My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1222

Vol 5 Chapter 1222: The Blood Of The Ancient Dragon

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"Lin Xingchen?"

Lin Chen was stunned. Was it the Lin Xingchen he encountered on the dark island?

"There will be a human stele in this place where the dragon clan's heritage is spread?"

Lin Chen couldn't understand it. The information revealed by the stele was too one-sided and could not be useful.

The strength was sealed, Lin Chen could not take away the stele, and simply stayed here.

At this time, the strong men of the Dragon clan gradually recovered.

"New King, why are you here?"

The Qinglong people came.

"I was looking for this."

Lin Chen smiled at the totem of Qinglong's ancestors.

Before walking to the Qinglong Totem with everyone, Lin Chen put his jade card into the totem.

Brush ~! In the jade brand, the dragon offering value appeared, and an old idea was passed on to Lin Chen and the Qinglong tribe.

"My juniors, running the bloodline, can accept the baptism of the bloodline supernatural power, transform the bloodline grade, or continue to consume the value of the dragon, enter the dragon tomb to quench the bloodline with the dragon breath, and the bloodline can help the strength increase while entering the dragon tomb Long Xian is worth 500 points."

Hearing this idea, the elders of the Qinglong clan quickly said: "Miss, you and the new king enter the dragon tomb to accept the dragon gas to refine the bloodline. We old guys are here waiting for you."

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and joked: "What are you doing, one by one, look down on this King is not successful? You all gave Lao Tzu to the Dragon Tomb to receive the Dragon Gas Quenching Body, and there are not a few, who dare not enter, this King goes out Just expel you from the Blue Dragon Clan!"

The elders moved!

500 dragons offer value, but this is to kill five fierce dragon prisoners!

Do not look at the Qinglong tribe has more than 20,000 dragons offer value, this is all the new king desperately fighting out!

If these elders come to participate, it is estimated that collecting 100 points of dragon sacrifices will risk many lives. Being able to enter the remains of the Shenlong with all the members, they are already very contented, and the elders can still tell who is the main hero.

Now the new king has let them all enter? Reject and expel Qinglong tribe?

The elders shuddered, grateful.

"New King, this..." The big elder burst into tears and knelt down.

Lin Chen stopped and smiled and scolded: "Okay, don't be mother-in-law, these are what you deserve."

If you accept the baptism of the totem bloodline, only the bloodline grade will be transformed, but if you enter the dragon tomb, you will not only be able to transform the bloodline grade, but also improve your cultivation behavior.

After this experience, the Qinglong tribe will no longer be that weak dragon tribe! Coupled with the benefits that Lin Chen left them, it is entirely possible to become the Taiko Dragons in the future!

Lin Chen selected 11 places, 24,300 points of dragon deduction value deducted 5500 points, eleven beams of space light, eleven people disappeared instantly.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw a barren hillside. Each hillside stood a stone tablet, and each stone tablet was engraved with mysterious dragon characters.

"Sitting in front of the Longbei, you can get the Longqi quenching body..."

The old voice echoed the consciousness of the people vaguely, and the elders of the Qinglong tribe sat in front of the steles with a disturbed mood.

"Right." Lin Chen patted Mu Tianqing's shoulder and threw a blue dragon ball to her.

"This is..." Mu Tianqing wondered.

Lin Chen's rare and true color said: "You can recognize this bead by dripping blood. I help the Qinglong tribe to improve the bloodline. This upgrade and metamorphosis grade can be stripped back at any time. I give you the power to decide their bloodline. "

The expression of the elders of the Qinglong tribe changed slightly.

The blood line strengthened by the Qinglong race, he can withdraw at any time, he gave this decision to Mu Tianqing.

This action can prevent elders from leaving the Qinglong tribe in the future and is the best choice.

The elders of the Qinglong tribe are not surprised by this matter. The elders who can fight to this point are the last backbone and hope of the Qinglong tribe. They are surprised by the tone of the new king.

Is he going to leave?

"Then you..." Mu Tianqing asked.

Lin Chen smiled and walked among the many stone tablets!

Those attributed light spheres scattered next to the stone tablet seemed to feel, within a foot of Lin Chen, he quickly flew to his body.

[Obtain the attribute values of the ancient blood dragon: 1500 points, 1300 points, 2500 points...]

[Vanguard Qinglong is the advanced bloodline of the bloodline of the Xuanqing Dragon, the host of Wanzai, and the bloodline fusion begins...]

Lin Chen continuously absorbs a large number of blood spheres of light. Eventually, he sits in front of a stele, and the void leads to a dragon circling!

Bang ~!

Long Qi entered the body, Lin Chen's bloodline fusion speed is faster!

[Obtained 100,000 points, 200,000 points, and 120,000 points for the bloodline of the ancient dragon.]

In Lin Chen's holy dragon body, flesh and dragon veins glowed with new visions, such as blue light and luster, shining brilliantly, and dispelling dragon symbols, as if there was a legendary dragon family history carved into the blood veins, soaring, transforming!

The dragon vein stuck in the bottleneck started to throb slightly!

Seeing that the Qinglong New King had accepted the Dragon Qi Quenching Body, after the elders glanced at each other, their hearts were mixed, and they sat down to accept the inheritance.

Although the contact with this new king is not a long time, all the high-level and even the people of the Qinglong clan accepted this resolute and powerful new king! He is the dragon king of the Qinglong tribe, no one will question it!

The most complicated thing is Mu Tianqing.

"This choice is right. People like him should not just bend down and become a dragon king in my Qinglong clan!"

After Mu Tianqing wiped out all the complicated thoughts, he touched the Dragon Tablet with peace of mind, leading to the eternal dragon spirit!

Bang ~!

The eleven Daoqi began to take hold, and all the Qinglong tribes, including Lin Chen, received new changes!

This "change" is unimaginable by other dragons!

Even if other dragon tribes can enter the dragon tomb, they only accept the "Dragon Qi Quenching Body" and the "Blood Baptism".

But all the blood of the Qinglong tribe is [Enhancement + 15]!

Once the bloodline is transformed, it will inherit the increase of [Enhancement Level]!

In other words, their harvest is more than 4 times more than that of other Taiko dragons who entered the dragon tomb!

Time is like a white horse, Lin Chen is the first to wake up in the past 20 days!

As soon as he opened his eyes, Lin Chen's dragon pupil flashed through the misty blue light, and the green mansions were lingering, like a giant dragon in the sky, as if he was going to rush out of the body to sweep the sun, moon and stars!

Lin Chen converged his blood, and there was some crying and laughing under the silver dragon mask!

"I wipe, my holy dragon didn't break through? The better the foundation of the bloodline is laid, the harder it is for the accumulation of strength to increase. The strength is still stuck in the position of 800 million dragon veins..."

Lin Chen was helpless and opened the blood line of the system.

[Congratulations to the advanced level of the host's bloodline, all the blue dragon bloodline supernatural powers are upgraded to: top or perfect level. And awaken the new bloodline supernatural power: relying on the sky claw, consuming the dragon vein power burst out to shake the sky dragon claw, the power can rely on the sky to cover the earth, one claw subverts the plane star fall, enhances the original dragon power 1 to 3 times the destructive power, and blesses the dragon The power of breath can tear the opponent's defense. Grade: Extraordinary.

Extraordinary blood power!

Lin Chen moved, he estimated the power, the perfect level of bloodline supernatural power, has the power comparable to the human rank orange rank combat skills!

Extraordinary? Perhaps more than the lower levels of the orange rank!

[The host holds blood: grade: none Zijin pupil (+15), grade: fourth grade intermediate Tianyu Yinglong (enhancement +15) grade: sixth grade intermediate Hongyan Holy Phoenix (enhancement grade +15), grade: eighth grade Intermediate Vanguard Sky Dragon (Enhancement Level: +15)

Eight Grade Intermediate Bloodline!

Although Lin Chen's strength has not been transformed, his blue dragon blood has changed against the sky!

That is to say, once he uses the magical powers of the Qinglong tribe, the power will change dramatically!

"Hey, the guy who encountered Prince Xuanzhen again, you don't need to rely on Heavenly Emperor Shenhai, this handsome man can also make him scream!"

Lin Chen was like a dream, when he entered the Dragon Clan, his foundation was still weak.

Now, with his holy dragon alone, he can be as long and hard as a monster!

"Those who want to mess with my demon list, wait for me to kill the thirty-six domains, I don't know if they can still do it!"