My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1220

Vol 5 Chapter 1220: 3. The Third Hurdle Is The Dragon Totem.

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It's not that Lin Chen didn't have'Broken Veins', but after he had'Broken Veins', the value of the advanced qi and blood attributes obtained soared too fast, and the damaged and damaged dragon veins were nourished and repaired, even more than last time!

The 12 billion dragon force Lin Chen beheaded the dragon prison criminals at least 200 people, this is an extremely terrifying number!

When these criminals were in their heyday, they were all comparable to the four levels of the Holy Realm. When they died in Lin Chen's hands, the value of the high-level qi and blood attributes dropped was only a lot!

Not to mention, Lin Chen also slaughtered a large number of Taikoo elders who attempted to hunt him and the Qinglong clan. The dead, the wounded, and the attribute values obtained were even greater.

" seems that we all underestimated him..."

"This son is too evil, there is no fart thing after the pulse is exploded, I think I have served!"

"It's almost a moment ago. If he didn't save the Qinglong tribe first, but pursued by victory, the Xuanzhen kid who killed the jail dragon would have to die in his hand!"

"Hahaha, look at it. Laozi said that this kid is not common sense to speculate, a new dragon legend is rising!"

"Not necessarily, let's look at the third and fourth levels again! Don't forget, Yang Anran is a real monster..."


In the vast sea, the day after the Qinglong tribe left, the second month of the month ended!

When all the participating teams sent back to the Wanlong venue, the faces of the powerful players were very exciting!

Only 50% of the teams returned this time!

More than half of the dead dragon races are more tragic than ever! This number is equivalent to burying two thousand holy dragons in the plane of the giant whale!

The Qinglong tribe led by Lin Chen, no one dared to stop when walking in the venue!

Seeing him look like a dragon and a tiger, in sharp contrast to the scarred Prince Xuanzhen!

"Blue Dragon Clan!" Prince Xuanzhen's eyes were split, he was wrapped in bandages and medicinal materials, and he roared with anger-"Don't think that a little trick will be better than this Prince, then this Prince will Let you die better than life!"

"Oh?" Lin Chen shrugs playfully-"No way, I am a person who likes low-key, just like occasionally fierce, maybe one or two times, maybe you will challenge me next time, I will suddenly fierce again ."

At this time-

"Cough cough cough..." The old lady in gray clothes coughed a few times, and the tone became firm and strong-"Let me declare the result of the second pass."

"In the second level, there are 27 teams that get the whole team's value through the dragon offer!"


Many strong dragons were shocked and almost thought they had heard it wrong!

There are only 27 teams that have passed completely?

The team that entered the second hurdle has 71 teams of Guangtaigu Dragons. Isn't the team passing even half?

Everyone unanimously set their sights on the direction of the Qinglong tribe...

It must be the reason of Gil Ying Bang Bang! This guy directly united the criminals of the Dragon Prison together, like an iron bucket, plus the last battle in the vast sea, and killed all the way to no one. All these people passed through and there were ghosts!

Lin Chen shot the back of the Qinglong tribe, all the Qinglong tribe raised their heads and raised their chests, and the corners of their mouths were slightly twitched...

With his own strength, he pulled many Taiko Dragons into the water, this guy is really the first one of Wanlong!

"Dragon offer value ranks first, the blue dragon family! Dragon offer value: 25400 points! Second place, funeral fantasy dragon family, dragon offer value: 10800 points. Third place, dark sky dragon family, dragon offer value: 9800 points, Fourth place, the Wanhuolong tribe..."

When the old lady in gray reads the ranking, everyone's scalp is numb!

More than 20,000 dragons offer value? The difference between the first and second places is more than double!

What is even more terrifying is that this Gil Ying Bang state has also killed so many dragons, and there are more than 20,000, which is terrifying! Kill 50 candidates and you will lose 50 dragons!

"In the above, the passers and dragons don't have enough value to pass the team. They go to the dragon altar and choose the candidate to enter the third level."

"Teams with dragons worth more than 100 points will be awarded the honorary name of Dragon Clan! You can get the Dragon Clan's support for one hundred years, the millennium assessment, the trade coordinates of the three dragon cities, and the qualification to enter the second floor of the Wanlong Temple."

As soon as this remark came out, many powerful dragons cast their envious eyes. After becoming an honorable dragon, they would no longer be the tiny existence of the dragon. For a long period of 100,000 years, they would be supported and cultivated by the dragon.

"I... we have become an honorable dragon family... Father Emperor, have you seen..."

Mu Tianqing jade covered his lips with his hands, and his beautiful eyes dropped two lines of tears.

"My Qinglong tribe is finally no longer a bully!"

The elders of the Green Dragon wept with joy!

Despite the psychological preparations, the arrival of this moment still left them with tears of excitement!

Lin Chen laughed: "Don't be impressed, our goal is not limited to this, is it?"

Lin Chen's words made the elders stunned!

When they looked at the flying dragon flag on the dragon platform again, their hearts throbbed!


Maybe they came to honor the dragon clan, but this new king who came out of the world came only to win the championship!

Such pride, such courage, a few people from ancient to modern times!

Gray-clothed old lady's eyes were shining and she said with a deep voice-"Then announce the third level: enter the remains of the dragon, fighting is prohibited in the remains, and those who enter the ruins can get the totem guidance and blood baptism of your dragon ancestors."

"If you spend more dragon offering value, you can enter the dragon tomb, accept the dragon ancestor's dragon gas quenching body, and even allow you to absorb the dragon ancestor's dragon gas. Each choice requires the cost of the dragon offering value. This is the Lian Wanlong Temple Cherish the treatment that is not available at the highest level."

"The third level does not need to be evaluated. The four-month period will automatically send out the outdated ones."

"And four months later, all the dragon teams who arrived at the third level can send a representative to participate in the representative game, or they can choose to abstain. The top ten of the representative game has a rich reward, and the first person to win the representative game, Will be the king of Wanlong this time!"

Lin Chen touched his chin and said with great satisfaction-"Well, the king of dragons, this forced character is worthy of my holy dragon... This handsome man is a **** in the human race. The Dragons cant go back empty-handed, King of Dragons, its it!"

Grey-clothed old lady turned her head, and glanced at the dragons.

The whole team got up and entered the stadium.

The dragon clan powers stood together, closing their eyes and concentrating, as if receiving an order, when they opened their eyes again, the handprint quickly pinched, scratched their fingertips, and sealed with dragon blood!

At this moment, the atmosphere in the venue became solemn and serious.

Bang ~!

A giant space door opened again, and the desolate breath swept out. An ancient flood-like sense of oppression came to the Wanlong meeting place. It was so old that it was palpitating and penetrated from the giant door.

It seems that there is an endless historical civilization behind the giant Tibetan gate.

Dust Evil solemnly declared: "The Dragon Relic has been opened, and the value of the dragon contribution to the Dragon Relic has been automatically subtracted. As for the unsatisfied team, go to the Dragon Terrace to confirm the candidate and come back."

Everyone looked at each other and entered the remains of the dragon!

Lin Chen's heartbeat quietly accelerated, and the blood of Taixi Gulong finally fell!

At this time, an old voice secretly passed to Lin Chen.

"Yingbangbang boy, you come here."

Lin Chen was stunned, and the corners of his mouth were slightly drawn...

rub! It's all at this juncture, which king is called a handsome man!

Laozi's pants were all taken off, and he was about to burrow. Why did you let me pass?