while taking away all the people of the Blue Dragon Clan!

Some elders of the Qinglong tribe are scarred, and some are dying, all in one breath!

"The Taikoo Dragon, see you in the final!"

Lin Chen laughed domineeringly, and with the people of the Qinglong tribe, retired!

He has the effect of Purple Dragon Ball. Almost no one in the audience can track and lock his breath. Before more than a dozen breaths, all Taikoo Dragon elders lost Lin Chen!

The elders immediately supported the four princes and worked together to explode the five'Hongyan prisons'!

Their faces are extremely ugly!

Today's battle is like nailing them to the pillar of shame!

It was dragged down by a Qinglong clan that the ancient dragon clan could not count, and was even suppressed to fly down!

The assessment of Wanlong Club is the transfer of the whole dragon family, that is to say, their embarrassment looks, all of them are glanced at from the family!

Some princes who were affected to retreat to watch the battle, at this time, the corners of their mouths swept wildly and glanced at a messy sea!

The one who has benefited the most this time is undoubtedly the Blue Dragon Race!

They have killed a lot of criminals from the Dragon Prison, the Ancient Dragons, and even the Ancient Dragons!

Outside, there is no such rare opportunity. The Qinglong tribe has been killed all the way to the main battlefield. The dragon prisoners who were in poor condition due to the war between the two sides will basically only die after encountering the Qinglong tribe!

Their dragon offering value accumulated somehow!


The giant whale plane, an area in the extreme east.

The dreamlike phantom dragon spirit crosses the heavens and the sky, like the remnants of the instant killing of the shadows, and the sky and the dark mansions collide again and again!

After more than two hours, in the extremely east sea area; a figure was quickly withdrawn.

Ji Shaochuan who is the funeral dragon!

His handsome and strange face was pale as paper, and the corners of his mouth were slightly drawn-"Sure enough, you also know this secret..."

A beautiful shadow lifted into the air, it was Yang Anran.

She was holding a glass-colored'crystal stone' with **** veins beating above her, as if it were a living creature, extremely strange!

She sneered indifferently and cruelly: "The heart of this giant whale has been recorded in my dark Tianlong tribe. Die here."

Ji Shaochuan's face was ugly-"Are you coming to take the heart of the giant whale, are you afraid that the dragon will not provide enough value?"

Yang Anran put away the Heart of the Whale and confidently said: "My people have been sent out to collect, and naturally its not my turn to take care of it."

Ji Shaochuan gave her a deep look: "It seems that you darkened the dragon and wanted to be the king of Wanlong this time!"

She smiled suddenly.

"The Archaic Dragons have not been completely unified in the 100,000-year era. There should be a true Dragon King who has unified the Dragons and merged into the Aboriginal Dragons."

Ji Shaochuan's pupil shrank!

Her ambition is so great!


"Hahaha, his mother, happy! It's so happy!"

"The old man has never been so cool in his life. Those ancient dragons and archaic dragons who used their nostrils to see people have all been beaten by us!"

"Death is worth it..."

The elders of Qinglong laughed with wounds, their faces pale but their expressions were flying, and they were dripping freely!

Lin Chen was a hit, many Long Qingguo shot into the mouth of the elders.

During the retreat, Lin Chen's strength gradually diminished, and eventually he returned to his original practice.

He took a group of elders and withdrew to a valley, where there were no enemies for hundreds of miles, and he could be safely healed.

The elders took on the short-term strength increase of the Tianyu Shenhai, the dragons veins were slightly damaged, and half of their blood was exhausted, but as long as they could recover, they would not affect the foundation.

They are even more worried about the new king in front of them!

The new king personally "explodes the veins" to exert such a powerful magical power, ranging from retreat to retrograde, and more difficult to advance in the future!

However, the elders expected that the new king "dying" did not appear...

The Qinglong tribe looked at their "new king" as if they were alive and alive, like eating an aphrodisiac!

"Fresh! Refreshing, hahaha, this harvest has everything, the coach is able to wave again!"

Lin Chen laughed from the sky! His attribute value soared to a terrifying point!

Even the dragon clan powers who have been staring at the battle situation are also squinting, like a ghost!


They watched the British "Fried Vein" with their own eyes!

How can I be like a good person now? Back to the light? Or is this world crazy?