My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1227

Vol 5 Chapter 1227: Be Defeated?

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The arrogance of the Archaic Dragons is carved into the bone, and is born to be countless higher than other creatures.

Any princess and prince of the Taikoo dragon family can't accept that the new king of the blue dragon dominates the head. This is hitting their face!

The princess of the Nine Serenities grabbed his hand, and the dragon's breath turned into a sword of Qingtian leading to the Nine Serenity Yellow Spring!

Six exquisite crystals twinkling, infused into the sword of the powerful and powerful dragon, and the princess of the Nine Serenity holds the sword, and the breath of **** like a ghostly death converges and slashes Lin Chen!

"Huang Quan's Nine Cuts!"

Rumble~! The rolling Nine Nether Huangquan breath is like a galloping horse, and it scatters a little ray of dragon's breath, sinking into thousands of mountains, breaking mountains and rivers, and condensing into a vast Tianhe towards Linchen!

The sword light disperses, hiding the murderous opportunity.

This blow transcended the triple of the Holy Realm!

Lin Chen raised his hand, the water system crystal started, and his fingertips swiped across the sky!

Buzz~! A clear blue dragon flashed past.

Tear ~! boom! The dragon breath exploded and was divided into two halves, and even the hidden killer was crushed!


Everyone is shocked!

The perfect level supernatural power of the Taikoo Dragon Princess, so torn by his finger?

When the princess of Nine Serenities changed color abruptly, one hand protruded out of the air and grabbed the princess's slender jade legs!

"So fast!"

"When is it close?"

When Zhong Qiang exclaimed, Lin Chen smiled evilly.

"Let me see how dark you are!"

Lin Chen's princess Jiuyou pummeled towards the ground!


Princess Jiuyou was thrown out of a meteor-like arc, smashing a person with an upturned dragon, shaking the veins, and bleeding at the corners of her lips.

Qian eye shuddered, she found that the previous position of Ying Bangbang was actually a residual image!

"I didn't find out when he acted!"

When Princess Jiuyou flashed away, she was frightened!

Bang ~! At this moment, a winding dragon tail was twisted across the sky, rolling the blue edge of the sky. When the dragon tail was thrown, the pure power was condensed and turned into a blue sword edge.

At this moment, the breath of Linchen Shenglong leaked, and the roaring thunder roared throughout the body, filled with the power of the ancient floods, and each dragon vein was like a huge dragon lurking in hundreds!

There is actually 10 billion dragon power?

Princess Jiuyou gritted her teeth and squeezed her blood, twisting her body, changing the body of Jiuyou Huangquan Dragon, which changed hundreds of feet.

"Huang Quan is dead!"

Turning the dragon into a flood, this move is better than the previous magic power!


"Tear~! Bang~!"

There was a crisp sound of sword light, the azure blue dragon cut off the dragon scales, the skin opened the flesh, the dragon blood surged, and a few attribute light **** were dropped!

Princess Jiuyou burst into a scream, and her dragon limb was cut off!

The offensive of both sides is not at the same level!

Lin Chens instant light splitting is useless, a clear blue dragon sword cuts off the attack of Princess Nine Serenities!

Transmuted into the blood of the extreme prison water dragon, Lin Chen Shenglongs Azure Dragon Sword has soared to the perfect level, comparable to the orange-level exercises!

"Yuer, surrender!"

Sitting in the podium, there were several powerful dragons who suddenly shouted!

Lin Chen pressed the dragon head of Princess Jiuyou with one hand, and her dragon pupil reflected a terrified light, shouting shoutingly: "Ben...This palace surrenders!"

Brush ~!

Lin Chen's jade card is on, and he represents the tournament!

In the Wanlong venue, there is no sound!


Within the real few tricks, a princess of the Taikoo Dragon Clan was suppressed, even the dragon body did not appear!

Strong against the sky!

"Does he really win the championship?"

The people looked at Qinglong Banner on the high platform and shuddered!

The rising trend of the Qinglong tribe is already unstoppable!

In the end, even if you can't win the championship, the Qinglong tribe now has the heritage of the ancient dragon tribe, and even with this new king, the future achievement of the Taiko dragon tribe is not a lie!

[Obtain 200 million high-level qi blood, 10,000 sky value, 20,000 talent points, 4000 wind energy, 200 million essence of combat spirit...]

Lin Chen easily took the attributed light ball dropped by Princess Nine You and smiled indifferently: "It's a pity, if there is a next time, I will directly swallow your dragon core."

The dragon of the Nine Serenity's dragon was trembling, and the dragon pupil showed deep fear!

The moment before she fought, she felt the blood pressure of this new dragon in front of her, far surpassing her, and even suppressed it!

"Don't... is he the Eighth Grade Bloodline?"

The princess of Nine Peaces trembles in his heart, hurriedly withdraws from the battle plane, and heals quickly.


"He came through! This boy's multiple bloodlines have gained a new transformation!" Chen Xie's eyes burst into ejaculation!

"It should be that the Heavenly Emperor Yinglong transformed into the extreme prison water dragon, and the bloodline of the descendant of the extreme prison water **** dragon. Moreover, the old body still can't see the bloodline grade of this child.

The gray-haired old lady was surprised.

This child not only failed to fall off the remains of the dragon in the third hurdle, but also gained a shocking adventure!

With the descendant of the blood dragon of the water god, he is enough to gain the respect of the high-level!

Not only the Blue Dragon Clan, who quickly ended the game, but also the Funeral Fantasy Dragon Clan, Wanhuo Dragon Clan, Fengsheng Pterosaur Clan, Yin and Yang Chemical Dragon, Xuanyue Town Prison Dragon, Extreme Que Thunder Dragon, Dark Sky Dragon and other teams!

They all broke through to a new level and crushed their opponents in a short time!

32 into the 16 rounds, completed in one day.

The second round of the representative game took place immediately. When the draw result was announced, it attracted many people's attention!

The top arrogance of all ethnic groups finally ushered in a head-on confrontation!

Burial Shadow Dragon Clan vs. Wind Saint Pterosaur Clan!

Extreme Que Thunder Dragon Race vs Dark Sky Dragon Race!

The Wanhuolong clan makes the dragon clan against Yin and Yang!

And, the Wanlong Qinglong clan against the Xuanyue Town prison dragon clan!

"The new king of Qinglong against Prince Xuanzhen? Hahaha, why don't you want to count the new hatred and the old hate together!"

"I heard that this prince Xuanzhen also passed through the territory of the Qinglong tribe, and wanted to make the princess of this Qinglong tribe lay in bed. As a result, a new king was killed halfway. Hey, whoever is better!"

"I bet on Prince Xuanzhen, the Eighth Grade Bloodline, and arrogant of the heroes. He also broke through the cultivation practice of the quasi-eighth intermediate beast! It's no problem to suppress Yingbang!"

Powerful people of all races are looking forward to, and every matchup should not be missed!

In the plane of battle; two mighty dragons collided with each other, torrents fell, and lightning thundered.

Have not yet played against each other!

The black cloud is about to destroy, and the two are suspended in the air.

Prince Xuanzhen seemed calm, but the eyes of the dragon flashed a cruel and mad killing intention, grinning.

"Bing Bangbang, there is no gravity suppression this time, let alone the vast sea, this Prince will make you worse than life!"

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Relax, I'll do it. I can hammer you once, I can hammer you twice!"

"Humble thing, die!"

Prince Xuanzhen slapped his arms horizontally, and Xuanhuang dragon scales flashed on both arms, all transformed into dozens of feet of jail dragon claws, and Lin Chen ran away!

Bang ~!

The dragon claws tore the void, the space shattered, the light was distorted, and the left and right sides of Lin Chen were attacked! As two vast shore comets collided across the sky!

The mysterious dragon dragon scales exploded innumerable dragon pattern sacred mansions out of thin air, radiating the mighty power of pushing the mountains and rivers and moons!


In a lightning flash, a mushroom cloud exploded between the two claws, and the space crystal wall was broken, which was shocking.

Some of the powerful in the venue were horrified!

In this blow, the pure power actually exceeded 12 billion dragon power! Prince Xuanzhen still left his hand, his strength, but more than ten billion dragon power!

If this palm is bombarded in the mortal plane, it can penetrate a continental plate containing trillions of people alive!

"Qinglong New King is going to lose!"

All the strong thoughts crossed the same thoughts!