My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1221

Vol 5 Chapter 1221: And Two More.

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Someone Lin strongly resisted the urge to punch the hole, quietly turned around and turned to look inside the venue.

Coming in white clothes is one of the powers of the dragon, dust evil.

He smiled and said-"Little guy, the one who just sent you a voice is a senior. He intends to recruit you. Maybe after the Wanlong meeting, you can go to see him."

The dust evil handed Lin Chen a scroll.

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief. He thought he had a moth. After all, he used so many hole cards at Wanlong, and a series of means such as slow runes are not the dragon cards. Fortunately, these powerful ask.

At their level, there are very few things that can impress them, and they will rarely covet the secrets of the young dragons. If every power is like this, the new blood of the dragons will be strangled.

"Okay, thanks for the appreciation of the senior and powerful."

Lin Chen took the scroll.

Dian Xie couldn't help but ask curiously-"Little guy, if you don't participate in the fourth level, there will be no life threats. In the third level, the most dangerous thing is you, although your multiple bloodlines are advantages, But you should be very clear that once the quality of the blood line is improved, it will be more difficult to control, and it is very likely that it will explode and die. This problem, you should be very clear..."

Talking about this, this old monster-level dragon family has a look of childlike innocence and a serious way of saying: "Can you tell me that you have some confidence next to control the one you are about to improve Multiple bloodlines, rest assured, this seat will never reveal your foundation!"

Lin Chen froze for a moment!

How sure is it? He really hadn't thought about this thing!

His primary goal is the bloodline of Taixi Gulong, followed by upgrading the existing bloodline grade.

In addition, he has a system of picking up geniuses, and the problem of combining blood and blood has never existed. This problem, which seems to be extremely difficult from the perspective of ordinary strong people, does not happen to him.

"This...this..." Lin Chen was so troubled that he couldn't help it out: the coach had absolute control over it?

Then he must not be caught by these powerful people to study!

Seeing Lin Chen in embarrassment, Chen Xie suddenly stooped to'pick up' something, and said with a smile: "Oh, why are the British brothers so careless, you see, your renunciation."

Lin Chen immediately accepted the precept, a serious voice said: "Do not hide the predecessor, in fact, I only have 30% certainty, alas, if there is a handsome fortune-teller who said that I would have a chance to survive in death, I would not dare to come This time, I came with a mortal attitude. As I said, I will go to **** if I dont go to hell. The end of cultivation is not to go upstream and challenge life and death..."

Lin Chen didn't finish blowing, and the mouth of Dust Evil shuddered: "30...30%?"

Lin Chen's heart is awkward, mother, underreported?

"Such a high grasp! You really have a hand!" Chen Xie marveled!

Lin Chen pinched his sweat...

"Then, low-key, low-key." Lin Chen winked.

Chen Xie squeezed her eyebrows: "Well, I understand, I understand."

Lin Chen waved his hand and led the Qinglong tribe to step into the entrance of the Dragon Relic.

The space fight, Lin Chen and his party were transferred to a ruined ruins.

Dilapidated, ended, vicissitudes. The stony pillars are broken, the ground veins are cracked, the sky is gray, and there is no vitality. It seems to have come to the beginning of the ancient world.

When all dragons arrived here, Xiu Wei was sealed for a short time, unable to exert half of their strength!

Lin Chen was shocked when the joint spiritual perception was also sealed, but when he realized that his slow runes and other means were still in place, he was a little stable in his heart.

There are runes and talents available, at least he is not without resistance.

Everyone looked around and found that in front of the ruins were a group of totem dragon pillars that stretched the world!

Everyone was alert to each other and spent a quarter of an hour walking around the dragon column, it was a group of monsters!

Each dragon column is tens of thousands of feet high and thousands of feet wide, and the characters of the dragon family are engraved on it.

There are many strange-shaped carvings carved in the dragon column, permeating the atmosphere of the history.

The glyph above makes everyone move!

Even Lin Chen was the same, shocked on the spot!

It is like a historical scroll spreading out in front of everyone's eyes, allowing them to instantly enter the mood of totem carving.

The engraving has a vast and vast starry sky, and an everlasting world.

In the world, there are nine-headed pythons, winged whale sharks, monsters with no eyes and huge mouths, three-headed six-armed demons, headless horses, long-horned demons, asuras leaning on the ground, and densely crawling in The strange creatures on the continental plate and flying in the sky seem to be the extinct'Zerg.'

There are also a group of figures, high above, occupying a small part of the totem.

And the most is a group of dragons flying under the stars!

Groups of dragons are flying with magnificent expressions, different postures, some golden world, dragon wings flying, some dragon claws shaking the sky, it seems like a raging sea, some dragon mouth breathing, destroying countless planes, some great shores are unimaginable, It seems that the light shining from a dragon scale can cover a world!

Any creature in the totem seems to be stronger than all the existing ones today!

Lin Chen is very sure that any of the creatures in it may be countless times stronger than the Holy Heavenly King he has encountered so far!

Like a piece of history, covering up the dust.

Like a period of civilization, it is here.

Like a storm, it has not yet erupted.

Like a blood song, only the prelude.

Everyone was deeply shocked and silent in the momentum reflected in the totem, and only a ray of mood and charm shocked everyone.

The Qinglong tribe stood staring blankly, because they also saw images of their ancestors!

It's too great!

As if all the Dragon races were in it, consciously wandering around the world, as if they had returned to the picture of which era they did not know, following the auspicious feathers of the dragon ancestors and the beginning of the era of history.

Lin Chen alone, he is not a dragon, and will not be easily pulled by the totem Longwei.

He was the first person in the room to recover slowly.

At this time, all the dragons looked up with empty eyes, they were silent in the history of the totem.

Lin Chen went forward.

He walked to the center of the totem, which contained more torn and torn engraved totems, and the system transformed the Dragon script into the script of the adult.

"Yin and Yang made the dragon dragon totem, the pole prison water dragon dragon totem, the Tianyue town prison dragon totem, the nine-yellow Huangquan dragon totem, the burial shadow fantasy dragon totem, the pole-que thunder dragon dragon totem..."

Suddenly, Lin Chen's toes seemed to have kicked something.

He walked to the center of the totem.

There is a stone here, covered with dust.

He wiped the dust, the text on it was twisted like a tadpole, but it was not a Dragon clan script, but a string of human clan script?

Lin Chen clearly saw the words of his stele.

"I'm afraid that day will come again. Grandpa Zu and Long Zu made a deal. They also asked me to look for them, someone who will appear in that world someday."

"Grandpa Grandpa also said that they will shine in that world. I seem to remember their names. It seems to be, Bai Qi, Ye Wushuang, Ling Yan, and others..."

"By the way, there is another, called Lin Xingchen."