My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1223

Vol 5 Chapter 1223: Taixi Gulong

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"It is said that the ancient dragon is the ancestor of the blue dragon. All branches of the blue dragon family are derived from his bloodline. In its heyday, it was a real dragon. My eight-grade bloodline is estimated to be far from the legendary dragon bloodline. However, nine There are few dragon geniuses of the same rank below the quality bloodline, which should be my opponents!"

Lin Chen's Eighth Grade Intermediate Dragon Blood Dragon, but +15 levels! Overall improvement: 410%!

With the eighth-ranked intermediate blood of the Dragon Prince, Lin Chen can be more than four times higher than the opponent, chasing the peak of the eighth grade!

Lin Chen got up and looked around, thinking thoughtfully.

"Everyone of the Qinglong tribe has not finished, it seems that because of the attribute value I picked up first, the blood veins entered the fusion state, which led me to accept the dragon gas quenching body much faster than everyone."

When the Qinglong tribe received the Dragon Qi Quenching Body, it was transformed from the blood vein of the Xuanqing Dragon of Ten Thousand Years to the blood vein of the Ancient Dragon.

Lin Chen harvested a wave of blood vessel attribute values before accepting the dragon gas quenched body. The blood veins were transformed in advance, and then received the dragon gas quenched body. The speed of the dragon gas quenched body was much faster.

"Go out first and find the totem of Taixi Gulong!"

Lin Chen put the jade card into the stone tablet and teleported away.

The light of space came, and Lin Chen returned to the remains of the Shenlong.

There is a desolation in the ruins, or there is a dragon clan elder sitting in front of the totem, receiving blood baptism, or a dragon clan prince disappears, presumably it is sent to the dragon tomb.

Lin Chen continued to look for other totems. Each totem was unreasonably thick, and the term "mountain peak" was used to describe it as small. When strength is suppressed, find a totem to go for a long time.

Fortunately, he is a person with a system.

The system screened out all the totem words for Lin Chen, and he found the totem of Taixi Ancient Dragon!

The strange thing is that the totem of Taixi Ancient Dragon is only a thousand feet tall, and it is not as great as other totems.

Lin Chen put the jade card on the totem.

"Entering the Dragon Tomb of Taixi Ancient Dragon requires 500 points of dragon value. There is no blood baptism or inheritance in the Dragon Tomb except the remains of Taixi Ancient Dragon. Please choose carefully...."

Lin Chen's heart tightened when the voice of the old Mud sounded through the jade sign!

"There is no blood baptism or dragon body quenching body in the dragon tomb of Taixi Ancient Dragon?"

Isn't it okay if he wants to get the blood of Gulong?

Not only that, Lin Chen also explored the totem near the ancient dragon, Taizhou ancient dragon, Futian dragon, and the only two candle dragon monument, Chi dragon monument, no blood baptism!

The candle dragon monument and the chi dragon monument are not even the dragon tomb, only the dragon monument remains!

Lin Chenzhe returned to the totem of Taixi Ancient Dragon.

"It's all here, can you still give up? No matter, go in and talk!"

After deducting 500 dragon points, Lin Chen still has 18300 dragon points left, which is transferred into the dragon tomb of Taixi Ancient Dragon!

Lin Chen was transported to a strange mountain peak, which was empty near the peak, covered with rocks and filled with desolate breath.

"Am I going to be cold? Rub, what the **** is this place!"

Lin Chen was impatient!

He tried his best to sneak into the dragon clan for the blood of Taixi ancient dragon, otherwise the three blood dragon jade of his hand would become a waste stone!

Lin Chen was reluctant to go ahead and look for it, climb the mountain to find it, the real "over the mountain".

After walking day and night, Lin Chen found a faint light from a hillside.

"That's... the light of the attribute sphere!"

Lin Chen's excited arrow dashed over, drew down the hillside, and found an attribute light ball from the crack!

The ball of light was red gold, the waves of light circulated, and the dragon's breath lingered. It was a color that Lin Chen had never seen before, the size of a goose egg.

When Lin Chen picked it up, it automatically integrated into Lin Chen's body.

[The host obtains new blood vessel attribute value, is it absorbed?

The light screen pops up, Lin Chen's heartbeat is tense and he chooses'Yes'!

Brush ~!

Suddenly, a brand new vitality bloodline flows in the body of Lin Chen and the dragon vein of the Holy Dragon!

This bloodline is simple and vicissitudes, but it is very weak.

[The host obtains Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline Attribute: 15 points. (The bloodline value is too low to identify the bloodline grade).

Lin Chen was shocked!

Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline, became?

Lin Chen's thoughts seized the brand-new blood of Shenglong and suddenly urged!

Sigh~! Lin Chen's left fingers were faintly turned into a red golden dragon claw, incomplete.

"Wipe, there is only one paw?" Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly...

He took out three pieces of Dragon Blood Jade, and when he urged the blood, he suddenly discovered that the Dragon Blood Jade had a weak reaction!

But because of the space of the remains of the dragon, the vision did not break out!

"There is a play! Although this ancient dragon bloodline is thin, it does not allow me to have any strength, but it can make the Shenlong blood jade react. At least this trip is not in vain!"

Lin Chen was excited, and then looked for.

He tossed around these nearby peaks, spent seven days, and finally found only two blood attributes of the light ball.

The total blood of Taixi Ancient Dragon is only 35 points! Little pity!

Lin Chen can only use it to turn into a dragon claw, it seems useless as fart?

"Sometimes the dragon blood jade has responded. Going out should be able to unlock the secrets inside. This trip is not a loss!"

Lin Chen comforted himself, mobilized the jade card, and sent it back to the remains of the dragon, leaving the dragon tomb.

Under the light of the space beam, when Lin Chen was lifted off, his pupil shuddered!

The "mountain peak" he had crossed before was actually a broken old dragon claw!

"This... is it the claws of Taixi Ancient Dragon? The scales of the remaining claws are so vast, what exactly was this Xiong Ancient Dragon cultivated for..."

In an instant, Lin Chen's heart crossed the shock and was sent away.


Arriving in the relic of Shenlong, Lin Chen's heart flew through an amazed thought.

He came to the totem of Taizhou Ancient Dragon beside He Taixi Ancient Dragon again!

The jade card arrived on the totem, and the voice of the old Mu Ne still told Lin Chen as before, that there was no inheritance and reservation in this dragon tomb.

"This Taizhou Ancient Dragon and Taixi Ancient Dragon are the same mysterious creatures. It is very difficult to gain anything even if a dragon clan enters. I have a system to pick up genus. Do I have to fight my luck?"

Lin Chen didn't hesitate too much, but actually chose to enter the dragon tomb of "Taizhou Ancient Dragon"!


Inside the Wanlong venue; the strong men of all races have not left.

For the holy beast with a long life, every few months is like a few hours. They are waiting for the result of going out.

On the high platform of the meeting place, dozens of people could gather together.

"Every time I receive the baptism of the blood of the totem, there will always be some amazing little guys flying into the sky!"

"Yeah, some seemingly plain geniuses suddenly jumped after getting the ancestor's instructions. In the past, there was an example of an ancient dragon surpassing the ancient dragon."

"I don't know which team is most productive this time?"

"The old man thinks that it is a dark sky dragon. Yang Anran and Nizi actually got the heart of the giant whale in the plane of the giant whale. I am afraid that when he goes out of the customs again, coupled with the former ancient ancient clan heritage, no one can be the enemy..."

"Ji Shaochuan and Prince Xuanzhen, who are burying the ghost dragon, are not simple. This is the seventh blood peak bloodline, and half of the foot is stepping into the eighth bloodline.

When the mighty people negotiated comfortably, Dianxie put his hands on his head and whistled evilly and smiled: "Who knows, maybe that British nation might also be."

"He?" An old-fashioned dragon clan sneered: "By using the power of the vast sea to defeat the dragon prince, the trip is over, the prince of the Taiko dragon clan will rush to a whole new level, this wild kid might die Maybe it's inside, there will be a gap between them."

Chen Xie shrugged, too lazy to argue, but stared into the void, and became particularly deep.

Suddenly, an elder Shenglong came to the powers and held his fists respectfully.

"Report to the high-level, some people ask."

"Oh? Who is it." The old lady in gray asked.

The informing elder responded respectfully.

"Is the person of the fantasy dream charm heart dragon family!"