My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1226

Vol 5 Chapter 1226: I Want To See How Dark She Is

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However; the imaginary bloodline repression did not appear, and all the Qinglong clan resisted Prince Xuanzhen's Longwei!

Even, headed by Mu Tianqing, she stared straightly, the edge of her head was revealed, the eyebrow dragon was radiant, condensed into a brand-new dragon momentum, counterattacked to Prince Xuanzhen's Longwei, and he was confronted without any intention of giving in!

"What? The garbage bloodline of the Qinglong clan turned into this level?"

Prince Xuanzhen shook his heart a few times!

He didn't change his face and still sneered arrogantly-"Why. Where is your Qinglong new king gone, is it because he is afraid of death and dare not show his head?"

Mu Tianqing's cold and bright face seemed to laugh, but said indifferently: "My dragon king only looked at the scenery in the remains of the Shenlong and lingered for a while, but he didn't come out. How could he be a stage fright against a defeated player."

"You?" Prince Xuanzhen sprinkled salt like a wound and burst into hair instantly!

Mu Tianqing narrowed her eyes slightly: "Do you want to do it? But here is the Wanlong Club, private fight?"

Prince Xuanzhen's blue muscles wriggled and glanced at the high platform. He smiled and said, "I'm a Qinglong tribe. I hope your people won't die at the fourth level."

Mu Tianqing smiled Yan Yan: "Thank you for your care. If you meet Prince Xuanzhen, we will definitely shoot a few more shots at your previous wound. Our Qinglong tribe has no other skill, but it is particularly powerful when we take a gun."

Seeing that Mu Tianqing ate Prince Xuanzhen as if he was eating Xiang, the elders of Qinglong twitched slightly...

This young lady learns very fast!

It's only a few months since I learned the new king's mouth!

The Qinglong tribe returned to the rest area.

At this time, even the Dragon Clan was also puzzled. What happened to the New Dragon King?

The Dragon Relic is no longer a level they can spy on, they only have the qualification to open the space channel.

Time passed, and in the past twenty days, fewer and fewer people returned.

On the twenty-fifth day, even that Ji Shaochuan also turned back, his breath became more evil and strange, and even a dragon power could not see his taste!

At the end of the last three days, the three of the Dark Dragons also appeared!

The headed Yang Anran, with a restrained breath, seemed to enter the remains of the Shenlong and did not improve in general.

However, the power of the dragon clan is dignified!

This girl has reached an extremely terrifying state! Even the mighty can't see through her details out of thin air, unless the dragon spirit is released into her body.

But, the atmosphere in the venue is even weirder!

In the first and second hurdles of such a difficult assessment, the new king of Qinglong, who won the top spot, has not yet appeared!

The next day, there were still no visions in the venue, and the time limit for the third level is coming!

Some dragon princes and princesses couldn't help laughing.

"The bottom is always the bottom, at best it is a nouveau riche."

"Thinking about it, he can meet us in the first and second hurdles. It is nothing more than using the special and special characteristics of the evaluation plane. The real sword and the real guns are done. Which one of the Taiko Dragons can't crush him? "

"It's good to die, don't come out to be annoying."


Questioning, sneering, disdain, verbal abuse, filled the entire venue.

The elders of the Qinglong tribe were a little restless, but Mu Tianqing was calm, but there was a trace of doubt.

Why hasnt he been out for so long?

A veil wearing a crown, but the temperament and cold dragon princess stood up, and a scornful arc was picked out from the corners of his lips, bluntly.

"Dear seniors, let us have so many dragon warriors waiting for a lower dragon who does not know life or death. Isn't this an insult to our Taiko dragons? Why waste time and why not announce the result directly?"

As soon as this remark came out, there was a lot of echoes.

"Alas, it seems that our expectations of him are too high."

Grey-clothed old lady sighed, got up and announced.

"The old man announced that the time limit for the third level assessment..."

Before the words were finished, the teenager's loud laughter echoed the venue.

"No matter how white the girl is, there is always a dark place. No matter how sweet the girl is, there is always a salty place. No matter how sweet the girl is, there is always a place that is fishy. Just like the one who just opened, the skin is white, The heart is black."

The silver robe rolled, and one person descended from the sky, stepping into the meeting place, he took off the silver dragon mask and smirked.

An ancient dragon princess asked her elder brother shyly: "Brother, what does he mean?"

The elder brother said seriously: "He said that the heart is black, and the tears are salty."

"Then what is fishy?"

"Come to my room at night and tell you."


Ying Bang Bang didn't die!

Many powerful players moved!

"You are not dead?" the former Dragon Princess pierced.

Lin Chen shrugged, jokingly smiled: "You are not as dark as a woman is not dead, how could this king have an accident."

Grey-faced old lady and dust evil face are very exciting!

They can't see through Lin Chen's details, they can't see through at all!

"Good guy, there are new adventures here!"

Hui Yi's rare eyebrow smiled.

At this time, a red-faced powerful person **** with ejaculation, and wanted to get up, locked in Lin Chen's figure, and looked like he wanted to ask the teacher to blame.

"Huh? What are you doing, do you want to move him at this juncture?"

Grey-clothed old lady narrowed her eyes, murderous!

Dust Evil stood beside the gray-clothed old lady, and said casually: "If something happens, you have to wait for the Wanlong meeting to end."

In his eyes, there was a tumult of evil energy.

The red-faced old man sneered: "After the Wanlong meeting, the senior management has its own decision."

Grey-clothed old woman declared: "Since the last candidate has returned, Wanlong will formally enter the fourth hurdle, the representative game, please send a representative of all ethnic groups to participate in the draw of the representative game!"

The old woman's palm turned over, and countless arrows shot into the venue!

All ethnic groups immediately sent representatives to enter the lottery.

The number is not much, just 32!

"The representatives of all races listen to the order, the rules of the representative game are very simple, the battle is until the opponent surrenders or can no longer fight, life and death are dead, if you do not surrender to choose the dead war, the consequences are at your own risk. This representative game is prohibited to use all means, only use With the Dragon's own means, the token is drawn to the same one, enter!"

The gray-clothed old lady's sleeve robe waved, and many delegates disappeared into a streamer!

Brush brush!

Hundreds of light screens appeared, and the representatives of the Dragon Clan in the fourth level were sent to a brand new battle plane.

Everyone stared at hundreds of light screens.

The opponent of Qinglong's new king, Ying Bangbang, was actually the dragon princess of Nine You Huang Quanlong, the woman who just made a proposal to speed up the end of the third hurdle!

The enemy is narrow!

"Oh? Isn't Princess Ben to deal with you? From the first hurdle, you're all annoying. A wild dog born halfway, dare to wait for the elegant hall? Die for Princess Ben!"

Princess Nine You smiled coldly, her shoulders shook sharply, and her dragon's spirits skyrocketed!

The breath of the mountains and rivers exploded, and the dragon breath of Hell Huangquan swept through the mountains and the sea, lingering beside the princess Jiuyou, as if the wind and horses were flying, the dragon was dancing, and the surface was shaking with shock!

"This woman is also a 7th-grade bloodline, 8 billion dragon power, chasing the human clan list, is the princess of the Taiko dragon..."

Lin Chen gave a playful smile, and the edge was revealed.

"I want to see how dark she is!"