My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1224

Vol 5 Chapter 1224: The Day Of Customs Clearance

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When Lin Chen teleported into the dragon tomb of Taizhou Ancient Dragon, the space of the dragon tomb was gray, and Lin Chen was alone suspended in the void.

He's dumbfounded, why don't you have a hair here?

"Did I bet it wrong? I lost 500 points to the dragon?"

The space is sunken, Lin Chen is caught in a layer of space vortex, when it appears again, it is actually a layer of gray space!

"This... this is a large stack of spaces?"

Lin Chen was shocked that the Warlord could open up the space plane of the world. The sage can open a small space plane in the sacred world, but if this endless space stack is created, I am afraid that even the nineth peak sage is impossible!

Lin Chen seemed to be trapped in the endless void, but he didn't panic. If he held the jade card of Wanlonghui, he could send it back to the remains of the Shenlong at any time.

"I didn't come to the wrong place. It should be said that this is the dragon tomb of Taizhou Ancient Dragon. This dragon tomb is in the endless space plane!"

Letting the space stack take him to the endless void, Lin Chen experienced a long time, and finally after thousands of shuttles, the space has a bright light!

Lin Chen held out his hand!

It's a dragon scale. It has dozens of feet, it's like a grindstone, and it's grayish blue, like an ancient artifact of prehistoric civilization.

Lin Chen just touched it, and seemed to be caught in the vortex of endless time and space.

There, time seems to be forbidden, Lin Chen almost lost his consciousness!

"What a terrible dragon, just a piece of dragon scale has such power, but unfortunately I can't take this thing..."

Lin Chen frowned, and the Nakai and Qiyun vesicles at his hand could not hold such a unique thing with such powerful dragon power, and the system space could only store things related to the system.

The gray-green dragon scale suddenly passed through a little glorious attribute and was incorporated into Lin Chen's body!

[The host obtains a new bloodline attribute: Taizhou Ancient Dragon Bloodline 30 points.

Lin Chen shined!

In the dragon vein of the Holy Dragon, there is an ancient dragon power connected to time and space, but the blood vein is too light, and it does not cause too much change.

The second ancient dragon bloodline!

When Lin Chen tried to urge the bloodline of the "Taizhou Ancient Dragon", the huge dragon scale actually had a reaction to the call, rapidly rotating in the void, shrinking into a slap-sized dragon scale!

"Using this bloodline, can I take this dragon scale?"

Lin Chen trembles!

He is an eighth-order caster, and his vision is very comparable.

If this dragon scale involves time and space, its absolutely amazing if it is used in a caster! The premise is that his casting skills must be able to use this thing!

"Keep waiting!"

Lin Chen spent ten days in the dragon tomb of the ancient dragon of Taizhou again, and let the space shuttle take him. After traveling through hundreds of thousands of space planes, Lin Chen obtained three dragon scales, each of which had Very few attribute values add up to just 70 points.

After spending three days repeatedly, Lin Chen determined that there were no dragon scales left and teleported away.

This time Lin Chen came to the "Fu Tianlong" totem, but this dragon clan didn't even have a dragon tomb, and it was the least documented in the dragon clan's literature, just like the candle dragon and chi dragon.

"In version 7.0 of the system, I can absorb seven bloodlines. Now I have six kinds of bloodlines: Zijin Tong, Tianyu Yinglong, Hongyan Holy Phoenix, Wanqing Qinglong, Taixi Ancient Dragon and Taizhou Ancient Dragon, two ancient dragons The bloodline is temporarily unavailable. In addition to enhancing the blood of the Tianyu Yinglong, I can absorb another attribute bloodline!"

Lin Chen's eyes shine, this is a crucial moment to enhance the power of the Holy Dragon!

Wandering between the totems, Lin Chen came to the totems of the ancestors of the Heavenly Emperor Yinglong, the God of Water Dragon!

The jade card reached the totem, and the old voice came.

"After deducting 500 points of dragon offer, enter the dragon tomb, the remaining 17,300 points of dragon offer."

Brush ~!

Lin Chen disappeared and appeared to the sea above the next moment!

The sea was azure, and Lin Chen saw several different energies of the water system under the sea when he looked down on it!

Some of the sea water is clear and bright, some are like **** nethersprings, dark like ruins, and some are turbulent like yellow springs, exuding a quiet yellow air of death and silence.

A stream of water rose and condensed into a dragon's head. It opened the dragon's mouth and spit out a dragon air to cover Lin Chen!

Longqi contains the light of a large number of attribute light balls. Lin Chen sat on the sea and contained the dragon gas!

Brush ~!

The blood veins belonging to the Tianyu Yinglong skyrocketed rapidly, and the dragon veins throbbed, glowing with new brilliance!

A month later.

The tomb of the Dragon Tomb surged, and I didn't know when, a light screen popped up in front of Lin Chen.

[Congratulations to the host's bloodline grade advanced to: Extreme Prison Dragon Bloodline, grade: eight grade advanced (enhancement +15), all Yinglong bloodline supernatural powers are upgraded to: top and perfect level. Awakening the new blood supernatural power: the prison prison.

[Jigoku Tengakura: Adjust the water energy of a certain distance to condense the dragon veins to create a dungeon to kill enemies. It can reduce a variety of attack methods such as blue waves, dragon breath, and split blade. The inside and outside of the dungeon are impeccable. The only way to crack the law Restraint, if launched on the plane with sufficient energy of the water system, the entire plane can be transformed into the dungeon range, grade: extraordinary level.

Started another supernatural power!

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen opened his eyes, and the sea surface exploded! The strength of the Dragon Relic is sealed!

"Good, Shenglong's control of the energy of the water system has soared by a few grades. Even if it is repaired as a seal, I only need a thought to detonate the energy of the nearby water system!"

Lin Chen was shocked!

"If the previous Yinglong was the king of the water beasts, then the extreme prison water dragon is the absolute overlord! Any tricks of the water attribute are virtually useless in front of my holy dragon!"

Lin Chen looked around the dragon veins again, and was tempered by the dragon gas, and finally broke through 850 million dragon veins!

8.5 billion dragon power!

Sacred Dragon has entered the ranks of quasi-eighth-level intermediate beast, and then only needs to accumulate enough to enter the eighth-level intermediate level!

Lin Chen teleported away again and returned to the remains of the Shenlong.

At this time, he found that many strong dragons had left, and they had already completed the blood baptism.

"My holy dragon can still choose a bloodline, hehehe..."

At this moment, Lin Chen smiled coquettishly.

His holy dragon has both offensive and defensive speed, even if the speed is not the top, it is enough.

But he can inherit another bloodline, if this bloodline has...

There is a dragon family, it is very strong. Its even better than Lins intention!


In the Wanlong venue; many dragon races are already out!

"Prince Ben has been given guidance from his ancestors, hahaha, he has mastered three perfect levels of supernatural powers, and this fourth hurdle, Prince Prince is better than the Taiko Dragons!"

"Very well, the Dragon Power quenched the pure power of the prince to break through 8.5 billion dragon power, and the bloodline reached the seventh grade. The prince will not be afraid of any genius!"

"Really as the father said, my blood is very suitable for the cultivation method of the ancestors! I also obtained a magical power close to the perfect peak series. This is the fourth level of the Wanlong Club, and there must be one of my family!"

The princes of all races can be described as a fierce battle of war. They have been baptized by the blood of the dragon totem, or they have obtained a great chance in the dragon tomb, all of which have a qualitative leap!

Bang ~!

At this time, a team descended!

The strong men take a closer look, and generally the longer they stay in the Dragon Relic, the greater the chance they get.

The team was radiant, restrained, and headed as the first woman, with awe-inspiring attitude, such as the clang roses on the battlefield, Leng Yan Xuelian, actually Mu Tianqing of the Qinglong tribe!

When a group of dragon clan powers saw the Qinglong clan today, the expression of chatter and laughter instantly froze!