My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1229

Vol 5 Chapter 1229: Squeeze It Directly

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"Damn, who do you despise!" Prince Xuanzhen roared and flew to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen thought about turning on the system!

"System, give me a super chaotic talent!"

[Consume 1 million intermediate talent points, upgrade the quasi-orange talent, super chaos, and upgrade to orange rank! Host remaining: 1.02 million talent points.

[Orange Rank Low-level TalentSuper Chaos: The chaos duration is doubled, the trigger probability is doubled, and the "Holy Cave (Holy Vessel) Chaos" effect is added to the original 7 Chaos effects. If you fall into the Chaos Chaos effect, briefly cut off the enemy The connection with one or more holy caves, if the enemy is a fierce beast, it is to cut off the connection of some holy veins, duration: 5 seconds.

Lin Chen opened his eyes, swept the three thousand feet, and looked at the world!

"Four orange rank talents are at hand, I don't believe in torture and death!"

Prince Xuanzhen's dragon body turned, as if turning into a bunch of dragon's breath storm heading towards Lin Chen!

"Emperor Heavenly Prison Break!"

Longyin bursts, like Wanlong covering the sky, seemed to be suffering from the eighteenth hell. Thousands of feet of dragon breath storms like wind and horses, side by side, where the light passed was dim , The space is twisted into countless vortexes!

Perfect level supernatural power!

The perfect level of supernatural powers performed by Prince Xuanzhen personally, powerful, seems to overturn the entire plane!

Lin Chen smiled evilly and snapped his fingers.

"Super chaotic, Kai!"

Bang ~!

A turbulent and violent energy emerged from the body of Prince Xuanzhen out of thin air, and he felt bad!


He was shocked to find that his blood was tumbling, and more than 200 million dragon veins fell into a weird state, which was actually twisted into a twist!

What kind of dragon veins are knotted? What the hell!

The dragon's veins are chaotic. This ready rage blow reduces its power by 20%!

"Azure Dragon Sword!"

Lin Chen's dragon tail was thrown away, turned into Optimus Sword's rage!

Tear ~!

This sword, splitting through thousands of storms, from the raging and raging storm, cut out a blue blue wave filled sword marks, beautiful and beautiful!


Even Prince Xuanzhen's dragon scales were cut open and blood burst!

boom! boom! boom!

The huge dragon looks like drunk, stumbles and smashes the mountains and rivers in the plane, and even the station is not stable!

A little'chaos' appeared in his consciousness!

Bloodline breakthrough, Azure Dragon Sword is the perfect level. On the premise of bloodline +15, the power increases by 410%! Perfect to make up for the lack of cultivation!

What is the concept of perfect level supernatural power that increases 410% power?

It is equivalent to 4 times the power of Orange-level exercises!

You know, even Lin Chen's "Tears of God" is only +13, 240% powerful!

"Prince Ben's wound, what's going on. Why is there more blood flow!"

When Prince Xuanzhen hurriedly swallowed the healing treasures, he suddenly found that the wound could not heal?

Tear ~!

Lightning flint, a remnant like a knife cut, fist like a dragon will shake the sky!


This punch hit the wound of Prince Xuanzhen!

"What kind of Taikoo Dragon Clan, Taikoo Dragon Clan can insult others at will, right, then Laozi will insult you now!"

Lin Chen grinned evilly, and the evil spirits belonging to the Dragon clan were also inspired, and each punch exploded with maximum power!

boom! boom! boom!

The boxing wind like a violent storm hits Prince Xuanzhen wildly, and the neck wound grows more and more!

Xuanyue Zhenlong Dragon is proficient in defense. Originally, Prince Xuanzhen's wound was not too serious.

Can be hit by Lin Chen's series of beatings, adding fuel to the fire, plus the effect of'extinction cracking', the injury instantly turns into a snowball!

"Roar~! Ying Bangbang, I'll be your ancestor!"

Prince Xuanzhen's claws were torn off, the dragon light burst, Lin Chen's spiritual perception predicted in advance, and a retreat step flashed away!

The energy of the dragon veins surged into the water crystal, and Lin Chen lifted his hands up!

Bang ~!

The endless energy of the water system is like the ocean, spreading across the plane!

The entire plane has turned into a vast ocean, the tide is swallowing mountains and rivers, and the sky is covering the stars!


At this moment, everyone in the Wanlong venue moved!

This magical power is used for 1 billion dragon veins, this is not the level that the perfect level can achieve!

"How about the Prince of the Taikoo Dragons, I will slaughter you today!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, there was a brutal and domineering war intent!

brush! brush! brush!

Countless chains, cracked blades, Que guns, rising from the sea, around the dragon body that locked Prince Xuanzhen!

"Roar~! Damn, Qinglong crap, want the life of this Prince? It's up to you?"

Prince Xuanzhen grinned and angered!

From the Qinglong tribe to the first level, the second level, and even his strength has soared, he can't win this kid!

If he is also a strong enemy of the Taikoo Dragon Clan, Prince Xuanzhen is nothing more than to lower his posture and concede a defeat. If he comes to Japan, why worry about the opportunity?

But in the face of this British state, he repeatedly humiliated his arrogance, he could not swallow this breath! If you dont fight today, he will never give up!

A picture of Longkou, where Prince Xuanzhen circulates the brilliance of the alien crystals of the earth system.

Prince Xuanzhen didn't defend against the countless attacks in the "water dungeon" and bombarded Lin Chen!

"Taixuan Clutch Light!"

Prince Xuanzhen's Longkou burst out a beam of Lin Chen in the sky!

The rainbow traversed the sky, the places where it passed were extinct, the ocean tide was dry, the mountains and rivers quietly turned into annihilation, the blue sky was dim, and the space collapsed!

It seems that what was irradiated by this beam of light was decomposed and annihilated from the inside out, quickly withered, and even the space was eaten into pieces!

"The light of Taixuan, the prince even inherited this supernatural power!"

"This is a trick that is infinitely close to the supernatural powers!"

The elders of the Prison Dragon are horrified, and the attention of all the strong men is focused on the battle between the two!

The rainbow light came very quickly, and Lin Chen was irradiated instantly, and there was no chance to hide!

The blue light flashed, accompanied by the dissipation of Taixuan's light.

Everyone took a closer look, the Qinglong new king's clothes slowly cracked, and the dragon scales on the shoulders left a "burnt"-like trace!

However, people do not have much damage!

The powerful dragons are dumbfounded!

what's the situation?

This **** can be completely blocked?

Only the powerful dragons are shocked and horrified!

They saw the scene of Amazing!

"This... what kind of monster are you..." Prince Xuanzhen was terrified and dumbfounded!

"Xuanzhen boy, surrender!"

A powerful voice from a dragon clan burst into the ears of Prince Xuanzhen!

"Is this your counterattack, then it's time for me!"

Lin Chen grinned evilly, his five fingers rotated slightly, clenching forcefully!

Bang ~!

His water system Ten Jail suddenly tightened, and all the energy of the tense system strangled Prince Xuanzhen!

~! Fuck~! Click~

Dragon blood sprayed, dragon scales burst. The flesh is twisted and fuzzy, and the keel is broken!

Prince Xuanzhen's dragon body was squeezed into a ball by the water dungeon, and he could not escape with any attack he made, and was almost squeezed into meat sauce!

"I... I vote..." Prince Xuanzhen finally smelled the fear of death, when he wanted to surrender...

Brush ~!

[Consume 6000 Rune Energy, activate Level 7 Slow Rune.

A grey and white rung blasted his faucet position out of thin air, causing a small piece of space to slow down, condensing his throat and mental strength, and even the word "surrender" could not be shouted!

Lin Chen's five fingers clenched tightly!

boom! boom! boom!

The flesh and blood exploded, and the huge dragon body of Prince Xuanzhen was squeezed, twisted, and exploded!


The mouths of many dragon clan powers slammed!


After a generation of future Taikoo Dragon King, it was squeezed out!

At the moment when Prince Xuanzhen fell, the five-light rainbow Xiaqi rushed to Xiaohan, and a five-light supreme treasure box dropped!