My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1228

Vol 5 Chapter 1228: Why Is It So Hard

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"Prince Xuanzhen's 12 billion dragon force passes the heavens and the earth, and it is the blood of the Eighth Grade. This boy takes the lead."

A red-faced dragon clan sneered. He had some connections and friendship with the red dragon clan. The red dragon clan was eliminated by the blue dragon clan. He had long wanted to make Linchen!


Prince Xuanzhen blasted the Xeon Zhen's one blow and penetrated the plane space. Zhongqiang was just about to change when the new king of Qinglong was about to lose!

Bang ~! Prince Xuanzhen's dragon claws were bounced off completely, so shocked that he even stepped on the void for ten steps to stabilize his figure, and his face was terrified.

"Kidney deficiency, sometimes after overwork. Prince Xuanzhen, you are not working hard." The smoke of the wolf is full, and the teenager joked: "If the man's waist is not good, he must use kidney treasure, black horse special, specializes in treating kidney deficiency. Sugar, one section is stronger than the sixth section, Wanlong will, I only look at Qinglong, the new king Ying Bangbang."

" injury?"

The elders of Xuanyue Zhen Yulong's mouth twitched, and their eyes almost glared down!

The Dragon Prison of the Prison Prison specializes in defense. Prince Xuanzhen's Dragon Clan at the same level is difficult to retreat. This guy is still weak, and there is no injury?

"Bluff, die Prince Ben!"

Prince Xuanzhen's shoulders were shocked sharply, the dragon's spirit was glowing, and he swallowed the mountains and rivers!

He stepped on a dragon air shuttle, leaped thousands of miles, and rushed to Lin Chen!

The dragon arm transforms the mysterious yellow dragon scales, turning back the voice of Taikoo Dragon's Yin, as if the hammer of the mountain was hit by the head!

Lin Chen put a backhand on his back, his five fingers burst into the power of crushing stars, and bombarded Prince Xuanzhen head-on!

boom! boom! boom!

The two collided with each other, and the afterimage became a film. Between the fists and the palms, all of them were full of hard bridges and hard horses!

10 billion dragon power against 12 billion dragon power!

Lin Chen has practiced "The Seven Powers", and the pure power used to control the Holy Dragon is extremely delicate.

Prince Xuanzhen has a rich background, and every blow is like a fight to the stars, with the blessing of the dragon spirit of Taikoo Town.

These two men's melee fights struck a comet collision, the power of one punch and one foot is no less than the use of a trick of excellence or even top-level magic!

Prince Xuanzhen's whip is like a sword, and the dragon's qi is vertical and horizontal, kicking Lin Chen's waist horizontally!

As if to be expected, Lin Chen leaped in a flash, turned around to avoid the whip, and slapped at his heavenly body!

Prince Xuanzhen reacted swiftly, and then threw a punch in the sky, bursting his fists, slamming the space storm!

The light was distorted, and a plume of phoenix flame was flapping in the storm, and the fist wind was like a raging dragon flying towards the sky, and he was hitting the chin of Prince Xuanzhen!

Prince Xuanzhen's Long Tong trembles slightly, raising his hand like an elbow with lightning, fist blows, and the crystal wall of the space bursts!

Another punch like a crescent moon hits the left face of Prince Xuanzhen! He forced him to transform Dragon Scale and raised his hand, blocking the punch, the punching wind penetrated the void, and the power was like a volcano eruption!

Long Qi tumbling, Lin Chen appeared in front of him, smiled face-to-face evil!

"I'll help you exercise your kidneys!"

This "New Dragon King" offensive seemed like an unstoppable rage, and a knee hit through the ground rushed towards the "Kidney Region" of Prince Xuanzhen!

Prince Xuanzhen's face changed slightly, and this blow was ready to take off, making him caught off guard, only to sacrifice dragon claws!

Bang ~!

The dragon's claws blocked Lin Chen's brutal knee collision, and the strength of the power was shot, breaking the airflow, generating a storm-like vortex raging beside the two of them.

At this time, Lin Chen tilted his head, using his head as a hammer, and slammed down the handsome cold face of Prince Xuan Zhen!


A horrible explosion like a collision between the sun and the moon rises from the center of the duo, which scares many dragon clan numbness!

What the **** is this fighting method? Hit the head directly?

If your strength is stronger than others, there is still a chance of hitting your head, but you are weaker than others by a full 2 billion dragon power!

The face of the red face can be slightly pumped...

This is really taking the lead!


Prince Xuanzhen was hit with consciousness, flying backwards, nose bleeding, like a falling meteor.

"That moment is not just pure power, but also spiritual shock, this kid is a good calculation..."

Prince Xuanzhen's consciousness was slightly blurred and he was sober, his nose was knocked down!

In contrast, the new king of Qinglong, in addition to a ray of green smoke rising from his forehead, leaving a mark, there is no fart, live a tiger!

This is not right!

Why is he so hard!

Even the dragons' powers are puzzled!

These two men slammed for hundreds of rounds. Why was Prince Xuanzhen falling into the wind and being injured?

Even if it is the bloodline of the same level, the gap between the cultivation of 200 million dragons behind is a fatal gap for their genius at this level!

According to the calculation of strength, the two men had been fighting for so long, it should be that Ying Bangbang was injured by Prince Xuanzhen's internal injury!

"What this child got transformed is that the Heavenly Emperor Yinglong transformed into the bloodline of the extreme prison water dragon. This bloodline is good at attacking, restraining, and weaker than the defense. The wave of close combat just now, even the extreme prison water dragon with the same 12 billion dragon power Weaker than Prince Xuanzhen..."

The old lady in gray is full of doubts.

Only the evil spirit seemed to think of something terrible, his mouth slightly opened!


[The host triggers a total of 4 super chaos, which can be launched at any time.

The system light screen pops up, Lin Chen is full of clouds and light winds, and there seems to be a strange energy of Yin and Yang flowing from the dragon veins, baptizing his whole body, so that the internal injuries suffered by the previous melee fights are all restored to the original!

"Okay, very good..." Prince Xuanzhen was full of ugliness. He expected that he would be punished by his ancestors, and he would hang the "garbage of the Qinglong tribe" only by his human form.

Unexpectedly, he grew up here!

"Prince Ben is going to kill you with a dragon body sacrifice, Ying Bangbang, this time I want to see what tricks you can make!"

Prince Xuanzhen's body twisted, dragon scales appeared, dragon body transformed, a behemoth of more than 500 feet, with the dangerous atmosphere of the ancient Honghuang born instantly!

Its head resembles a camel; its horns resemble a deer, its pupil resembles a bright star, its tongue resembles a sword, its mane resembles a lion, its neck resembles a snake, its abdomen resembles a yellow scorpion, its scales are black, its palms resemble a tiger, its claws resemble an eagle, awesome quartet, and its dragon body is unreal. Dragon spirit is like numerous dragons surrounding it, the stars hold the moon!

This is a fierce giant that suppresses the Eight Wastelands!

Dust evil eyes squinted, and its belly gave birth to six dragon patterns.

"It is said that the **** dragon Tianyue Zhenyu dragon has nine lines in the abdomen, and the sun and the moon are menstrual. This son Xuanyue Zhenyu dragon's physical energy can be derived from six lines, which is comparable to his father's. "

When reviewing secretly, the evil spirit once again looked at the new king of Qinglong.

I saw that he actually remained humanoid!

There is no meaning of ontology at all!

"It shows that the main body battle can maximize its own strength. Does this kid intend to..."

Within the plane of battle;

"Qinglong trash, show your body!"

Prince Xuanzhen roared and shook, his face shook and shook!

Lin Chen embraced his chest with both hands and raised the corner of his mouth.

"Ontology? To deal with your defeat, you have not yet qualified to let me use my **** dragon!"