My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1225

Vol 5 Chapter 1225: Ying Bang Bang Is Dead?

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The Qinglong people and their entourage are full of visions!

The dragon spirit manifests itself like a moon, a moon, a sky, a battle of stars, and it seems that one eye can suppress most of the strong men of the same level!

They stood a little bit and gave people a sense of oppression, Yuanzhu Yuezhi!

Mu Tianqing, Leng Yan's moving cheeks have an extra blue print on her cheeks.

Nine elders, more than 600 million dragon veins in full bloom!

Some elders are more radiant and return to youth, and they look back to their appearances in their thirties, some are handsome and upright, and some still have charm and radiance.

The elders, second elders, and fourth elders all advanced to 8 billion dragon power! And there is always a sign after the breakthrough of 800 million dragon veins!

What is more terrible is that their blood pressure is stronger than that of any Taikoo Dragons team!

"He... their Longwei is not inferior to the team of the Taiko Dragons!"

"No, the blood pressure alone is stronger than the Taiko Dragons! The elders of the Taiko Dragons don't have so many metamorphic bloodlines!"

Many long-sighted dragon clan powerful people are shocked!

The Qinglong tribe now looks like a world away from first sight!

When the old lady in the grey clothes throbbed, she immediately swept her eyes, the dragon pupil contracted, and shot a few sharp rays to scan the Qinglong clan and his party!

At the next moment, the old woman was disturbed!

"Six... Sixth Grade?"

The Qinglong clan, actually has six rank bloodlines?

The expressions of the powerful dragons are extremely dignified!

It should be said that it is unprecedentedly serious!

However, the next moment...

When they carefully scanned each of the elders of the Qinglong clan, they turned from dignified to frightened!


A dragon clan is so frightened that he can spit fragrantly.

The soaring power of that owl's face couldn't help but open up the fragrance - "I am his uncle, this... how **** fucking this is!"

This is no longer a shock level, it is a shock!

Qinglong tribe, all members have more than six ranks of blood!

No, it should be said that it is a sixth-grade intermediate!

What is the potential of Liupin bloodline?

The first grade blood vein belongs to the holy beast, and the small has potential, but it is equal to the level of the holy realm and exists at the bottom.

The second to third bloodlines, the basic future belongs to the elder level within the ancient dragon.

When it comes to the Sipin bloodline, it will begin to undergo qualitative changes and be placed in the ancient dragon clan. It is also a high-end elder-level heritage, and it can barely get a place in the ancient dragon clan.

The fifth grade bloodline is the dragon king's potential of the ancient dragon clan, and this level is the highest.

The Sixth Grade Bloodline is second only to the Dragon King of the Ancient Dragon Race!

The dragon kings of the ancient dragons are basically the bloodline potential of the sixth grade peak. Dragon geniuses in the middle and lower reaches of the Taikoo Dragons are also in this series.

The Qipin bloodline, as long as it is born, is basically the strongest arrogance of the Taiko Dragons.

In other words, for all elders of the Qinglong tribe, each future height is likely to be second only to the dragon king of the ancient dragon tribe!

Similar to the six-grade peak series of Elder Qinglong, the future achievements are approaching the ancient dragon king!

Even more outrageous is Mu Tianqing, a nizi, whose blood potential has directly broken through the seventh grade and is approaching the peak of the seventh grade!

The peak of Qipin, that is the potential of Prince Xuanzhen who is known as the successor of the next Taikoo Dragon!

At first, the blood grade of the Qinglong tribe was between the second and third ranks. In the entire Qinglong tribe, only Mu Tianqing broke through to the top of Sanpin.

After Lin Chens [Blood Vessel Enhancement], all elders blood grades have been increased fourfold, basically reaching or barely comparable to the fourth grade blood veins, which is still insufficient in front of the Taiko Dragons.

But now, it is already earthshaking! The Blue Dragon clan that has advanced into the bloodline of the "Vantian Qinglong" has a bloodline grade no lower than the peak of the fifth grade!

This level is enough to keep most of the Taikoo Dragon elders, and it has inherited the effect of strengthening the level [+15], which has been quadrupled!

The bloodline of the ancient Dragon Dragon has quadrupled, and the bloodline of the Dragon Dragon has quadrupled, not at the same level!

It's like you have a'one million' silver holy coin that has quadrupled. And you have 10 million silver holy yuan, which has quadrupled, two concepts!

"I have never seen such a terrible transformation!"

"In the past, there were also dragon geniuses who had encountered adventures after entering the remains of the dragon. Their bloodlines flew into the sky, but that was only a very rare existence. This blue dragon came directly to a group? This coincidence is not such a coincidence!"

"The Qinglong clan was originally a group of elders of the second clan and the third clan, and not even the dragon king of the fifth clan. How could it be so horrible to rebound at once?"

When many dragons were able to discuss, the eyes of the dust and evil were shining!

"Is it Qinglong's new king Ying Bangbang's handwriting?"

The powers were shocked!

he? Does this young dragon really have such a means against the sky?

While the dragon clan elites were anxiously looking for that figure, he was not in the team of the blue dragon clan!

"Huh, the new king of Qinglong is gone?"

"Hahaha, the old man knows, this guy must have multiple bloodlines, he can't control the confusion of different bloodlines, and his body is dead inside!"

"This is to say that many lines of injustice must be killed!"

"It seems that this guy is short-lived, I said that he can't turn over the waves."

The dragons couldn't help but sneer and ridicule, their hearts were full of joy, like the punching hole finally rushed to the end, and finally refreshed.

Many of their teams were eliminated because of Gil Yingbang, and they were desperate to kill this guy. Now he is finally braided!

"The new king is really alright..."

"It took us so long to find the entire ruin, and it seems that he has not seen his trace."

The elders and others secretly talked.

"He is fine." Mu Tianqing said.

She spread the blue dragon ball in her palm, and a bright smile appeared on her cold cheek: "I can feel that he is becoming stronger and stronger."

Bang ~!

At this time, various powerful mights came to the venue!

It is the team of the Taikoo Dragons returning!

Even the top archaeological dragons, such as the Wanlong Dragon, the Nine Nether Dragon, the Extreme Que Thunder Dragon, and the Wind Saint Pterosaur, are back!

Some of their elders broke through the shackles and reached 9 billion and 9.5 billion dragon power!

Some crown princes have further improved bloodline grades, or seventh-grade high-grade and seventh-grade peak, with the practice of breaking through the limit of 900 million dragon veins, the power is powerful, and the edge is revealed!

Once the Taikoo Dragons returned, they suppressed the Dragons!

Brush ~! A mysterious yellow beam came, and the dragon robe youth laughed wildly!

"Hahaha, Prince Ben got the guidance of his ancestors, and his bloodline grade broke straight to the eighth grade, and his cultivation base was more than 1 billion dragon veins. This time Prince Ben would like to see how this British state died!"

It's Xuanzhen Crown Prince of Xuanyue Town Prison Dragon!

Elders and dragon servants of the same type have also gained a lot, some of them have broken through the fifth-grade advanced bloodline, and some have even reached the sixth-grade level!

Hearing his laughter, many dragon princes and dragon clan strong looks shocked!

There are very few examples of the eight-rank bloodline in the history of the Taigu Dragons! If you do not die, the future will be the characters of the Taikoo Dragons in charge!

Prince Xuanzhen's eyes were as bright as electricity, and a blue dragon clan in the venue was instantly locked!

The power of terror was overwhelmed at once!